Top 10 Best SEO Group Buy Service For Premium SEO Tools (Just $1/-*)

If you are an SEO guy, then you must know what the importance of tools for your work is. Without tools, SEO is just like a body without a soul. 

Why we are saying this? It is because you won’t be able to start working on your platform smoothly. 

Also, you can’t track your website’s progress to keep it on the right path for prominent success in the field. 

We are not talking about one or two tools but we are discussing a complete set of tools. It might be difficult for a person to purchase all the tools while he is just starting a business. 

He might have an insufficient budget to buy all of them separately. Many SEO experts have reported such kinds of issues while they are working. 

For such investors and experts, we are here with the best solution. 

Group Buy SEO tools

No doubt, it is costly for a single person to purchase all the premium tools from their official platform. But the cost will be reduced if you are buying a set of tools collectively as a single package. 

Group buy SEO tools is a specific service with which you can buy a complete set of tools at affordable prices. In this service, you will get different packages that include multiple tools. 

You only have to buy any of them according to your requirements. With a single purchase, you will get many tools that you can use at different points of your work. 

Also, these tools allow various users (only a few platforms allow this) to access and use them for their specific tasks.

Many people think that they will only get SEO tools in a package. If you have a team of writers, developers and designers too, you can pick a package with all these tools facilities. 

Group buy services will enable you to get tools for almost every online field. 

Why should you use group buy service?

There are many benefits of a group buy SEO tool services that encourage SEO experts to purchase them. We will shortly explain all those important advantages that you will get with its purchase. 

First of all, the purchase will be cost-effective enough for accessible by every single person. You don’t need to keep a prominent amount of money in your pocket to buy SEO tools. 

For example, the premium package of a simple SEO tool has a price range of $30-$40. If you do calculations for all the essential tools only, you have to reserve a huge budget. 

When you are purchasing a complete set of tools, the price will automatically get lower than even the original price of only a few tools. 

Secondly, it might be possible that you will find many service providers around your hometown. If you are lucky enough to find such platforms, you don’t have to think about currency exchange. 

Therefore, you can deal with a person in your currency and pay him directly. In addition, any kind of interruption regarding your tools working can be reported to them quickly. 

Thirdly, you will be able to access and use all the tools under a single dashboard. You do not need to browse every tool by browsing separate dashboards. 

It will be easy for everyone to use the tools just with few clicks on the same screen of the laptop. 

Due to these reasons, you should buy a shared tools service from any authentic platform. 

Best SEO Group Buy Service Providers

A huge list of tools selling platforms is available over the internet. We are here with the 10 best SEO group buy service providers to keep you away from confusion. 

By choosing any of them, you will be able to avoid any kind of unexpected issues like loss of money. Let’s explore the list to find the best of all from the given list. 

1. SEOToolAdda

We have “SEOtooladda on the top of our list because of various facilities. You will find this platform perfect for your personal as well as company use. 

By dealing with this platform, you can access more than 40 tools to work with almost every task of your work. You will find tools related to SEO, writing, designing, and many other fields. 

If we say that this platform has a magical tools package for your assistance, then it might not be wrong. From start to end, every single step can be dealt with tools available in its package. 

In addition to famous SEO tools like Ahrefs and Moz, you will find all other tools including Junglescout and indexification. 

The basic package price on this platform is only $11 per month. In this package, you will only get 10 tools according to your requirements. 

But in the other package, you can access all the 40+ tools at the price of only $16 per month.  

We recommend you pick the second package as the basic package has some limitations. For example, you won’t get Ahrefs in this package that is most important for SEO. 

The process to get access to this platform and purchase its tools is very easy. You can complete it by following the simple steps given on the official platform. 

This platform has only one drawback that is limited access. You will get a package to be used by only one person. 

If you will share your account credentials with anyone, your account might get banned. It is the biggest problem that is reported by many SEO experts. 


Tools toon is another efficient platform from where you can access the tools with a single click. This platform has 30+ tools to offer to its subscribers. 

To buy its subscription, you only have to pick any of the given packages from their official platform. It all depends on your work requirements that which package will be perfect for you. 

Once you have selected a package and processed the payment according to their given method, you will get instant access. 

You can use access these tools by using a Chrome Extension that you will find on the instructions page. 

The best feature that we found on this platform is the privacy of its customers. 

As we all know that grouped tools are shared with other users too, so, your data might be stolen by someone. They have changed the settings of some important tools. 

It is done to preserve the privacy rights of everyone and keep them comfortable while working with those tools. 

In addition to this, you can apply for a refund within 3 days of purchase if you don’t like their services. All in all, this platform will be the best for your personal as well as company use. 

Yes, you can buy it for your company because it allows 2 IPs on the same account. 


Proseotools is another fantastic platform to buy shared tools for your personal use. It has more than 20 tools to deal with various tasks in your field. 

It is providing safe browsing of tools with guaranteed 95% uptime. The best tool for every task is almost available in its Combo Package. 

The price of the package is very low as compared to other platforms providing the same services. If you don’t want to get a complete package, you can also pick a single tool for your use. 

After buying their subscription, you can use their tools on almost 2-3 devices carefully. So, it will be the best choice for you because of usage limitations and the price tag. 

By installing 2 Chrome extensions, you can start using any of these tools. If you have not installed any of them, you can’t use a single tool available in their package. 

 It is the only problem that many users find while using their services. 


If you want to get 100+ tools for your work for just $20, then you should use SEORDP. It is the best platform to purchase all SEO tools, Amazon tools, and other tools without interruption. 

Yes, you can buy Amazon group tools services by this platform too at the same price. Abide by price discussion, this platform has an active support team. 

No matter what the time is when you have a problem accessing your purchased tools, you can contact them. They will solve your problem instantly and give you access instantly. 

By SEORDP, it is prohibited to use any of these tools on more than one device. But you can use these tools on multiple devices by just logging out from the previous device. 

Overall, this is the perfect place to buy group or shared SEO tools. 


Frozenfry is offering the cheapest price services for a huge list of tools. The price range of all the packages available to buy varies from $9-$19. 

So, it will be easy for everyone to buy these tools and make his work effective. You can also buy a single tool from their platform at a discounted price than the original premium price. 

Just after choosing the package and paying for them, you will get access to your account. You can get access to all the tools whether using a chrome extension or direct account credentials. 

Therefore, it will be easy for everyone to access and use the tools without any issue. 

It is recommended to use these tools on a single device because if the system found multiple sign-in, then your account may be terminated. 


Supremseo is another platform from where you can buy shared SEO tools for your personal use. The best feature of this platform is that you don’t have to worry about the privacy of your work. 

Many times, it has been seen that the efforts of an SEO expert become useless. It happens when someone with whom he has shared the account will steal his researched work. 

While using tools from this platform, you will be insured 100% security of your data. No one will be able to access your data and view what you are doing. 

So, you can easily use any of the given SEO tools. The only drawback of this platform is that you can’t see a list of tools that you will get without registration with them.


Flikover is serving the SEO community for many years by providing them easy access to almost every tool for their work. 

This platform has the largest tools list among all the listed platforms here in our list. 

The most amazing feature of this platform is that you can customize the list of tools in many of the packages. 

Therefore, you can pick the tools as per your work requirements without any limitations.

Along with this, you will get 24/7 support from the team in case you find any problem regarding access to tools. 

The biggest issue with tools by this platform is that your data will not be secured and safe from other users. All the peoples who are sharing an account with you can view your work history. 

Similarly, they can copy your research and use it for their personal use without any problem. 


On the 8th rank of our list, we have Seotoolsaccess Company from where you can buy shared tools at a very little price. 

It has three packages with different tools list to make their services accessible and useful for everyone. 

All the tools will offer you tools for SEO experts, writers, designers, and many other people. 

The company guarantees that you will get 100% uptime for every tool and can use them without interruption throughout the subscription period. 

In addition to this, they also offer a refund facility in which you can get a full money back in your account within 7 days. 

It is only implemented if your tools are not working and you are uncomfortable with services. If your account gets blocked due to a violation of rules, you won’t be able to get a refund. 


Tool-surf is a reliable platform to access SEO tools no matter whether you are looking for a single tool or a complete package. 

This platform is offering a list of tools that are essential for working in the online field. All the premium subscriptions will be activated in your selected package. 

Also, the platform will keep your data secure and will never allow someone to view it. In few tools, it will be seen by other users because those tools don’t provide privacy settings. 

Furthermore, you will get direct access to maximum tools without any extension. So, the method to access and use the tools will be simple for everyone. 


Last but not least, we have seogroupbuy platform that is offering the best tools on their list. The price of their packages is a little bit higher than the other platforms. 

But you will find all those tools in their list that are famous because of their accuracy. Being an SEO expert, you know the importance of all such tools. 

In addition to this, you will get a specific number of devices for your selected package. So, you can access your accounts from multiple devices. 

For any kind of query and solution to the problem, you will get an instant response from the support team. In short, it is the best platform to buy shared SEO tools for your work. 

What to look for before selecting a package?

This is the most important question while purchasing shared tools but many of us don’t consider it. You should keep in view some points while finalizing the tools package. 

  • Choose a list of tools as per your requirements
  • Pick the cheap price with quality outcomes
  • Always contact an authentic platform
  • Check usage limitation
  • Evaluate the privacy policy of the company

Final Verdict

We have researched the above list by investing an ample of time. You can pick any of them fearlessly without overthinking about any factor. 

No doubt, you are going to get all the tools having worth more than $2000 in just $50-$100. But you should keep an eye on the above factors and requirements of your work.

FAQ :-

Who is the best provider of SEO Group buy tools?

Providers like SEO Tool Adda, Toolszap, Toolsurf are all very good.

What are the basic tools required for SEO?

Ahrefs, Semrush.

Are Group Buy Tools safe to use?

Yes, Group Buy SEO Tools are safe to use from legitimate providers. Many Tools offers 99% privacy and 24/7 chat support for their users.

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