Top 10 ASO Tools for Improving App Store Ranking

Whether it is a startup or big company, nothing could beat App Store Optimization when it comes to creating invincible promotional strategies. Suppose, you are an android or iPhone app developer and recently you have uploaded your app on Google Play or Apple Store. But contrary to your expectation your ap`p didn’t perform well, do you know why? It’s because there are more than 4 million apps on Google Play and Apple’s App Store, leading to cut-throat competition. It is a common issue faced by almost everyone, and this is the point when the need for online app store optimization tools comes into the picture. Even though using such tools is a critical task, yet it can be effectively done with the assistance of a professional mobile app development company. Believe it or not, ASO tools are a great way to induce traffic, attract users and boost downloads of your app. This blog descriptively brings out some of the outstanding ASO tools which could help you to establish a prominent place in this industry and secure your position at the top.

Best ASO Tools to Enrich Your App’s Image

Basically, App Store Optimization Tools play a vital part in increasing the number of users by creating a robust marketing optimization strategy for upcoming days. It is also helpful in tracking the ranks and keeps a keen eye on your competitor’s strategies. You can check out the below-mentioned lists of App Optimization Tools which could help you to increase the reach of your app, allowing you to create your own exclusive fan base.

Mobile Action:

Unique features, great user-interface and easy availability are few of the important factors that lead to the popularity of Mobile Action. To be specific, this is the only Tool which gives its users an estimation of ranking for a certain word. Along with that, it brings out a complete overview graph especially designed for iOS users. You can explore its other advantages such as estimation for keyword suggestions, number of downloads, data alerts and many other. Keyword Tracking, reports of ASO, the performance of competitors and localization are few of its extraordinary highlights. Before relying on its impressive features, if you do find yourself a bit confused, you could simply use its premium trial for a week.


It is usually popular for applications and gaming. To seek for relevant keywords that you could easily put in your app content and get a buzz, you could rely on Apptweak’s keyword research and suggestion features. Make sure you do utilize it well because that’s an impactful lead. Another astonishing feature that it allows is basically to spy on your competitor and find out the sort of keywords they are using. You can also find out the volume of various relevant and popular keywords. There are several features of Apptweak, which makes your selection of keywords impeccably easier, such as:

• Keyword Research and Suggestion Tools

• Keyword Translations

• Keyword impact Analysis

• Keyword Ranking History

• Keyword Search and volume popularity

App Radar:

With the help of relevant keywords, you could simply divert a lot of traffic towards your app, and App Radar helps you to do so. It helps you to find out the exact keyword and compare its rankings with other keywords to assure its popularity and relevance. It could help you to find exact keywords even for your mobile game apps. With the help of App Store Ranking tracking, App Analytics, keyword optimization and competitor Research, you could simply learn about the considerable tactics to induce more traffic, leading to an increase in rating and ranking.

Sensor Tower:

This isn’t just an ASO Tools, but it is basically an App Store Intelligence and Search Ads Intelligence Tool. With the help of Sensor Tower, you are just a click away to track your competitor’s position. It has amazing, quick, and secured searching abilities which could be helpful for you in future. Besides, keyword Suggestion is also a great feature which could help you to quickly analyze the rankings of the keyword so that you could choose the right one.

Split Metrics

Be it lowering the acquisition cost or diverting organic traffic to your app; nothing could overpower Split Metrics when it comes to beat the competitor. It helps you to understand the interaction level of your users with your app page. It helps you to track exactly the number of minutes the users watched your promo video and the time they lost interest and scrolled. This somewhere acts as feedback to understand and read the user’s mind. It is probably the best way to understand the customer’s pattern of marketing. As a result of that, you can find changes that need to be made. It gives you the opportunity to test every major and minor element of your pages such as app description, screenshots and even the content of the app.


Used by extremely popular companies like Abbyy, Mamba, Plakot, Verv, ASOdesk has already established a strong position in the industry of App Store Optimization. It has focused on a different perspective as it lets you find out the queries that users usually search. With the help of ASOdesk, you could simply track and identify the low competition that means who are not your tough competition. Along with that, ASOdesk’s Traffic Algorithm, and ASOdesk could help you keep track of the result and image of your app in the app store. Reviews and monitoring, Keyword Explorer, ASO Comparative Report, Keyword Autosuggestions and Keyword Analytics could help you to make better and unique strategies to get a better and decent rank.


The client list of this Tool looks great as it includes some of the prestigious and renowned brands, including Ten Square Games, Pixonic or Privalia and many others. The Tool has a number of exclusive and impressive features such as ASO Score Grader, Insight on competitors, Top Charts, Worldwide Tracking, Keyword Research and many others. It gives you the discretion to dive deep and find out any relevant and important factors that are related to ASP. Hereby relevance we mean any sort of information no matter whether it is organic or non-organic. You can find out the rankings of the keyword, ratings of the app store chart, and even the reviews of all kinds as well as ratings. To increase the visibility of your app, you can get amazing keyword suggestions and track the traffic of every single word. By making staunch ASO Strategy, you could easily get an exclusive insight to find out their ASO Strategy.


In 2011, the ASO Tools created its own software popularly known as ‘DATACUBE APP Store Intelligence’. With this exclusive feature, understanding the needs of users gets easier. Enjoy some of the great features including localization, market research and strategy, easy conversion optimization and many others. Used by various reputed companies such as Home Advisor, CNBC, Stubhub, Nexon and many others, this Tool has established its own name in the industry. It allows you to make changes or improvements in every element of the ASO, including the title of the app, description of the app, logo of the app, screenshots, and even ratings and reviews. To boost your app ranking, you could also find the best and appropriate keywords. Apart from that, with the feature called focus groups and surveys, you could enjoy and gather important feedback from the users, which would help you to improve the condition of your app.


Since its inception in 2009, it has strived to provide authentic, trustworthy and dependable services to all its clients. With its great features such as rank tracking, keyword suggestion, and A/B testing, it has attracted a huge number of users towards it. This Tool also helps you to develop a keen understanding of your competitors with its exclusively important feature Competitors Tracking.


It helps you to improve your ASO strategies by providing you with great tips for easy customization. At the initial stage, you would use keywords as a starter pack, including automatic keyword suggestions. You do enjoy the liberty to add more keywords, manually or automatically. Along with that, it also allows you to monitor app ranking and enjoy the benefits of Keyword Analytics. Check out a few of the outstanding features of Checkaso which could help you to create a buzz in the app market by introducing better and efficient features such as:

Keyword Analytics, Competitor Tracking, ASO Index, Monitor App Ranking, Live Search Results and get amazing customized tips.

Along with that, SearchMan, App Marketing Copy Optimization, PreApps and Phiture are some of the common yet popular ASO Tools which could help your app to grow in a better way. There are different perceptions of developers about ASO Optimization. But, factually, many of the developers have also accepted that not investing proper time, effort and money in App Store Optimization is not a smart move. However, if you are interested in improving the visibility of your App Store, induce greater downloads and lower the cost of user acquisition, you are expected to use various online tools mentioned in this blog. 

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