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If two sites post similar articles, both of which concentrate on evaluating the healthiest pet foods sold in grocery stores, but one site has a PageRank of 1 and the other is 9, then Google will assign considerable priority to the article published by the top profile domain. This has caused it to be rated notably higher which, in effect, would make it much easier to choose what pet food to buy for people looking at. 

Great use of SEO normally serves to create comprehensive content searchable to the community, but if your rivals are considered to have a greater standard of domain authority for you then you will seek yourself struggling to win over traffic and expand.

Links and domain authority share an inherent bond. Adding the External good quality inbound links for the benefit to your products or services can be like diamond dust in enhancing your DA. 

Links from less-influential websites that do not themselves enjoy many inbound links can still help boost the Reputation of a site but to a considerably smaller extent. 

The marketing world is in love with the quality content and the potential exposure it can add to our websites through strategic backlinks on external websites is a driving force in our obsession with creating high-value posts. One thing that websites owners want is the answer to this most asked question. What are the techniques by which they can improve their domain authority score. But first, you must have to use the domain checkers. Here are 5 best tools for checking your domain authority of the website. 

  1. Moz

This is probably the best domain authority checker you can find online after Moz.  It not only checks the score of the domain authority but also helps you improve it if you are not satisfied with the overall traffic of the website.

 As far as we have used the tool there are no cons of checking the domain authority using the This is an excellent tool for the newbies out there.  Other than the domain authority it offers multiple features. The developers claim it to be a reliable source of checking the score. It helps you find the strength of the URL of the website that you have provided.  

It is easy to use Moz domain authority checker. Just these simple steps you will have to follow: 

  • Enter the URL you want to execute check in the space provided. 
  • First of the Go to the website of Moz.
  • Click on the “Check Authority” button after you have entered the website’s URL. 
  • Our strong engine will achieve outcomes within a few seconds. 
  • An interesting feature is that it shows more than the score of the Moz ranking. It also displays the page authority of the website.
  1. Prepostseo 

Prepostseo domain checker provides the domain score of multiple websites at once. You can check as many as 500 URLs of the website. Prepostseo is the free bulk DA checker for you. It lets you compare the domain score of the website you want to check. Prepostseo shows the detailed version of the results. 

You can check spam score along with DA, PA as well as IP addresses and domain age of the website in question. If you find the score any less than you expected, there is also the option of adding the backlinks on your website. As we have already established the importance of backlinks in the domain authority score.

Prepostseo is a suggested option for beginners in the SEO or web designers who are simply keen to learn more about the efficiency of their website as well as in finding easy improvements. 

Although, the available information isn’t exactly up to Moz or Ahrefs level, sometimes it can be great to skip all the extraneous indicators and get to the nitty-gritty backlinks information of your website – and that’s where Prepostseo stands out from the masses.

  1. Majestic

Since 2004 Majestic provides new perspectives into website quality. The variety of apps makes it undeniably one of the best online services currently available. Like many other Domain Authority sites, the way a Trust Flow, one of its most important features, is computed is more thorough. Majestic assembles many assured ‘seed sites’ based on a World Wide Web manual review. The nice thing about Trust Flow is that it differs depending on the business that your site focuses on helping to provide deeper insight into your target audience’s significance to your site

  1. Domchimp

One of domchimp unique features when analyzing Domain Authority comes from its best interface Domain vs. Domain tool. In addition to gaining a good knowledge of how the credibility of your website has been rated, you can also benefit from detailed charts evaluating the accuracy of the keywords you use relative to other rivals. 

As domchimp explains, “Collecting the information about your competitor’s website seems complicated, time-consuming, and costly. However, you are an in-house specialist in day to day competitive tracking with the domchimp Domain vs. Domain method. You can analyze the competitive environment in the desktop or mobile database in a few taps, independently. Only enter up to five domains that you want to compare, and select Go. 

Domchimp has built a wide range of over 40 related tools for website owners with over 10 years of experience in the competitive field of SEO. Users can track their organic traffic outside the scope of website authority, test their on-page SEO, create relevant advertising, and review their data and much more.

  1. Linkgraph 

Linkgraph uses statistics to demonstrate the output of a website that was being queried. Users are treated to an assemblage of percentage scores at the top of their results pages which relate to the quality and variety of external as well as internal links, main page links, reliable links, and, of course, LIS. 

The great thing about the link graph is that it can broaden its Link impact Score system far beyond those of the website you have been inspecting.

  1. Bulk Da Check

This is another tool site that has numerous features which works with the support of MOZ. Having the capacity of bulk checking, the tool is capable of checking the domain authority of up to 50 domains without any cost. 

The greater advantage of this tool includes the downloading of files into CSV and Excel format. Along with the Domain authority and Page authority, it also discovers the Alexa Rank, MOZ Rank, SEMrush traffic and IP address of the websites you enter in the tool. 


Another tool for checking the da of a website is that provide the quick scanning of the authority in bulk quantity. It offers the checking of DA of up to 200 domains at a same time. 

It only tells about the domain authority and page authority while it also allows the user to get the facility of downloading the report in CSV Format. 

  1. Link Laboratory 

On a single click, the tool is able to generate the da number in bulk. This tool will let you know the domain authority and page authority of the website whereas it will also show you the external root domain count and subdomain spam score. 

The tool is helpful when taking a backlink because the effects of backlinks depends upon the authority of the other website. 

The tool also features the download option for the report in CSV format. 

  1. Click Minded

Click Minded is another tool for checking the da checker where it allows the new users to check for da in bulk. It uses the MOZ formula to calculate and the da is a ranking factor for most of the search engines. 

However, it doesn’t tell additional information about the Alexa Ranks, MOZ ranks or any other analysis. 

  1. Coder Duck

This is another efficient bulk da checker that checks the da for up to 20 domains at a same time. The coder duck is better because it too uses the MOZ instead of self-calculation. The da checker will help you in measuring the strength of a website along with the authority of the website. 


Essentially, if the website drives quality links that get it the traffic, has a small number of gimmicky links, and uses proper on-page and analytical SEO, Domain Authority can be easily enhanced with a few tips and tricks. However, improving DA should not be your main objective. High DA without real traffic would not give your business much popularity. 

Also breaking another misconception is that there’s no ‘good’ DA, simply because it depends on the business’s competitiveness as a community.   You would find it hard to succeed in search engines if you are an insurance firm with a DA of 20 while others are at 70 +. But on the other side, if you have a business website or a blog with a very specific niche, for example, you sell nail products, the score of 20 is probably good. 

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