Top 10 Health & Fitness Bloggers & Influencers in India

Health is a very important factor in our lifestyle. You can earn health only by living healthy. Due to the increased awareness, health and fitness are becoming an integral part of our lives. Today, bloggers are in demand and getting much attention and this is the reason why finding the best one can be a difficult task.

There are various health and fitness Influencers in India and I will list all the best ones in this article. Fitness bloggers are such that they will influence you to boost your dull life to a healthier one. 

All health and fitness bloggers differ from person to person as there are several schools, techniques, and ideologies of thoughts on food habits and physical activities. From your blog’s perspective, you can define your ideas of fitness.

The style of writing blogs of every blogger differs and it should be appreciated by the readers. The blogs should be in such a way that it can draw your attention towards fitness and a healthy lifestyle.

Top 10 Health, Fitness Bloggers & Influencers in India

Health is very important in everyone’s life. By maintaining fitness, you can change your way your life completely. ‘Health is wealth’ the line itself signifies the importance of health in our life and it is important more than wealth.

Therefore, now not making you wait for any further, here are the top 10 health and fitness bloggers in India that will hold your attention for a while,

1. Dr. Vikash Sharma

Dr. Vikash Sharma is a health and fitness blogger in India who has more than 277 Twitter fans and his blog name is Dr.Homeo. 

Vikash Sharma writes amazing blogs on health and fitness and it is loved by everyone. There are various reasons why people love to read his blogs. In this blog, he includes real-life treatments for several diseases.

This includes treatments for arthritis, allergy, and orthopaedic problems. Also, natural homeopathic treatments for hyperactive kids and homeopathy skin treatments. On the other hand, he advices ways to cure autism treatments. In this blog, he writes solutions for various diseases. You must follow and read his blog regularly so that you can get all the information about health.

2. Md Taiyab Alam Alam

Md Taiyab Alam Alam is another health and fitness blogger from India. He has much experience in writing about health and fitness. He has more than three thousand Facebook fans and his blog name is Gyanunlimited.

He writes articles on various topics such as skin care, hair care, anti-aging, healthy eating, weight loss remedies, naturopathy, yoga, and many more. Md Taiyab Alam Alam regularly gives updates on the preventive measure, health promotion, herbal medicines related to disorders and disease. 

He includes analytical data for every disease via Ayurveda which is a traditional system of medicines. His blogs are very amazing because he writes like a professional health blogger for alternative and complementary medicines. 

If you are searching for the best health and fitness blogger in India then Md Taiyab Alam Alam will be a great option for you.

3. Multiple

Multiple is regarded as one of the best health and fitness bloggers in India. He has more than seven hundred Twitter fans and Facebook fans are more than twelve thousand. His blog name is Medical dialogues.

His followers are in a huge number because his blogs are amazing. Its forum section gives direct answers and viewpoints to healthcare peers. On the other hand, he makes case studies, medical videos, articles, etc.

It is a leading source of health news and medical information. If you want any information on medical then you can follow his blog which will help you in the long run.

4. Dr. Ruchi Agarwal

Here comes the best health and fitness blogger from India whose name is Dr. Ruchi Agarwal. She has both a blog and YouTube channel as well. She has more than four thousand Twitter followers and more than 8 lakhs Facebook followers.

Her blog name is the health site. She writes articles on every trending topic such as weight loss tips, workplace wellness, healthy living, anti-aging, and many more.

She also loves to write about parenting guides and pregnancy guides. Therefore, those women who are pregnant then you can follow her blog. On the other hand, she provides natural remedies, beauty tips and fitness. She also provides video and photo galleries on the disease, wellness and makeup. She is regarded as one of the top writers in India.

 5. Sangram Simha

Sangram Simha writes one of the best blogs on beauty, fashion, and health. He has more than twenty thousand followers on Facebook. His site is very popular on the internet and the name of the site is ‘Style craze. Believe me, this is my favourite blog out of all. The blogs of this site have been well written and advanced.

It has all the grooming tips related to wellness, health, skin care, hair care, makeup, and many more. This site gives you advice on various categories of beauty and lifestyle and the advice is given by beauty and expert bloggers. 

His blog gives reviews on beauty products and health. There is a regular update on all topics to keep you up to date with the latest information. Stylecraze is the largest beauty network in the world.

6. Vineetha

Vineetha is a health and fitness blogger and her blog name is Health Beckon. He gives expert tips on health and fitness. 

His blog has several categories of advantages of eating healthy food items, diet plans, recipes, weight loss, and fitness. He provides weight loss tips and diet plans too. On the other hand, he provides articles on fruits and vegetables, healthy snacks, diseases, oils, rich foods, healthy living, fitness tips, healthy lifestyles, advantages of cleanliness, and many more.

On the other hand, he provides tips for weight loss and diet plans too which are very effective and useful for everyone. You must follow his blog because his blogs are amazing and well written.

7. Amaresh Ojha

Amaresh Ojha has large number of followers both on Facebook and Instagram. He is a health and fitness blogger as he himself a fitness freak.

He offers several categories that can help you in the long run such as the latest fitness trends, martial arts, aerobics, offers and deals on gyms, popular searches on fitness activities, fitness stories, personal trainers, and many more. 

He provides the best guide for fitness freaks, lists the studios and finest gyms apart from discount offers. On the other hand, he loves to write articles on wellness, lifestyle, reviews of gym, diet, nutrition, fitness, health, weight loss, and many more. He is also a personal trainer who gives advice about how to stay fit and fine. You must follow his blogs because they are really well written.

8. Payal Banka

Payal Banka is a popular health and fitness blogger in India. She has more than nine thousand Facebook fans and more than seventy Twitter followers. Her blog name is Dietburrp.

She writes blogs on a wide range of categories such as lifestyle, wellness, beauty, weight loss, fitness, health, and many more. She loves to help others by providing them tips on all health-related topics.

She also offers diet plans on diabetes and pregnancy and other health concerns such as weight loss, weight gain, fitness, etc. On the other hand, she also offers diet consultation services and packages. She can also analyse a BMI calculator and body fat. In addition, she provides articles on beauty, wellness, healthy recipes, and fitness.

9. Kanan

Kanan is also a health and fitness blogger and she is from India. She has more than four hundred Twitter fans and seventeen thousand Facebook fans. Her blog name is Fitness vs weight loss.

Her love for fitness is so huge that she lost her weight from 98 kg to 67 kg. She inspires others too to reduce weight and live a healthy lifestyle through her blogs. She provides very healthy diet tips and you are going to love all her tips. On the other hand, she provides recipes on healthy homemade foods. If you have any queries on beauty, health, fitness then you can ask her. 

Her weight loss tips and tricks are also very amazing and you are sure going to love it.

10. Kishor Kumar

Kishor Kumar is also known as the top health and fitness blogger in India. He has more than three thousand Twitter followers and Facebook fans too. Kishor loves to write articles on fitness and workouts.

He writes content on several topics such as lifestyles, wellness, beauty, fashion, health, and many more. He provides news and health care ideas for men and tips for health for women. You can also follow him for travel and lifestyle ideas. 

Wrapping it Up

Here you go! These are the top 10 health and fitness bloggers in India. All of the above bloggers are experienced and writes good content according to the readers. You must read all of their blogs and you can choose your favourite one.

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