Top 20 Best CBD Affiliate Programs

CBD affiliate programs are now one of the best sources of side income to all the affiliate marketers present down there. It can add up to millions in your income if done effectively and efficiently. CBD affiliate programs are now legal in the United States and in many countries around the world. You can never deny the fact that marketing is nowadays a professional work in which you can earn thousands daily. Many YouTubers, health bloggers, Instagrammers are earning a high amount of money through these affiliate programs. There are some stats that will increase your interest in the CBD affiliate programs, like the estimated reach of the CBD products in the market is predicted to reach $22 million by the end of this year. 

What is CBD? 

CBD is a drug that is non-intoxicating. It is a cannabinoid compound, which has many medical properties and found in cannabis. CBD has plenty of medicinal properties, and it is a great object for research for some researchers. It is known for its pain relief benefits, and its ability to block some neurological illness. The production of CBD was banned in many countries, but recently the United States and many such countries have legalized the production of CBD drugs. The demand for this drug is also touching the sky and is expected to double this year. CBD products are some of the best-sold products in this pandemic period. 

The CBD drug has been formulated in many products like vapes, oils, and even CBD gummies. 

This increasing demand is paving a way for marketers to earn some money through CBD affiliate programs. They are promoting products of different companies and earning a good amount of money from them. Do you know about basic affiliate marketing? Yes, this is how they are earning money with the help of some of the CBD affiliate programs. They pay high commissions to these influencers and also have a sufficient amount of lucrative cookie period. 

Top 20 CBD affiliate Programs

Here is the list of the top 20 CBD affiliate programs that will give you a high commission rate and also retain cookies for many days. 

  1. CBDMD Affiliate. 
  2. Hemp My Pet Affiliate
  3. Nutra Hemp
  4. Joy Organics Affiliate programs
  5. Top Extracts
  6. Straight Hemp 
  7. Kanibi
  8. R+R Medicinals
  9. CBDistillery Affiliate Program 
  10. PureSpectrum 
  11. Charlotte’s Web Affiliate Program 
  12. Diamond CBD 
  13. RHEO 
  14. CannaTrading Affiliate Program 
  15. CBDSky Affiliate
  16. CBDPure Affiliate 
  17. AbsoluteCBD
  18. LeefOrganics
  19. Spektra Affiliate
  20. Leaf Remedy

Here is a detailed explanation of all these CBD affiliate programs.

  1. CBDMD Affiliate

The firm has perfectly managed to stabilize its name effectively in the market. There are many athletes, celebs, and renowned personalities who are endorsing them. You won’t need to make much effort to create a lead in this CBD program because it is already well managed and it is very trendy among consumers. There are various products which you will get in this internet market like oils, capsules, and many more. Being a trusted brand, its rates are also minimal and reasonable. You can get any product at a reasonable price which makes it a go-to brand among consumers. 

The best part about the company is that they are very transparent about what they are selling which makes it easy for the customer to know about what they are buying. They mention the clear information of composition, testing, and the dose which should be given. Also, the starting commission rate is also good enough which is 20 percent. 

There is an increase in the commission rate according to the value you are giving to the firm. The cookie duration time is also 30 days, which allows users to earn more money continuously. Due to its established name, and a good commission rate, this affiliate program is the first choice of many food bloggers. Also, It gives a brief description of all its policies before signing up, so that you get to know everything about your affiliate programmer. 

  1. Hemp My Pet Affiliate

The company is shipping its products in more than 50 states for free. The main farm for the company is in Colorado, and from there it delivers its CBD products. The company has also managed to create the required trust in the mind of its consumers and thus it has become one of the biggest producers of organic CBD pet products. The starting commission rate of this affiliate program is worth noticing, it is about 30 percent in starting and more as we continue to become its members. The cookie lasts up to 90 days, which is amazing. 

The firm is well known for creating pet products, like help dog treats, equine olive oil, hemp seed oil, coconut oil, and various other products. The pricing is done appropriately and reasonably. There are also incentives which you will be receiving every month. The bonus point for the influencers in this affiliate program is that it allows shortening links to embed into anchor text. There are also promo codes available to its marketers to give products at more minimal rates. 

  1. Nutra Hemp 

Nutra Hemp offers a commission rate up to 40 percent, which is amazing. This firm has a very appealing affiliate program, which offers many products at affordable pricing. It offers sprays, creams, CBD tinctures, and many other products at a reasonable rate. The firm has maintained its trust level from 2014, and the products are shipped without any cost within the United States. The company is well known for its commission rate, which is up to 40 percent with an indefinitely cookie duration time. They store the IP address and next time you visit there, you will not be a new customer on that. Even if your customer is visiting after six months, the affiliate link will still be applicable for commission. This is something worth admiring in this affiliate program. 

  1. Joy Organics Affiliate Program

This is yet another store that offers CBD products at an affordable and reasonable rate. The store offers a commission rate of 25 percent in starting, and furthermore when you become a trusted marketer. There are various CBD products available in this store like tinctures, soft gels salves, gummies, creams, gels, and many more. The link lasts up to 60 days, which is admirable enough. 

The best part about the company is that it reviews each affiliate application manually and personally which marks that only trusted people should be linked to the affiliate program. The company also has some hidden policies which you should know before connecting like the company displays ads on its website whenever a person reaches out from the influencers link. You can easily trust this brand and its products. 

  1. Top Extracts

The company offers a commission rate of 25 percent on each sale in starting and it can be increased depending upon how good you are performing. The company is from Chicago, which sells products like nutraceuticals, oils, creams, and many such products. The store is restocked frequently and it offers only good and trusted products. The cookies last up to 60 days approximately. 

  1. Straight Hemp 

The commission rate of straight hemp is 15 percent on every sale. Apart from this, there are also tier commissions available and bonuses to increase your extra salary. The industry is well known for its best quality products available at affordable pricing. The CBD products are supplied around various parts of the world. 

  1. Kanibi

The commission rate of Kanibi affiliate marketing is 20 percent. You will get an extra amount as long as you continue to be a partner of Kanibi. The products are crafted with care and perfection so that the trust value must grow up. 

  1. R+R Medicinals

The company has managed to grow up its brand value from last year. The affiliate program of R+R gives 25 percent, and its link cookies remain for 30 days. It is one of the fastest-growing USDA organic brands which produce many CBD products. The company perfectly takes care of its quality and safety, so that they only deliver good and healthy products. 

  1. CBDistillery Affiliate Program 

Though the commission rate of this CBD affiliate program is less, the security is on demand. There is a range of products which you find in this company like, CBD capsules, CBD gummies, CBD oils, CBD gels, and various other products. The shipping charges are minimal, and the order above dollar 75 does not include any shipping charges. The dispatched time of the products is less than 48 hours. The products are a bit costly but of good quality. The commission rate is 10 percent and the cookie duration is 90 days. 

  1. PureSpectru m 

The firm delivers pet products, and hemp products too. The commission rate of the products is between 10 to 25 percent, and the cookies last up to 30 days. The affiliate program of this company is worth noticing and because the commission can also go up according to the sale you made. You will receive money every 30 days, and the premium ambassadors can even earn more through these affiliate programs. The commission fluctuates between certain values and restoration once an event is completed. 

The CBD products of PureSpectrum are somewhat of premium quality but a bit costly. Shipping charges also apply. Athletes can even order on their personal demand.

  1. Charlotte’s Web Affiliate Program 

It is one of the most popular CBD affiliate programs around the globe. The CBD oils of this franchise are delivered all around the globe. The commission rate of this affiliate program is 15 percent, a bit less but affordable. The cookies stay for time up to 30 days and also the website is well established to maximize conversions. The products in this CBD affiliate are of high quality and from a good source. It is the best website for health bloggers. 

  1. Diamond CBD 

It is an online multi-brand that delivers CBD products according to the needs. The commission rate of every sale is 20 percent and the cookies last up to 90 days, which is amazing. There are various health products in this store, and also it delivers many CBD products of high quality. CBD capsules, CBD creams. CBD gels, CBD pet products, CBD drinks, CBD oils, and many more products are available at a reasonable price. The site is so well maintained that it can give up to hundreds of dollars only on sales as a commission. Celebrities are also endorsing the company’s products which makes the task easier. 

  1. RHEO 

The company claims to be THC-free and offers CBD oils majorly. The product of this website helps to reduce stress and anxiety. It is a single product website that only sells oils. If you want to be an affiliate marketer in this firm, then you have to fill its application form which will be personally reviewed in under 48 hours. The commission rate of the affiliate program on every sale is 25 percent which can also increase as long as you correctly follow its guidelines and policies. The cookie also lasts up to 60 days, which can help you to earn more and more money. Have you heard about ShareASale? This affiliate program runs through this only. 

  1. CannaTrading Affiliate Program 

 The commission rate of this affiliate program is 25 percent and its cookies track for almost 60 days. The products of this store are of premium quality and of high standards, though they are a bit costly. PayPal is used for money exchanging in this firm. 

  1. CBDSky Affiliate

The commission rate of CBDSky firms is not stagnant. It is 10 percent on some days and 20 percent on the other. The cookie duration is 90 days, which gives influencers enough chance to earn more money. The products are priced at a very reasonable rate and you can get a varied number of products in this store. 

  1. CBDPure Affiliate 

The commission rate of this affiliate program is very high, which is embraced by many influencers. It offers a commission of 40% on every sale done through your link. Bloggers who have steady traffic and engaged users can earn hundreds of dollars through this affiliate program. 

  1. AbsoluteCBD

The store sells CBD products and also pet CBD products. The commission rate is 20% and the cookies track up to 60 days. It is one of the best affiliate marketing sites for health bloggers. 

  1. LeefOrganics

The commission rate of this CBD affiliate program is 20 % and the cookie lasts up to 60 days. The commission rate also increases with time and you cannot deny the fact the company has a good standard value down in the market.

  1. Spektra Affiliate

The company offers a commission rate of 30 % on every product sold through your link. The cookies last up to 30 days, and there are also coupons available down on the website which can increase your conversion rate. 

  1. Leaf Remedy

The affiliate program offers a commission rate of 25 %. There are many products available at a reasonable rate in this store like CBD gummies, CBD gels, CBD drinks, CBD tincture,s and many more. It has a 60 days cookie duration. 


You might have some questions revolving around your mind about CBD affiliate programs. Let us look at some of them. 

Q1. How to become a CBD affiliate marketer? 

Ans1. Well, if you want to start as a CBD affiliate marketer, then you should definitely be knowing about affiliate marketing. There are many basic concepts which you should learn about them and their risks. There are various policies which you should keep in mind, and after knowing about them, make sure you have a website. Now, after this, go to some of the programs which are offering a high commission of their CBD products, contact them, and start your journey as a CBD affiliate marketer. You can contact any of the firms mentioned above. 

If you want to rank on search engines and make full use of your website by earning money, know and learn about Search Engine Optimisation. After applying all the tricks and techniques of SEO in your website, your site will get ranked in approximately one month according to the content posted, and there you go, you can earn thousands by just sitting at home. 

Q2. How to avoid scams in CBD affiliates? 

Ans2. Well, there is a risk in everything. It depends on you how you are managing things. You need to be highly cautious about your site, and your business. There are many firms present in the market and on the internet, which are providing these affiliate programs without any authority. Don’t buy anything from there and don’t rush things. Search, see, think, and then make a decision. The companies and firms mentioned here are authenticated and trusted. 

Q3. Some tips before starting CBD affiliate marketing? 

Ans3. Yes, there are some tips which you should keep in mind every time. Never destroy your fame by going for cheap. Think before you are buying your programs, see commission rates, see cookies durability, and many other things. Learn about SEO and SEM to earn more profit. Take help from professionals, and from YouTube, wherever you are facing any difficulty. Never go anywhere with blind eyes, invest your time after knowing everything about that program. 


There are plenty of options to earn money in this CBD affiliate program. There are innumerable opportunities for a health blogger, for a YouTuber, and for an Instagrammer. All the programs mentioned above will help you to earn more and more money. Just be clear about your niche, take a monthly check on your traffic, especially organic traffic. Never go beyond your niche, because this can also decrease your domain authority. Invest yourself fully for the first two months, and then enjoy yours with the money you earned from this. Give your viewers a chance to revisit again to your website and create a lead for you in the future. 

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