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The fun fact is, on the contrary, makeup lies in the hands of the person who enhances our aesthetic features. In case, you are on the other side of the table, I mean, if you are the one who’s got a flair for beautifying people around you, then the fashion industry truly awaits your presence. However, before you choose to step inside the professional realm of beauticians and makeup artists, you got to learn a lot many things. 

This is the reason why there has been a rise in the demand for fashion/beauty assignment help online. Most youngsters will look for the right tips and industry insights to hone through their regular academic courses. Well, I have got a better idea. How about signing up for these twenty incredible rewarding online makeup courses? This could be the best opportunity for you to get an advantage over others, in terms of honing sheer professional expertise. 

1. Free Beauty Classes Online – by Skillshare 

If you have got a pocket crunch, then this is one potential digital academy that offers makeup lessons par excellence. Not only facial makeup, but the platform also offers hairstyling courses and other modules. 

Course Details: 

  • You get to learn tips for skincare and hair care with homemade remedies. 
  • In addition, the courses teach how to do eyes, and lips makeup flawlessly. 

Course Fees: 

It will depend on the course and duration selected. 

2. Skill Success – Online Makeup and Beauty Lessons 

If you are looking for productive online makeup lessons without shelling out much, then sign up with this website. The portal has a reputation for offering both premium and free makeup lessons. 

Course Details: 

  • The site covers comprehensive makeup lessons for beginners. 
  • The instructors offer lessons on easy makeup tricks for the right professional boost. 
  • There is a special course available on skincare as well. 

Course Fees: 

Visit the official website to place a query on the premium makeup lesson fees. 

3. – Online Makeup Lessons 

This particular website offers more than 100 makeup tutorials across various topics. As a result, you will be able to expand your knowledge and gain comprehensive insights into the A-Z of professional makeup lessons. 

Course Details: 

  • The introductory lessons are available absolutely for free.
  • There are makeup and beauty lessons on topics such as storage tips, application of makeup, skincare makeup tips and the likes. 

Course Fees: 

You need to visit the official website in order to get the hang of the fees structure. 

4. Diploma in Makeup Artistry – Alison 

Are you looking for online courses that will allow you to acquire a diploma in makeup artistry? is one such platform which has gained the reputation for offering diploma courses in makeup, across a plethora of professionally crucial subject matters. So, how about signing up with this platform? 

Course Details:

  • The diploma course will teach how to apply professional makeup for a variety of different faces, looks and other features. 
  • In addition, you will get to learn about the use of makeup techniques for eyes, lips, skin and more. 

Course Fees: 

This online course is available for free.

  1. Beginners’ Online Makeup Courses by Melissa Hoffman 

One of the most celebrated makeup and photography professional Melissa Hoffman brings you online makeup courses. If you are aiming to make it big down the road, then pursue this digital course and pave the path towards a lucrative career. 

Course Details:

  • You can sign up for the “10 Minutes Natural Makeup Look” course to embrace the opportunity to hone quick makeup skills like a pro. 
  • “The Ultimate Smoky Eye” course helps you get the hang of the smoky eye makeup basics, online. 

Course Fees

Starts at 28.79 (approx)

  1. Fiverr Makeup and Beauty Lessons Online 

If you wish to take makeup lessons to the next level of success, then sign up for the Fiverr Makeup and Beauty Lessons Online. 

Course details: 

  • There are courses that teach makeup artists how to expand their business or get started with one, in a professionally rewarding manner. 
  • You can choose from a myriad of popular makeup courses, according to your budget. 

Course Fees: 

Starts from £ 47.37 

  1. – Makeup and Beauty Lessons Online 

This online makeup lesson site is said to be an ideal platform for beginners, intermediate and professionals. 

Course Details: 

  • The website offers diversified lessons across a myriad of topics such as facials, skincare, nail art, makeup skills and more. 
  • You get to access online lessons in different languages, as per your convenience and regional preferences. 

Course Fees: 

Starts at £ 15.55 (Approx)

5. Beauty and Makeup Courses by Udemy 

Udemy already has a reputation for offering a plethora of online academic courses across a plethora of subject matters. This time, the platform is all set to offer beauty and makeup courses.

Course Details:

  • You get to enrol in some of the most popular courses across Natural Beauty, Natural Skincare, Makeup Application Technique at Home, Contouring Technique and more. 
  • The course module is based on a lot of popular topics like Nail Art, Tattoo Art, Facial Massage, Hair Styling and the likes. 

Course Fees: 

£ 354.11 (based on the course hours)

  1. Sarah Baldwin Professional Online Makeup Academy 

If you are a beginner, aspiring to pursue a rewarding career as a makeup artist, then sign up with Sarah Baldwin Professional Online Makeup Academy. 

Course Details

  • The course comes with a beautiful start kit that will allow you to get the hang of the basics of a makeup artistry career. 
  • The professional course curriculum comprises eighteen lessons, along with a couple of digital bonus content. 
  • In addition, you will a PDF guide with each lesson, along with a supplementary video as your course guide. 

Course Fees: 

£ 1,195.00 approx 

  1. The Online Makeup Academy 

As the name suggests, this institute needs no separate introduction. The courses at online makeup academy comprise six modules, namely: 

  • Introduction 
  • Creative & HD Makeup 
  • Period Makeup 
  • High Fashion 
  • Editorial Makeup 
  • Business, Marketing and Branding 

Course Details: 

  • With full completion of this course, you will be receiving pro cards membership from partner companies, Friends Beauty and Nigels Beauty Foundation. 
  • Not only this, but the academy will also provide you with an OMOACA approved professional makeup artistry certificate. 

Course Fees: 

£ 582.40 (Approx)

  1. School of Makeup Artistry 

The School of Makeup Artistry is yet another notable online platform for beginners. There are too many rewarding aspects associated with the courses offered by this institute.

Course Details:  

  • There are five makeup courses available, namely; Makeup Artistry 101, Professional Makeup Artistry, Master Makeup Artistry, Professional Bridal Makeup and The Business of Makeup Artistry
  • Each of these courses covers 19 different topics across a plethora of sub-disciplinary areas. 

Course Fees: 

£ 152.98 (Approx)

  1. QC Makeup Academy 

The QC Makeup Academy is one of the most preferred online beauty course platforms for a reason. Here’s what you must check out. 

  • The courses at this institute come with complete certification and digital recognition. 
  • Students get to learn makeup essentials via practical exercises. 

Course Fees:

 You can check the online learning catalogue by visiting this link. 

  1. Nakeah Academy of Makeup

This platform is dedicated to teaching students all about the fundamental essentials of beauty tricks and makeup lessons. 

Take a look at the course details here. 

  • The training lessons comprise both theoretical and practical exercises. 
  • The online training programs are scheduled for a time which is convenient for both students and instructors. 
  • The average time for each lesson is approximately 2.5 hours. 

Course Fees: Starts from £ 454.10 

  1. MKC Beauty Academy 

This is one of the most reputable hairstyling and makeup academy, powered by professional makeup artist and renowned beauticians. 

 Check out the course details here. 

  • You get to be a part of online video tutorials, conducted by makeup instructors. 
  • The celebrated makeup professional Margaret Kimura is the lead teacher on this site=. 

Course Fees: Visit the website to explore fees structure and enrolment policies. 

  1. Creative Live – Online Makeup and Beauty Lessons 

If you are on the lookout for the perfect digital platform for beginner’s makeup lessons, then check out this portal. 

Course details:

  • In total, there are 25 online makeup and beauty lessons offered by the online academy. 
  • Also, students get to download sample materials from the site in order to refer and learn on the go. 

Course Fees: Starts at £ 8.55 per month 

  1. – Online Makeup and Beauty Lessons 

Sign up with this online academy for fairer insights into the nitty-gritty of makeup lessons. 

Course Details: 

  • Students get to learn and explore makeup insights via interactive, premade videos. 
  • Lessons cover all crucial topics such as eyeliners, eye shadows, hairstyling, contouring and more. 

Course Fees:

 £ 77.74 (Approx)

  1. Makeup Online School

The creative, online makeup school offers its lessons via digital mediums. It has a reputation for offering a myriad of beauty and makeup courses across numerous topics. 

Course Details: 

  • Most beauty and makeup lessons are taught by celebrity makeup artists. 
  • The flexible learning programs allow students to learn at their own pace, after enrolling for the course. 
  • The lessons include beginners’ makeup tutorial, skincare and beauty tips and the likes. 

Course Fees: 

Visit the “Pricing” section on the official website for detailed overview. 

  1. The Beauty Academy 

This is a reliable and well-known full-time online makeup academy, which offers a wide array of critical lessons for a professionally rewarding career ahead. 

Course Details: 

  • The online makeup lessons on this site are delivered via videos. 
  • The makeup lessons on this portal can be taken from any corner of the world, as per the convenience of the attendees. 

Course Fees: 

Starts at £ 99.00 

  1. The Lakme Academy Courses Online 

This name needs no introduction, especially in the field of beauty and skincare. So, what could be more rewarding for a student who will sign up for the Lakme Academy Courses online? 

Course Details: 

  • The site is well-known for offering both foundational and advanced makeup courses online. 
  • The makeup courses include lessons on facial anatomy, fantasy makeup, personal grooming and more. 
  • Most importantly, the digital makeup academy offers professional placements as well. 

Course Fees: 

Visit the “Courses” section and place a query to extract complete information on the fees structure. 

  1. Online Makeup Courses by Bobbi Brown 

Bobbi Brown brings to you 19 interactive online makeup lessons. This is apparently one of the most celebrated and rewarding makeup courses that offer professional advantages over others. 

Course Details: 

  • The courses offer makeup tips for different skin types. 
  • In addition, the lessons will help you to know how to apply eye and lip makeup. 

Course Fees: 

Since the fees will depend on regional currencies, I recommend you to check out the official website for better clarity. 

In Conclusion, 

So, that was all, folks. Read through the entire blog, go through the online courses listed out in it and rope the best one in, based on the following factors: 

  • Location 
  • Duration 
  • Topic
  • Budget 


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