Top 100 Websites Ranking for Classifieds in the USA

In an increasingly competitive digital marketing landscape, it is common for marketers to look back as well as ahead. Where innovation may offer a competitive edge, so too may the tried-and-tested methods of the past in new contexts. This is what classified ads serve today; they provide a classic form of advertising in new, digital wrappings. But getting started is no easy task. Classified ad websites are local by nature, and there’s an almost intimidating abundance of options available. With this in mind, let us outline the top 100 websites ranking for classifieds in the USA and then explore the top 10 among them.

What are classified websites?

First, to briefly demystify the term and explore its history, classified advertising is indeed nothing new. In The Advertising Age Encyclopedia of Advertising, authors John McDonough and Karen Egolf trace its roots to 1763.

Unlike its colloquial meaning, the term doesn’t refer to well-kept secrets; on the contrary. Wikipedia explains that “classified advertising is a form of advertising, particularly common in newspapers, online and other periodicals, which may be sold or distributed free of charge”. The name, they explain, is derived from the fact that “the advertisements are grouped into categories or classes such as “for sale—telephones”, “wanted—kitchen appliances”, and “services—plumbing”, hence the term”.

So, classified websites are simply websites that enable this practice online. Perhaps the most famous example of such websites worldwide would be Craigslist – as we’ll discuss later.

What is their benefit for marketing?

In modernizing this form of advertising, classified websites offer distinct benefits compared to their traditional print counterparts. Specifically, and mainly:

  • They tend to be longer and more affordable, as they don’t typically use per-line pricing models.
  • They’re searchable, a quality that increases their longevity.
  • Websites ranking for classifieds in the USA and elsewhere can also offer permanent backlinks, a substantive benefit for Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

This final point will factor into any such lists of websites to consider, as we’ll discuss right below.

What dictates their value?

To produce any such lists, one primarily needs to consider basic website metrics; potential ad costs, monthly traffic, engagement rates, and so on. However, that would only cover the potential effectiveness of ads themselves – not the overall marketing value of such websites. In other words, it wouldn’t suffice to gauge the top 100 websites ranking for classifieds in the USA.

To explain, we may first briefly glance through Google’s 200+ ranking factors. High among them, you will find Domain Authority (DA) and Page Authority (PA). While not “official” metrics themselves, these qualities denote a website’s authoritativeness, which Google values very highly.

How this relates to our list is simple; such websites often offer permanent backlinks, be they Follow or NoFollow. For reference and clarity, a Follow link looks like this:

<a href=””>example anchor text</a>

In contrast, a NoFollow link looks like this:

<a href=”” rel=”nofollow”>example anchor text</a>

Both produce traffic, of course, but Follow backlinks also increase your own DA and PA scores based on the linking site’s scores. This phenomenon is often dubbed a “link juice transfer” in SEO circles. Despite the name, it is extremely useful.

Finally, these are not the only indicators of value either. Instead, you will find such metrics as

  • DA and PA
  • Alexa rank
  • Moz rank

Combine those with a website’s performance metrics, and you get its final value for marketers.

Top 100 websites ranking for classifieds in USA

With that context in mind and only highlighting DA and PA to not fluff the list further, here is our top 100 list for classifieds in the US.

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Sr. No.USA Classified Ads Posting SitesDomain Authority (DA)

Of course, such metrics do organically change over time. Thus, you may best use this list as a starting reference point and consult your analytics tools to gauge the listed sites’ performance and value over time.

Top 10 websites ranking for classifieds in USA

Finally, it is crucial to keep in mind that those top 100 websites ranking for classifieds in the USA aren’t universal. Depending on your niche, locality, budget, and other factors, you may wish to expand beyond the top 10.

Still, for text economy, here we may briefly explore the top 10 among them, explaining why they ranked higher than ones with better DA and/or PA scores.


First, FreeAdsTime is truly free – as its domain name suggests. It has been around for over 10 years now and has slowly come to match the likes of craigslist and other household names as an appealing option. Likely in part because of its inclusion of new features and functionalities over time, it now attracts a considerable US audience. Lastly, its impressive DA and PA scores make it an excellent link-building destination.


Yakaz is equally noteworthy here, as it has also acquired a sizeable audience base over the years. In the context of our list, it boasts a major presence in the US specifically as well. That’s perhaps due to its function as a search engine for classified ads, which enhances its user-friendliness. As with all entries on this list, it also boasts high DA and PA scores for backlink purposes.


Another notable entry on our list of top 100 websites ranking for classifieds in the USA, Hoobly also functions as a search engine. It offers filters for areas and categories, connecting sellers and buyers with remarkable ease. It also lists how long sellers have been members, which helps foster trust with potential buyers. Finally, its audience size and DA/PA scores are far from modest.


Equally impressive among lesser-known classified ads websites, as regards the mainstream anyway, is WallClassifieds. This sleek website also offers many search options, from categories and locations to advanced search options and premium listings. Its intuitive design has allured many users in the US and worldwide, as its DA/PA scores can also attest to.


An entry that should need no introduction, Craigslist is rightfully a household name. It may now have much more competition than when it began, but it is largely the definitive classified ads website. With a huge amount of page views and unique monthly visitors, alongside an almost unmatched wealth of category, location, and other options and resources, Craigslist cannot be absent from your campaigns.


Returning to lesser-known websites, Olx, too, deserves a spot in our top 100 websites ranking for classifieds in the USA. Part of the expansive OLX Group, Olx offers a vast worldwide classifieds network that now operates in 45 countries. It also boasts a sizeable US audience based in New York itself and comes with impressive DA and PA scores to match.


Another website that needs no introduction, the eCommerce giant that is eBay, has been a household name for many years. B2B, B2C, and C2C services aside, eBay also offers free classified ads options for domestic and international audiences alike. With its high DA/PA scores and undeniable credibility, eBay is not a website to miss.


At a glance, FinderMaster may remind you of WallClassifieds. Indeed, the two are similar visually, granting them the same functional benefits. FinderMaster lives up to its “easy to post, easy to find” tagline with equally expansive search options. It doesn’t confine you to the US if you wish to go international and boasts notable DA/PA scores.


A very US-centric website, Locanto deserves a spot in our list of top 100 websites ranking for classifieds in the USA. Indeed, its major focus is on local markets, a boon to many marketers leveraging classified ads. It offers a wide array of product and service categories and even a distance filter for easier matches. Finally, it’s also completely free, as its “free classifieds” tagline promises.


Finally, Oodle could not be missing from our list either. Beyond a classified ads website, Oodle offers a dedicated Oodle Marketplace within its marketplace network, which boasts millions of unique monthly users. Like all others in our top 10, it is also distinctly user-friendly and offers great DA/PA scores.

In closing

To conclude, this was our list of top 100 websites ranking for classifieds in the USA – and our subsequent top 10. All of the above offer excellent options for classified ads to expand your reach and increase brand awareness, as well as great DA and PA scores to boost your own via SEO.

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