Top 20 Best Affiliate Programs to Make Money on Instagram

One of the most trending marketing ways through which most influencers are making money has to be Instagram affiliate marketing. Instagram has become one of the most common places for influencers to commercialize their social media followings, thanks to its worldwide popularity and engaged audience. 

Affiliate marketing can be considered a very lucrative way to earn money for virtual nomads. To get going with an Instagram affiliate marketing website, you don’t need a lot of money or expertise. Whenever it refers to affiliate ads, you don’t have to produce a product or service or negotiate with customer service or third parties. 

Below are the top 20 affiliate programs which will help you in making money on Instagram. Make sure to read all our favorites so that you get to reach your financial goals!

What is Affiliate Marketing for Instagram?

The majority of the readers here might know it; however, we talk about it again for our newbies. Affiliate marketing is a digital business model that helps you make a commission by advertising somebody else’s products and services on Instagram. 

To gain a special affiliate link that monitors all of your purchases and commissions, you must first sign up for an affiliate program for Instagram. Although the affiliate services are free to join, you must go through an evaluation and review process before being accepted. For earning the commission with this marketing, people will need to buy the product from your affiliate link. 

These links are specially made for you. Hence, make sure to promote it on your social media profile for monetary benefits.

Top 20 Affiliate Programs to Earn Money on Instagram

Big fat commission fees. Cherry on the cake. And whatnot! You can use endless phrases for the huge money that keeps getting added to your bank from affiliate marketing. 

We’ve combed through many affiliate programs and compiled this list of the best ones for Instagram. These can help you to start marketing a product that will be well worth your time.


Being at the top of our list, we can assure you that this program helps you get connected to high-paying clients. The advertisers that you get here help you get access to more than 1000 campaigns to choose from. They’re one of the most well-known performance networks in their field. 

You can get connected to almost every niche of Instagram using Max Bounty. Besides that, it is recognized for paying their affiliates on time and providing them with free educational services and other similar preparation.


Clickbank is one of the most common affiliate programs among content creators today, with more than six million users globally. You won’t have any trouble choosing a product to sell if you have many customers in your portfolio. 

It is one of the best affiliate programs to join, and there isn’t as much of a selection process as there is for other programs. The unique aspect of Clickbank is that you can select which items to advertise depending on the amount of money the organization can give you. They have big commissions of up to 75%. Some items are sold periodically at ClickBank, providing you with a steady stream of revenue.


CJ Affiliate has been in business for over two decades, previously known as the Commission Junction. They deal with over 3,000 different retailers to sell over 3,000 different goods. Influencers will be able to select items that are relevant to their fields. It is very well known that CJ prefers working with renowned marketers and influencers. 

This program has seen a 43 percent increase in commissions over the year, making it an appealing choice. However, you must have a significant amount of traffic to be approved, and there are stringent guidelines for remaining a publisher. The specialized toolbox can take some time to learn, but it has many great features for advanced affiliate marketers.


Liketoknowit is indeed an amazing Instagram affiliate program, particularly for fashion and lifestyle influencers. The creators can usually post pictures of themselves sporting their favorite dress, along with a comparison to a discounted price on Liketoknowit for their endorsed post.


Amazon affiliate services are simple to join as you will get an immediate acceptance after you submit your application. Amazon’s affiliate network is popular amongst affiliate marketers since it offers millions of items in various niches. Amazon is now a well-known brand, making it easy for consumers to believe and order from it. 


Affiliaxe is a great option for influencers and marketers looking to reach a wide range of verticals. It involves a broad range of brands and deals, allowing you to pick and select where you want to target your efforts towards the best results. Plus, if approved, you’ll get your Affiliate Manager to help you boost your traffic and create a one-of-a-kind incentive package to maximize your earnings. 


This affiliate program provides a very powerful marketing tool to businesses, entrepreneurs, and influencers. Its users can use the tools to generate Instagram ads, optimize email marketing promotions, and target potential e-commerce clients, and deliver follow-up emails to boost sales for their online stores, among other items. You will win $5 for all eligible leads and $105 if the reference becomes a Constant Contact client.


Nothing else is better when compared to Amazon if you are planning to start with affiliate marketing. The massive Amazon marketplace does the majority of the sales operation for you. It is your responsibility to add new customers to the Amazon website from external traffic channels. You will need to pitch millions of items, with new people being introduced every day. It’s a smart way to make money without getting a lot of experience in affiliate marketing.


Yet another most sought-after affiliate program for Instagram influencers has to be ShareASale. It has been around for nearly two decades; it has earned a lot of credibility in the affiliate community. The network is popular with advertisers and merchants due to its user-friendly interface, quick free sign-up, and assistance for affiliates that run several websites. It provides a wide array of merchants in over 40 categories, including several well-known brands.

They are very strict about keeping at least a $50 minimum deposit in an affiliate’s account at all times, and if you don’t, you will be fined. This network maintains that its affiliates follow a set of guidelines. 

10 – AWIN

Like many other affiliate programs, AWIN has changed its name several times in recent years. It was formerly known as Affiliate Window before being shortened to AWIN. They have worked with around 15,500 advertisers and also have more than 200,000 advertisers on their platform. Its affiliates are referred to as “publishers,” and they include content producers, influencers, website managers, and technology providers. 

They offer products in almost every niche; however, they have a strong grasp on beauty, fashion, home improvement, lifestyle, sports, and travel products. Some of the renowned merchants they have worked with are Etsy, Hyatt, HP, etc. 


This Tokyo-based affiliate program is an online retailer. It’s similar to Amazon in a huge aspect that you can pick from thousands of items and take full advantage of its analytical resources. With its tech-savvy picture, this is indeed a cool business. This platform is ideally suited for larger organizations with higher participation rates.


Be it an Instagram influencer or fashion blogger, this affiliate program has indeed got you covered. There are over 1 million brands to pick from around the world using rewardStyle; hence, there are plenty of opportunities for collaboration. In addition to connecting influencers with high-profile brands, rewardStyle has robust influencer marketing resources such as LiketoKnow. The application process is comprehensive and time-consuming. Furthermore, it will take months, and underperforming affiliates could be removed from the network. Hence, make sure to work hard when here!


The relation between the marketer and affiliate marketing is made clear by NicheVendor. They identify themselves as a meeting ground for brands and influencers. They are most likely an influencer marketing network, but they still use the affiliate marketing format.


This UK-based affiliate program is completely centered on products from the beauty, healthcare, and fitness niche. MoreNiche doesn’t at all believe in providing its users with tons of products. Rather, they have chosen to restrict themselves to goods that follow stringent quality controls. They have 29 high-converting deals to advertise right now. 

Users have access to an exclusive, private affiliate community where they can learn from other affiliates, get professional marketing tips from MoreNiche’s experts, get first-hand updates and product releases, and more. 


If you’re an affiliate, you’ll have access to over 20,000 products at Skim Link! They are unique in the way that you can embed a fragment of Javascript on your website, and current connections will be transformed into affiliate links. Because of the links, it’s more suitable for Instagram, which can attract traffic and increase purchases.

Around 60,000 publishers work with Skim Link as of now internationally. Per day, they generate $2.5 million in revenue. Even though Skim Links sells various merchandise, the focus is on tangible rather than digital items.


2CheckOut focuses a lot on innovative and tech-savvy products. They were also rated as the #1 affiliate program for digital products. They have over 22,000 tech products from a variety of well-known firms.


ShopStyle Collective is regarded as the best, and it allows users to commercialize their accounts. It could be difficult to get registered at this program for you, but they have a feature called “Looks” where you can produce shoppable photos to show that you are an influencer. The commission you get varies by store, but on average, depending on ShopStyle’s Cost of Acquisition Program, they receive a good percentage of any sale.


It has a large number of affiliate services for you to choose from.  They have split their programs into subcategories to make it easy for affiliates to identify products that suit their brand. Also, their service is similar to others, as it helps them receive commission and be rewarded by the corporation. 


The second last affiliate program on our list has to be Nordstrom. It has many high-end fashion items sold at a high-profit margin, particularly given the brand’s well-known popularity. Rakuten is its partner, and hence you can get access to a variety of tools. Affiliates get to choose from 100 email templates and 400 banners and graphics from over 800,000 product connections for advertising. Despite becoming a luxury item retailer, the majority of partner brands have low commission prices.


Sovrn Commerce, a.ka. VigLink turns the usual outgoing links into referral links, and you receive a referral fee once users buy a product. You are not required to register with an individual affiliate account for your network. It keeps 25% of the earnings commission, whereas you keep 75%, which isn’t bad given you were previously monetizing non-monetized connections.

These were the most sought-after top 20 affiliate marketing programs which Instagrammers can use. 

Last Words

Our final words would be that you need to pick the best one from this huge list. Do not mishmash at the very beginning of your influencer career!

You’ll also want to try experimenting with other traffic channels to bring clicks to your affiliate marketing posts as time goes by. But in the beginning, make sure to focus on one traffic channel, which is Instagram, to better understand how your followers respond to and interact with your content. 

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