Top 20 Facebook Ads Spying Tools to to Spy on Your Competitor’s Paid Social Ads

Facebook, in recent times, has become an adequate platform to do business. Upgraded facilitations provided by the platform give an instant boost to your businesses. 

The average conversion rate of Facebook is in between 9-10%. Businesses generally utilize it due to the wider target audience approach. The basic mean of Facebook business promotion is through advertisements.  

Though the market has become concentrated, and keeping an eye on competitors is necessary. But how would you spy in their ads and other activities? 

Don’t worry; there are tools that can support you in doing so. If you are interested in these tools, then wait till I provide you with the best spy tools to use and exempt the need for hiring a digital marketing agency.      

Why should I use it?

There are more than 60 million active business pages on Facebook. How will you make yourself distinct among these businesses? 

One way is by using Spy tools. Here are some advantages of using these tools;

  • Tools will provide you with a complete overview of the advertisement landscape and competitiveness. 
  • It provides you with information regarding success elements in a campaign and attractive features of the landscape.
  • You can analyze the whole marketing campaign of your competitors and identify grey areas.
  • Recent market trends will be on your fingertips. 

List of best tools

There are diverse ranges of tools that can be utilized for gaining the above-mentioned advantages. 

Here is the list of best spy tools  

  1. Facebook Ad Library

Facebook created ‘Facebook Ad Library’ in 2016 to maintain transparency of advertisements. It is a library that contains all the active and non-active ads of Facebook. 

The distinct feature is that it withholds ad for seven years. The best part is free of cost approach to the library by every Facebook user. 

It has a huge number of ads because almost 94% of marketers use it; you can filter ad on the basis of country and platform. It also supports the usage of PPC tools.    

  1. PowerAdSpy

The PowerAdSpy tool is counted among one of the most effective spying tools. The tool provides complete details regarding; landing page, social engagement, creativity, and targeting options.  

It can also track similar ad on other social platforms, like; Google Ads, YouTube, Instagram, and Quora. If you are looking something more than copy-paste, then this one is for you. 

Multiple filters can be used to sort and track ads. The price range of tool starts from $49/month. 

  1. Swipe-Worthy

If you desired to look for inspiration for your campaign, use this tool. The tool is specifically focused on profitable niche’s advertisement. 

You can select the ‘Facebook Ads’ option to view ads that are on Facebook only. Furthermore, it provides key explanations for the success or failure of every advertisement. 

The tool is considered adequate for copywriting and acquiring inspiration for the ad campaigns. You can avail all of these features for free. 

  1. MagicAdz

The MagicAdz tool is a relatively new addition in the list. The tool has an archive of almost 49 countries including; affiliate, cloaked and suspected cloaked ads. 

The cloaked ads option provides you with insights regarding the actual landing page and sales funnel. Moreover, you can download the competitor’s landing page by using mobile. 

The tool made it on the list because; it provides the actual working strategies for the ads. Also, only the affiliate programs are targeted, excluding other brand ads. 

You can utilize all of these juicy data just in $99/month.

  1. AdSwiper’s

If you are not willing to spend excessive time on spying ads, then use this one. 

The tool will only showcase those ads which are performing well at Facebook. AdSwiper’s provide a trial version for free; the paid version is also available with additional features.

The tool has a collection of 157,609 ads from 114 different countries. 

  1. AdSector

The tool is equipped with all the necessary features that an advance spying tool should have. It facilitates to search result on the basis of affiliate network and tracking system. 

You can utilize it to extract high performing ads in any specific niche, along with the detailed strategies that can be used to create effective campaigns. 

Other than that, you can also download the landing page and target audience details. The tools are considered the most expensive among all; it will cost you $249/month. 

  1. Social Ad Scout

If you are looking to focus on the specific ads, then this tool is for you. Social Ad Scout includes ads from 21 countries. 

The detailed search filter enables you to find ads on the basis of; device, performance, type and targeting. 

The most interactive feature is the interaction with the live ads if it is still running. 

You can also screenshot other competitor’s ads from desktop and mobile devices. All of these features in a single tool will cost you only $147/month. 

  1. AdPlexity eCommerce

AdPlexity e-commerce is considered to a professional’s tool. 

You can search for the competitor’s ad on all e-commerce platforms, accessing from desktop or mobile. If you desired to keep an eye on all the campaigns, other competitors are running through digital marketing; this is the ideal tool.

AdPlexity eCommerce is considered to be the market leader in this list. The tool will cost you around $129/month.    

  1. Info and Ads

Info and Ads tool is another build-in feature of Facebook.

It provides details regarding the on-going ads of a brand. You can access all relevant brand information just by clicking a button.

It provides you with the opportunity to observe the ad campaign run by competitors in native areas.

  1. SEMrush

SEMrush is an adequate tool if you desire to increase your ad campaign efficiency. 

It provides you with complete detail regarding the competitor’s keyword usage and the effectiveness of these keywords. 

You can use these keywords efficiently in your ads and perform well.

  1. Macaw

Macaw tool is considered as the real spying tool, as it provides in-depth observation options to use.

You can use it for free, though the premium paid version with excessive features is also present. There is a number of filter options; location, placement, timing and Call-to-Action to search ad. 

The secret ingredient of the advertising campaign’s success can be identified from this tool. It is time-efficient and provides an adequate amount of analyzed data.

The unique feature of ‘Most Copied Ads’ provides details of ads copied by most marketers. It is a much cheaper tool and will cost you $12/month. 

  1. Adsova

Similar to other tools, Adsova is a smart ad spying tool. It discloses other competitors’ ad strategies and allows you to implement these strategies on your own business. 

The interactive interface and filter options enable the extraction of relevant ads from the archive. The tool presents the menu items at the top of the search page. 

In just $1, you can use the platform on a trial version for five days. Otherwise, the price starts from $99/month.  

  1. ConnectExplore

The ConnectExplore is a unique tool in this list. It does not focus on copying your competitor’s ads. 

Rather it is focused more on automated functions that can optimize your ad campaign. The tool is also appreciated due to its distinct feature of extracting unique targeted audience for your ad.

A concentrated market generally fails to provide a conversion rate. Therefore, you can select new demographics than your competitor relies on. This advance tool will cost you only $197/month.    

  1. SocialPeta

SocialPeta is famous for having an archive of almost 5 million global advertisers. The tool can empower your business by maximizing the effectiveness of your affiliate campaigns. 

The tool is used by; Alibaba and Baidu. The most distinct feature of the tool is it provides ad cost analysis, which any other tool fails to provide. 

You can also check the ad performance on a country basis and audience of the keyword in these countries. The tool will cost you $99-$249/month.  

  1. BigSpy

BigSpy is counted as the best free tool for spying competitor’s ad. 

It provides an option to include the specific ads in the list and receive updates regarding these ads.

The tool will provide you with the desired information without any hassle.

  1. Anstrex

Anstrex is generally used to unlock the traffic sources, ad formats and affiliate networks that can be applied on your campaign, making it a hit. 

The tool has a built-in landing page and filters for downloading and editing landing pages within no time. The basic version of the tool will cost you $79.99/month.   

  1. AdEspresso

If you want to manage your Facebook ad campaign from one place, this tool is for you. 

The tool provides a range of features from creativity testing to budget management. 

The unique one among them is the Ad gallery. This free of cost tool will provide you with access to almost 25,000 ads for taking inspiration, as taken in the creation of best ads.  

  1. AdLeap Software

This free of cost tool will facilitate you in identifying and analyzing ads that are trending on Facebook. 

The brands also utilize this tool to identify the most selling products of the e-commerce market. You can pin up your preferred ads and can see them in a single window. 

Complete details provided by the tool also encourage its uses.    

  1. AdSpy

The archive of AdSpy is considered to be the largest one among all. It contains 80 million ads, from 198 countries in 88 different languages, making it the powerhouse of ads. 

The huge amount of ads is accompanied by search filters that are of utmost precision. 

The tool will disclose affiliate or offer ID and makes it more convenient to spy. The tool will cost you only $149/month. 

  1. PayPerTrail

PayPerTrail tool provides different options for creating an attractive affiliate ad campaign. 

The tool enables you to view, download, and even copy the competitor’s ad.

The unique feature is the competitor’s ad’s continuous monitoring, which other tools failed to provide.    

Wrapping it up

Majority of the businesses are using different social platforms for promoting their business. 

The only way to distinguish your business from others is an advertisement. 

However, there are many complex folds in understanding the concept of advertising on social media, for which you have to hire social media marketing companies. 

The easiest way is to use the ad spy tools that I have mentioned above to extract the relevant ad campaign for your product.

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