Top 10 Make Money online forums that help you earn money

Businesses are the most uncertain job profile. One does invest but isn’t sure about the future returns. The end goal of every person is to gain maximum profits, but it’s not guaranteed. In fact, who doesn’t want to make money fast? Or wants to expand his/ her venture? More than that, there are people who are beginners who have just entered the business world. They don’t have requisite skills and experience to carry out work. This makes it important to have such media that allow one to interact with successful entrepreneurs. Besides that, these portals will also be beneficial in giving advice to people related to marketing strategies, etc.

This is how any Forum works. These are websites that have marketing ideas, loans provision, etc. Besides that, one can actively write over various topics like one does in a blog. Yet the only difference between blog and forum is regarding their usage and aspects. A forum is broader and sees participation by multiple people to engage in a discussion. Are you also struggling to make money online? If yes, then these top 10 forums will help resolve your problems.

Go through the complete list to reap good profits!

  1. Digital point forum

This is probably the most famous among all online forums. When you open their site, you will be welcomed by a black screen with golden fonts. It will describe what digital point is about. One can sell ebooks, signatures, websites, etc over thereby being an I-trader. traders are basically the trusted sellers who have earned points through good/ bad transactions. So if you are new to the forum, you need to write a minimum of 25 posts to get an I-trader tag. And then just get started!

The forum is divided under various threads like Marketplace, Tools, Forums, etc. Under the Marketplace tag, one can sell services like web designing, HTML and can even post articles for sale. If you deal with physical items like gaming, lifestyle, technology, etc. you can even sell them there.

Besides that, the forum works at its best since one can make money only by writing good content. If you actively write blogs then you will start getting paid for it. You can also earn through ads that are displayed on the forum. For say, if you put up your business ads there, the more people will click, the more money you will make. By liking a few posts, commenting on them, or promoting someone’s blog, you can earn a few dollars. Isn’t that great? Lastly, the Freebies section of Digital point helps one earn through such small, petty jobs. Meaning that you won’t remain pocket empty if you are at Digital point. Whatever that you earn will go into your account that you will create through PayPal or the DP.


  • Marketplace to seek items both virtual and real.
  • Post comments to earn around $ 0.20
  1. Trendri Forum

Now this one is again no new name in the business market. Trendri claims to be the exclusive forum to make money both online and offline. Like all other forums, the features are primarily the same. However, you can hyper zealously engage in constructive conversations regarding your business. Topics range from business models to money threads. Yet there are certain rules one needs to follow before starting. The forum asks a person to not spam and post irrelevant Content. It also prohibits the posting of copyright infringement material. Lastly, deceptive services like hacking may get you banned by the forum. Do beware of it!

Various ways through which money can be made include posting blogs, articles that people will pay for. You can also post advertisements on the forum regarding your offline business. If you provide good offers in terms of dollars, people will buy your products. While using the forum, make sure you sign-up and register. Partnership ventures through alliances are also available. In that way, you unlock other features too. Beginners can access marketing and business ideas as well.


  • Loans, Payday loans
  • Savings
  • Cryptocurrency
  • Home business
  • Insurance
  1. Beer Money Forum

Isn’t the name of this forum exciting? One starts thinking about beer and Champagnes. Yet it’s not about that. Beer Forum is also a big name in the market. The tagline of the forum says:

“We help each other to make money online”

Thus, it shows that the forum works as a collective space in which business ideas are shared. One firstly needs to register with it and log in. This will improve the features and will help one delve deeper into ideas. The forums under it are divided under heads of File hosts, webmaster, and GPT. Again under these subheads, you will find content ranging on topics like “ How to make money online”? , “ Best deals ever” etc. The main source to make money is advertisements on the forum. Ads on it include making income from Cannabis etc. Though it looks unethical yet you will find luring offers on the forum. Casino stakes and bids are also there on it. If you are suffering from Casino losses, you can sell it here.

Beer Forum operates under Points. These are the virtual currency of Beer forum that gets converted into dollars later. So 1000 points= $1.

Users can also make money by reporting unsolicited private messages. Another 10% referral commission can be made by selling items. So this forum truly will help you make good money!


  • Cryptocurrency
  • High-risk investment
  • Business and Individuals
  1. Black Hat World

Just as the name suggests, this forum is a little black. It means it’s black both in color and Activities. The first time you open it, you will find a golden and black background. It looks attractive and appealing. Yet it works best for people who really want to earn. Like all others, you need to signup and login for this one too. Content and Copyrighting services are the major income source. There are umpteen ads on the forum saying things like

“ Earn around $4 per 100 words”

Other ads include English Speakers required etc. These are all sponsored ones and make money per click or visit to the site. You can too promote your site on this forum through such lucrative offers. Besides that, you can work through rewriting services, etc. Numerous subsites under Black Hat like advertise their content and earn a lot of dollars. Yet other domains and websites for sale are also there. Now here’s where Black Hat becomes black. There are many porn, adult sites available for sale. You can purchase them if you want to deal with that business. A lot is there in Black Hat!


  • Logos, Images, Videos
  • Web designing
  • SEO, Social media
  1. Warrior Forum

This webmaster forum is a subpart of Google’s AdSense forum. Yet it has carved a unique niche for itself. Obviously, the content isn’t very planned in it since it’s a forum. A forum carries a lot of questions and queries, unlike a blog. This is a well-designed forum with 3 sub-parts under it. This includes Internet Marketing, Warrior Path, and Beginner’s area. The most eye-catching among all is the beginner’s area. Here the coming up entrepreneurs, aspirants, and job seekers can learn marketing and other skills. The articles on it are tagged as newly updated and top voted. So accordingly, the reader can choose the best one out of all. Premium memberships are also available to unlock premium features on account.

Amidst lockdown, the Warrior has updated content on topics like “ Tips to working from home”.

There are many digital courses also available to hone marketing skills. The War Room expert talks showcases some insightful conversations with internet Marketing experts etc. And lastly, the marketplace is where you can make good money. There are special offers like 85 cents/ 100 words.


  • SEO
  • E-Books, posts, etc.
  • Latest notifications in bell icon
  1. The Money Shed Forum

The opening or tag line of the forum says:

“Make money, save money, share ideas”

Thus it’s a forum concerned with helping one to make money and share knowledge about it with others. Here too you will be asked to signup for their services. You can even avail of their platinum account. It is a premium account that will offer hidden Platinum tools. You will also receive 50% off on your first month of usage for the same. The forum is largely quite decent and ethical. It has some really good content including business articles and blogs. The topics are “ Coronavirus Discussion”, “Shares and Stocks” etc. The forum makes you learn quick ways to “ earn money at home during Corona”. It gives opportunities to do risk-free matched betting. This is the most common way through which one can earn.

Other than that, there is a beginner’s guide toolkit available too. Youngsters can go for it! The forum is definitely not very unethical as far as its competitors are concerned. You will find lucrative offers like “ How I made £ 40000 and you can too?”. And lastly, it has an Amazon Discount Finder. Through this, you will get the best discounts to save money!


  • Top money-saving posts
  • Best Deals
  • Special offers( matched betting)
  1. Top Gold Forum

Doesn’t this name attract you? Doesn’t it denote earning maximum gold? Well, it does operate on similar lines. It claims to be 2020’s most active, friendliest, and fast money making community. It has some interesting information and trivia. This includes articles like “ Businesses that will thrive in the recession”. It has carefully designed headings which make it easy to access its features. In the content marketing tab, you can learn new marketing strategies. The SEO help and Social media marketing helps one discuss these tools with other members. But the real money lies in the “Affiliate Marketing “ tab. Here you can effectively affiliate with Adult sites, Gambling, and finance portals to make quick dollars. These affiliations will work at their best!

Besides that, there is a cryptocurrency tab too. Here you can do a few micro earnings which will give a good boost up. Activities like gambling, casino games, poker, esports are there too. You can easily earn a lot by winning them. Other than that, the high-risk money-making opportunities are available too.


  • TGF Lounge
  • Forex Trading
  • Cryptocurrency corner
  • Content Monetisation
  1. Wicked Fire

This again sounds an underworld don type forum. Doesn’t it? Yet it’s again a very popular money making forum. The logo of this site is in the shape of a fire with a wicked face. Hence its name is so! It welcomes you with a message asking you to join their free community to avail all services. After doing that, you can successfully get all their services. The first tab you should open is the Shooting the Shit. Here you can meet other members and your peers. You can develop close connections for business-related purposes and can expand your content reach.

The other tab is Affiliate Marketing. This enables you to engage in fruitful discussions with professionals. You can also form affiliations with them for future business. Isn’t it a good idea? This way you will earn a good amount. Another of its kind is the Enlightened Members. This is the tab where away from the crap Content you will get Access to strategies of successful entrepreneurs. Lastly, the place where actual sales will take place is “Sell, buy and trade area”. This area will let you sell anything from a porn site to the casino business. You can even buy stakes in other businesses through the I-trader system.


  • Hosting and domains
  • Product development
  • Business Strategy
  1. MTurk Forum

This is a famous forum under Amazon. Its main objective is to connect the developers to the main workforce. Thus it’s a sort of money-making site through hirers of services. It operates under two heads: MTurk and MTurk nation. Though both cater to money-making, yet MTurk nation is more information oriented. MTurk shows the latest data of messages, members, and discussions that have taken place. One can create an account on it and start engaging in discussions.

You will find many developers over here in search of professionals. Thus, you can come in touch with them to get money. It has a unique feature of showing who is online. So accordingly, one can choose the desired person to talk to. There are numerous scripts and resource materials on it. You can access them to learn more about money-making features. Many micro-tasks are outsourced by companies to individuals. So be active on it and grab the best opportunity to earn. MTurk follows simple guidelines like avoiding obscene language, being respectful, etc. It also asks users to report content that’s unethical. Thus, if you want to make quick money by doing simple virtual tasks, MTurk is the true forum for you!


  • Money through microtasks
  • Sharing of surveys
  • Scripts and resources
  1. Big Money Forum

And last but not the least is the Big Money Forum. Its design is beautiful and has the emerald green color of dollars in background. Beautiful, right?

It claims to be the forum for rich and average alike. Though it doesn’t deal much in grey areas, yet offers advice on such services too. After signing up, you can access their services. This mainly includes stock markets related discussions. One can actively engage in stock trading activities and gain advice from professionals. You can even learn the art of business development through the people on the forum. A number of Online businesses look for dedicated workers on the forum. You can thus exhibit your skills and grab a good opportunity.

Land-based small businesses are also its chief attractions. You can actively promote your business through their sponsored advertisements. Apart from that, the forum is a trendsetter in the arena of Real Estate.

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