Why SeekaHost India is best domain and hosting provider?

SeekaHost India is best known in web hosting and domain providing platform in this market field. They have been in the field for more than 10 years which tells us that they are providing the best result in respect of domain and hosting providing. They have clients from all over the world from which you can say how much clients trust their service and products.

When it comes to domain, the main part to consider is how well your domain information is protected and could manage the DNS in ease. SeekaHost India is handling both at very best so that you don’t have to worry about the later part after the domain purchase setup. On the other hand, in Hosting they are providing tailor made setup functions and support team to handle client queries at any time which makes them standout from other hosting providers.

Why SeekaHost is best domain provider?

Easy process to register domain:

It may seem to be easy peasy process for domain to all but each hosting providers will have different setup panel or interface which will either be easy or need guidance to register and complete the order. But don’t worry, at SeekaHost India, they have straight forward format to register the domain within few clicks. For each process at SeekaHost India, they have either provide article or videos in very simple steps to do it by themselves. Even for domain registration they have article and video to support them. In case, client can’t able to do it by themselves, their support team will handle it to make the process completely smooth without client worry about anything. 

Domain at Low and Affordable cost:

All the domain providers say that they give at affordable cost but only few give such offers. But, SeekaHost India provide lowest possible cost for every TLD consistently. They haven’t changed the cost much even over years for all TLD including the widely used extensions. If you are new customer of SeekaHost India, you will get 50% offer on every TLD purchase. As a new development, they are giving .xyz and .co TLD at just Rs.99 which far best when compared with other providers. So, check the domain availability and get your business domain register before anyone else do. 

Domain setup option:

While placing the order, you will have the option of choosing free DNS management and Email forwarding option to enable for the domain along with ID protection at 400Rs. You will see email forwarding option only on cPanel but they provide the email forwarding option on the client area itself so quickly without any issues or delay.

Why SeekaHost India is best Hosting provider?

When you get both domain and Hosting at same place it will be best option to choose as you can manage at ease. SeekaHost India does it in great effort that too with exclusive features in all packages that satisfy the price. They also provide both the domain and hosting at same price in Rs.99. They have four packages that covers or satisfies all the websites requirements from small to large in those four packages. 

The feature they have mentioned on each package will give you more wide option to choose from for your websites. 

They didn’t stop just with assuring the hosting order activation, their support team will give guidance or handle on their own to complete the process quickly without troubling the client. 

The reason you should choose SeekaHost is because they provide affordable and customized packages based on the people requirements and also have super-fast servers to load the website from their servers across globe. Without any additional charges or cost, they provide most of the features that support your websites run smoothly and able to manage the websites files at ease. 

Different package for different websites:

The first and foremost thing that everyone looks for will be to have every type of package that suits for all type of websites so that client can change or alter their websites way of functioning according to their revenue generation or say resources needed and how much traffic that drives to the websites. Seekahost drives all these requirements in just four packages of Business, WordPress Dedicated and VPS. 

Each package will have different features and setup for different purpose so that the particular type of blog, e-commerce, and business website will get benefit from it and not lose their money wasted on plans that are not suited or doesn’t need at all. So, it clearly defines what package you can go through even if you are in confusion state instead of having more package and plans which confuses more and more on what to choose between them. 

The best of best package is WordPress hosting package where no hosting provider will give such ease tool to support your WordPress website which say tailor made for it. You can manage most of the function which you do in by login into the admin page of the WordPress website without any delay or issues. You can manage plugin, theme, enable and disable, make the website in maintenance mode if you need in case, installation of WordPress from client area itself, create or take backup of the WordPress, user add or remove, editing the config file, create staging and clone WordPress site for testing, SSL enable, etc.

Support Team:

You can say that all the hosting provider give best supports and team to help or assist you in any of your queries or issues. You can even say all hosting provider give chat and call support. But what they are different from other hosting provider is that their support team are very friendly and give solution or at least give the alternative which is not in their place or related to their client account or web hosting. Also, the call support they have will be available for 24*7 which is where the most company missing still now. Some of them doesn’t provide call support instead give email option and some give call support only on 8-hour day time. But SeekaHost support team will be available at all time even if they miss any of your call or chat, they still get back to you so that you won’t be get disappointment of missing to get connected.  

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