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In this I am gonna help the singers around here a little bit by showing how they can make money from their songs. There are lots of ways and websites through which singers can generate descent revenue, but the key game is in selecting the best and fruitful one. This article should guide you through it.
I’ve arranged the list in the best order.

1 Youtube

We have seen lots of youtube stars(those people whose songs became hit through youtube).Everyone knows that youtube pay for ads. Upload your song video in youtube and share it with the world. You can monetize your video with advertisements. Youtube pays you for advertisement views. More views means more advertisements or making it simple more views can generate you more money in youtube.

2 Start a Music Blog

Starting a music blog is another great opportunity for singers to make money online. You can start your music blog like pitchfork and consequenceofsound. You can showcase your music as well as other musics in you blog posts. You have to start your blog in WordPress, now, WordPress supports the uploads of audio/video. In WordPress, the uploaded music will be shown in the inbuilt music player. There are many music bloggers who make more than $10,000 from their music blog.
Starting a music blog in WordPress is so easy (just 3 steps),

  • You have to signup for a hosting
  • Register a domain
  • Install WordPress using its 1 click install

I recommend you to use bluehost , bluehost has an all in one package of all the 3 steps mentioned above.BlueHost is offering hosting for the readers of this blog for as low as $3.49 a month (and free domain registration for one year). Click this link to start your blog today for the most minimum cost(The best deal you can get online!). Bluehost is where I started my blog(and is continuing successfully)

3 SoundCloud

SoundCloud is an online music streaming website where users can upload ,download and share their music with the world. Millions of artists have uploaded their soundtracks in soundcloud . Signing up in soundcloud is free. The free users have an upload limit of 2 hours. Well, you can always upload more songs exceeding the limit by switching into the premium account (for a small payment).
If your average track is around 5 minute, a free account is sufficient to accommodate 24 tracks which is not that bad.
How to make money from SoundCloud?
The above given screenshot is the soundtrack page in soundcloud. You can see that this particular track was played more than 300K times . This is what makes soundcloud special. You can popularize your songs through soundcloud. Soundcloud do have the features to share the songs through social medias like facebook, twitter etc easily. Check Out the Buy Now button on the top navigation bar of the page. You can place a buy now url in your song settings page so that the user can buy the song clicking on the link. And thats how you’ll be making money from soundcloud.
Considering the above track I’ve mentioned , it had more than 300K plays and what if just 1 percent of the plays were converted to the buy now page?
1 percent of 300000 = 3000 sales.
These are approximations, but you see the possibility right?

4 Fiverr

Fiverr is one the latest trending new generation market places where you can offer your skills(drawing, photography, modelling, programming, singing etc) as service. As the name indicates, the services are sold for 5$. Lots of singers make their daily leaving through Fiverr. I admit that Fiverr is a highly competitive marketplace, but if approached properly and professionally you can definitely make some money.
Have a look the the Henrimixing Fiver page where he creates a custom rap song in any category for 5 $ . The 5$ service is just the basic package. He offers other sub services like ( 1 day extra fast delivery and all for 40$).
JasminChloe is another successful lady in fiverr who make good revenue selling her singing skills. She records and sings your song in her studio for 5$. If you are not that familiar with fiverr, have a look at some of the top rated services in fiverr in various sectors.

5 Revenue from streaming

There are lots of music streaming services like SpotifyRdio, Beats Music etc where you can generate revenue through streaming your music. Unfortunately these services are not available in many countries that I did put this into last of the list. Well, if it is available in a country its a sure shot thing for singers to make some money online.

6 Freelancing through Upwork

Upwork, formerly known as elance has lots of freelancers and job listers. Through upwork, you can get hired for your singing skills. You can offer voice overs,csinging, musics, orchestra as services. Many singers has more than 40 USD per hour rate in upwork singers section.

7 Selling singing course through Udemy

As you might know, Udemy is one of the best online portals through which you can subscribe to top class courses. If you can be a good music teacher, you can sell your courses through udemy. Here is a singing course listed in Udemy, the Elite Singing techniques which has more than 5.2K students enrolled. The course has been sold for 100 USD , which means the course provider has done a business of more than 500,000 USD.
Hope you enjoyed this blog post. Are there some other methods through which singers can make money? If so shoot it inside the comment box 

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