50 Social Media Tools To Flood Your Site With Traffic

In the last decade, marketing has completely evolved and brands are tuning themselves to digital marketing mediums for a better chance of success. One of the best weapons for digital marketers is social media, and brands are turning to social media channels, in order to reach their target audience through paid campaigns and other organic measures.
Trends are changing quicker than the direction of winds, but it is no surprise to us that digital media advertising has surpassed television and billboard ads revenue, and social media is the best weapon of digital marketing. We will take one giant leap into the social media marketing, and records will be broken in the upcoming season. Facebook is the undisputed leader of social media, but there is always a possibility of any new medium getting successful in the market and we all know how fast trends shift.

Just like social media, the most reliable and suitable social media tools are also frequently changing. If you like one specific tool, it is apparent that someday a better tool will be at your disposal. Whether it is a tool for visual media, analytics or for social media management. We have put together a list of 50 social media tools that are best to use. Most of them are old, however, with frequent updates they can be your primary choice. So, without further commotion, let’s start the list!

50 Best Social Media Marketing Tools for Marketers

1. Buffer

One of the best social media management tool, its purpose is to provide intuitions to help any marketer plan the perfect strategy for their campaign. IN addition to that, Buffer is also a clean tool which is amazingly easy to use. With a great user interface and supreme user-responsiveness, it is the primary choice for any marketer.

2. HootSuite

HootSuite is considered as a golden standard of social media management tools. It allows you to schedule the timing of your posts for better reaches, track their progress and performance and team up all the social media concerned accounts. HootSuite offers infinite luxuries to all the users, which are beneficial in gaining an edge over a competitor. It is best for a large organization, with multiple brands and marketing agencies.

3. Owlmetrics

If you want useful understandings and insight to grow an Instagram account followership, Owlmetrics is the best tool for this job. It is completely an Instagram analytic tool and you can enhance your brand’s performance intensely by using it. It offers multiple features to make your work easy.

4. Sprinklr

Sprinklr is a trusted tool that offers support to business analytics and marketing. You can get the most out of your social media platforms by using this amazing tool. It is designed for different modern teams and is trusted by SAP and Microsoft.

5. Nuvi

Nuvi is used by top companies such as Chevron, Nissan, Uber and more. It is a social media marketing tool that is used to provide data visualizations. It streamlines social media monitoring and reporting, so you can easily focus on marketing tactics and planning.

6. Edgar

Edgar offers digital content scheduling by prioritizing categories. If all the content is shared, this tools will recycle older posts to enhance engagement with the audience.

7. Salesforce Social Studio

This social media management tool is the all-in-one unconventional solution for creative business.it helps marketing teams to make use of social media platforms to protect their brands. It also provides detailed analytics along with resources to companies, in order to maximize their potential.

8. Funnel.io

Funnel.io is one of the few tools that help you bring together all the forms of digital advertising knowledge. All the information is stored in one clean, presentable and user-friendly dashboard. It makes things easier for marketers to draw relativity performance of all the social media channels. It also integrates with other tools such as Google Analytics.

9. Post Planner

Post planner uses scientific researchers to its algorithm and helps the marketer to identify best possible content for the audience. Users can surf recommended feed from Post Planner to find trendy content. Its scientific algorithm determines the chances of future engagement to help draw social media strategy.

10. Sprout Social

Sprout Social enhances social engagement with the help of unified smart inbox feature. It is basically a social media management tool and offers support to customers with features like Helpdesk and tasks.

11. CoSchedule

Although it is primarily a marketing calendar, social media marketers can also use it for their benefit as it links all their platforms and manages them from one single place. Plan, schedule, market, and work on your complete marketing plan from a single tool

12. Respond

Respond is developed by Buffer team, and it supports software platforms to link social media and customer care. Overall, respond helps to enhance the response time of your social media platforms by making them available at a single inbox.

13. Tweetdeck

Tweetdeck is owned by Twitter. It is a fully featured dashboard and organizes Twitter feeds, messages, notifications, view-columns and support management of different accounts.

14. Later

Another Instagram tool in this list Later helps in scheduling your posts. It is used by big brands such as The Huffington Post, Yelp, and GQ magazine. Later features amazing calendar view, greater quantity uploading, and content engagement methods for marketers.

15. Pablo

Another tool in this list developed by Buffer, it is basically a visual media tool with more than fifty thousand images along with over 25 fonts. This tool also employs multiple image filters, to enhance the picture quality.

16. Canva

Canva is one of the best tools to enhance the images. You can edit pictures, add filters and design visual content for sharing on social media platforms.

17. Easelly

Easelly is an infographics tool. Nowadays, infographics are trending with a large impact on social media platforms. Easelly offers multiple templates in its library. So, choose the best for yourself.

18. Pexels

A place to find free stock images, Pexels helps you to create a visual media digital content easily. You can easily share pictures on your platforms without any hassle of copyrights.

19. Quickmeme

Nowadays, the best way to viral anything is to make a meme out of it. Quickmeme offers meme templates which you can use by adding text. Share the trendiest picture with a meme on your social media platform and make that post viral for more reaches an audience.

20. Adobe Spark

Turn your ideas into a graphical presentation by using Adobe Spark. You can also develop animated videos, web stories, and another digital content medium to make your platform engaging and beautiful. This tool also employs 3 iOS applications.

21. Infogram

Another infographics development tool in this list, it helps marketing individuals and companies alike, to share their data along visualizing it over 200 maps and 35 charts. You can find GIF charts, ready-made designs, and much more. You can also import data from any cloud memory, analytics, Excel and etc.

22. Piktochart

Streamline your development process for reports, posters, presentations and infographics by using this amazing visual media tool. Piktochart offers over 500 templates, methods to integrate data cinch, and tons of particular industry icons.

23. Giphy

With GIFs taking over social media and becoming an integral part of user experience, their demand is increased. Giphy is the largest web-based GIF database and contains all the kinds of motion images you will need to share on your social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+ and more.

24. Splice

Developed by GoPro, it is primarily a video editing tool. It offers amazing resolution who want to revise social media content quickly. You can crop footages, slim it, apply filters, customize audio and video, and add animations and much more. This app is also user-friendly. So, anyone can easily learn and run it.

25. Feedly

With Feedly, you can customize and create feed-based content based on your preference. It is a news reader that most of the digital content and marketing team uses. You can also find out your heat score by knowing the engagements.

26. BuzzSumo

Find out the latest trends, topics and keywords with the help of BuzzSumo. It provides data on the top-ranking content and permits the user to look at the people who have pooled that content. This enhances the chances of determining the correct target audience for your online business marketing.

27. Nuzzel

Basically, a news-reading app to let you know about what your friends re sharing and reading. It helps you determine the interests of your contacts, so that you can easily share the concerned content with them.

28. Mention

In order to monitor the progress of your brand, we suggest you to use Mention social media tool. It helps you look over the multitude of channels in real time to offer users with complete updates about their products, features, competitor analysis, report making and influencer finding.

29. Klout

Klout is a social media tool that helps you measure your influences on social media. This tool also enables you to create content that resounds with followers and friends. It also advises you to suggest shareable content which is new to your audience.

30. Audiense

Formerly known as SocialBro, this tool offers amazing insight of social media channels and trends. You can develop segments, enhance engagements, track and report, and understand behavior of audience. You can also make reports on organic and paid campaigns.

31. Klear

Klear offers reporting and monitoring tools. You can easily use them to keep a check and balance of social media platforms. It also enhances social media marketing efforts, influence searches, provide analysis and much more.

32. Instagram for Business

Turn your Instagram account into business account by using this Instagram tool. This feature can unlock business insights, contacts and adds the aptitude to develop more ads and support posts directly with your smartphone Instagram application.

33. Crowdfire

Manage your social media followers, specifically on Instagram and Twitter with Crowdfire tool. This amazing tool offers inside information on the people you may not know, find influential users and much more. This tool is a premium choice to increase the relevance and commitment of your followers on social media platforms.

34. Keyhole

Track the all the hashtags on social media with Keyhole. It will help you to analyze the importance of keywords on social media site such as Instagram and Twitter. Get real-time analytics, metrics, along with suggesting different hashtags to enhance engagements and reaches.

35. Facebook Insights

A Facebook built in tool, it offers a rich amount of analytics, which is important to every marketer. You can also import these insights to further study them or showcase them.

36. Iconsquare

An Instagram entity to analyze and market, it is used by H&M, MTV, National Geographic Channel and more. It determines the engagements, post scheduling, contests and managing multiple accounts.

37. SocialRank

SocialRank offers complete assistance to identify, manage and organize followers on Instagram and Twitter. You can also sort out your followers, to determine what brands they follow and where you can get the most engagements.

38. LikeAlyzer

Measure the reach and potential of your Facebook page with the help of analysis from LikeAlyzer. This tool also offers its users with amazing feedbacks of their Facebook pages free of any cost.

39. Yotpo

Originally a marketing tool that focuses on maintaining real reviews for brands and products. It has now expanded its services keeping in mind the brand equity and user-generated content. It is introducing new structures all the time, you can expect more amazing features to be offered.

40. Have2HaveIt

Make your Instagram platform more marketable by using this amazing tool. Although you can use one location per Instagram post, Have2HaveIt provides analysis and customer data to make strategy making easier for everyone.

41. Click to Tweet

Streamline the work of promoting, marketing, tracking, reporting and sharing content on Twitter with the help of Click to Tweet. This tool also posts Tweets automatically that can be easily tracked with a link that is auto-generated.

42. Curalate

Formerly known as Like2Buy, Curalate permits marketing individuals to make their Insta feeds interesting by linking them to multiple locations. This makes it stress-free for followers to find rand pages to shop their desired item.

43. Bitly

If you want to use a link shortner, we recommend you to use Bitly. Sometimes you have limited characters to post on social media platforms such as Twitter and sharing links can be a pain alongside providing important information. For this reason, you can use Bitly to reduce the size of your links. In addition to that, it also allows you to track discrete links to edge information about the audience and determine their campaign performance.

44. Google URL builder

This tool from Google is the simplest tool to use on this list. You can attach UTM tracking codes to the links to share them on social media websites. It provides you an exclusive ability to trace metrics, such as traffic and visiting conduct, which is dependent on social media platforms.

45. Typeform

A free of cost, streamline tool that helps you to formulate forms and puzzles. Get amazing engagements from your targeted audience with the help of test-based surveys.

46. Pocket

Pocket is an exclusive tool with multiple extensions for desktops and apps for mobile phones. It allows users to find and save any content or website that they were searching on mobile phone, on their desktops, or vice versa. It is a convenient and simple tool and is also ludicrously important.

47. Facebook Live

Facebook live created numerous possibilities for brand pages and products. If you want to get more live engagement, a live video is the best option. It allows everyone to connect with audience on a greater level.

48. Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads is the ultimate advertising and marketing tool. It is effective as it make use of social networking which Facebook has collected over a lifespan. It allows advertisers and strategists to target audience by demographics, interests, priorities and more. It can also be used to enhance brand value, gather more followers, and increase reaches of your blogs, videos, posts, events and etc.

49. Babbly

Babbly is an exceptional social media tool that helps marketing individuals to increase their content. Babbly works on the formula of creating relevant posts, videos, blogs and ads viral. It also motivates users to share that specific post. Enjoy amazing exposure of your page with Babbly and capitalize on it.

50. SocialDrift

One of the best ways to improve brand awareness on Instagram, SocialDrift make use of machine-learning algorithms to send preset likes and comments to board a particular set of audience. Instagram users are inspired by such outreach to check their own accounts. Big companies are already using SocialDrift to engage the audience on Instagram and enhance their following.

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