20 Top ASO Tools to Boost Your App Downloads

Creating a killer app is one thing and marketing it is another. At times, it also becomes quite stressful to make people download the app from the app store. This is one of the biggest issues being faced by app publishers in the market today. Being in the app space, it is highly important to understand the various methods required for marketing an app. This brings App Store Optimization (ASO) into play. Now, you might be wondering what ASO is actually all about?

App Store Optimization or ASO is a common practice adopted by developers to increase the app’s rating and visibility. This results in driving increased number of installs. In the coming years, ASO has become a latent key to acquire attention in this competitive market. Not only does it help app developers improve the discovery of their app but also make sure that your application stands out in a category list on searches. By reaching the top charts on app store, you ensure that your app remains visible and appears more and more.

Well, there are multiple factors that affect the app store ranking. The key factors in the list are downloads and engagement. Downloads are undoubtedly the key factor but engagement is an amalgamation of number of daily and monthly active users. It is the average number of time each customer opens your application in a month. It also covers the time included in browsing the app. The total time a user spends in browsing your app is directly related to the features it has. The better features your app has, the greater are the chances of engagement. On the other hand, downloads depend on the application being visible and promoted to clients. This, in turn requires loads of money.

In order to make you apps stand out from the rest and help people discover when they are searching, you need to understand what components go into good app store optimization. Along with factors like app name, icon, description, screenshots and preview, there are some other that one gets benefited with a structured app store optimization. In this post, we have shared some of the best app store optimization tools that will definitely make your applications shine. With the help of these tools, you will definitely be able to make your apps visible in the app store.

Best ASO Tools | App Store Keyword Optimization

1. Sensor Tower

It is a leading solution for all app developers, mobile marketers and industry analysts who are seeking for competitive insights on the mobile market economy. Its organic approach to ASO has helped it establish a reputation via fully automated keyword app ranking/tracking tool. It offers the developers access to accurate data on a per-keyword basis. The improvements and changes in campaign can also be tracked in addition to the changes to actual app keywords. Sensor Tower allows you to analyze the app download and revenue estimates. You can also analyze reviews to identify the problematic areas. It offers daily email reports. All this is available within an integrated dashboard.

2. Mobile Action

It is an extremely popular user acquiring service for mobile app developers. This tool offers actionable insights and mobile data intelligence along with useful reports that you need for any app in the marketplace. With the help of this tool, it is easier to get competitor rankings, app download and revenue insights. This will help developers and marketers to make informed ASO decisions and to maximize the organic downloads. It features an easy-to-use dashboard, competitor tracking and so on.  

3. Store Maven

This tool is aimed at making app testing a hassle-free process in a quick and affordable way. Multiple pages are tested and a dedicated traffic is sent to acquire accurate results. Its key selling point is “The Maven” or “Artificial Intelligence” that assesses the results of AB testing. This is done to offer the most accurate result.

4. AppTweak

This App Store Optimization (ASO) tool is driven by data science that enables marketers to enhance their app store visibility, multiply rankings and drive organic downloads. This tool focuses strictly on data accuracy and transparency. In order to evaluate the app discoverability, this tool focuses on powerful keywords and search ads. ASO reports provided by the tool displays app’s ranking history. It also allows you to do a competitive analysis of competitors and other similar apps. Features insights and reviews for your app are also provided by this tool that help in analyzing the app performance.

5. Apptopia

As they say, data plays a key role in making informed decisions. Apptopia offers data-driven information along with actionable insights. The objective here is to make data available to the maximum people. This tool also allows tracking daily and monthly active users of the app and those of competitors. It is also possible to analyze engagement and understand the frequency as to how often users open an app. The “Basic” plan offers limited functionality and access to top charts and ranking history along with market overview. However, the premium plan is available $79 per month along with a 7 days trial.

6. Gummicube

Delivering a comprehensive range of ASO solution and ASO service, this tool focuses on increasing organic downloads. It also offers on page content optimization and analysis review to deliver excellent results. In order to offer actionable intelligence for maximum app visibility and downloads, the tool also features app store intelligence.

7. AppCodes

This is a great tool for developers used to optimize the app performance in the app store. The tool is greatly helpful for conducting app store SEO, tracking competitors and analyzing hand-picked keywords for better ranking. This tool highlights the competitor’s keywords to strengthen your position in the app store.

8. App Radar

It is an SEO tool that allows the developers of an app to optimize their application for an increased visibility within the app store. It comes with an easy-to-use dashboard that helps in tracking and analyzing your ASO efforts.

9. Priori Data

This app optimization tool allows you to research and track your competition all under a single roof. With this, developers can craft individual or team viewable watchlists. They can also track revenue, download and retention performance on a regular basis. Priori Data lets you set smart alerts and receive daily and weekly reports to always keep remaining in the big picture.

10. ASOdesk

This tool offers you everything to work on app store optimization for developers, companies and ASO experts. It makes the process of ASO available in a couple of clicks. Its convenient UI makes it easier to spy on competitor’s search results.

11. Keyword Tool

This tool helps marketers and app creators find out what app store users are looking. This is done by generating keyword suggestions using the autocomplete feature. All you require is a simple search that can result into hundred of hidden keywords for you to optimize your app.

12. Appbot

This tool allows developers to get an idea about how customers feel about their mobile apps. Appbot offers app reviews and ratings across varied platforms that can be analyzed and monitored. To make customers understand the present issues, Appbot makes use of clustering techniques. By easily understanding the problems, developers can improve and acquire quick win.

13. AppKeywords.net

This tool helps you to do keyword research for your mobile app. It also makes it easier for users to look for the content. The usage of this tool makes it easier to find keywords that results into free organic installs for your mobile app.

14. AppFollow

This tool features a unique dashboard that displays data from multiple sources at a single place. It keeps an eye on changes that happen with the applications and reports about them via email.

15. Applyzer

Applyzer delivers reliable data and get app market insights by understanding the strategies that work both for you and your competitor. It also offers insights on daily and hourly ranking performance across all the global app stores.

16. App Annie

This platform integrates your app data with cutting-edge market data, in-depth data foundation along with an engaging data experience. This platform allows you to get immediate access to the latest data set, share right data with the right people at the right time. It also promotes the creation of wining strategies.

17. AdAhead

It is an apple search ad optimization platform that is completely managed by mobile app marketers. One can easily acquire keyword reports, keyword rank monitoring, bulk edit, multi-account dashboard. It also features live demo for the new visitors.

18. SplitMetrics

SplitMterics allows developers to optimize app store conversions by A/B testing app page elements. Right from icons, screenshots, subtitles to app previews everything can be A/B tested. This tool allows app publishers to get the most of app marketing efforts.

19. Raise Metrics

Understand how your audience interacts with your app page by Raise Metrics. This tool plays an important role in maximizing conversions by delivering actionable data.

20. TestNest

This tool allows you to make optimized data-driven decisions. A/B test your app listing pages and get quality users with this self serve app store and Google play AB testing platform.

21. Apptentive

Drive app downloads and craft seamless client experiences by understanding them with the use of Apptentive. This tool allows you to make data-driven decisions based on client’s feedback. It gives developers the opportunity to intelligently engage user segments and mobilize clients to take an action via analytics, surveys, notes, etc.

22. TheTool

This tools enables app developers and marketers to optimize the app store optimization strategy. It also helps in conducting keyword research and understanding the impact of marketing actions on revenue and conversions. It ultimately expands the organic installs of mobile apps and games.

23. Searchma

It is a leading app analytics tool that encompasses solutions for building the app economy. The tool solely focuses on acquiring data. It helps make smarter decisions and expand along. It also provides quick data-driven keyword suggestions to target users on mobile ad platforms.

24. SearchAds HQ

This tool helps app publishers operate ROI-driven apple search ad campaigns. By collaborating with app attribution partners, the tool allows optimizing campaigns not only for installs but also for in-app events including purchases, subscribers and conversions.

25. SearchAds by Mobile Action

The tool was launched specifically for Apple search ads. It offers an innovative way to cover the drawbacks of Apple Search Ads by offering competitor data.


So, this is a quick list to some of the top app store optimization tools. These tools play a crucial role in mobile growth strategy. Browse through our list to improve the visibility of your app within app store.

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