10 Social Media Marketing Trends That You Should Know

Each and every marketer knows that we can expand our business by connecting it through social media. Social media is one of the best way to grow our business graph fastly. Because, when we connect our business by social media, we can target specific audience that we want. And money and time also get saved when we connect it by social sites.

But, with the change of time the social media is also changing. For an example, just look at 2017.

Facebook seduced Snapchat users to Instagram by adding story feature in it. As the more brand are getting connect with social media the competition also increases.And the people’s attention spans are decreasing.

So, Guys let’s talk about the 10 Social Media Marketing Trends

1.   Instagram Stories

Yes, you are thinking right that the snapchat was the first app that have a story feature so that peoples can share a short video on their Snapchat profile and that story will appear on it for 24 hours after completing this specific time that story will deleted.  But, after sometimes facebook also comes and take a decision to give this feature on Instagram also. So, as now many peoples are sharing stories on Instagram and with that some peoples open their business page on Instagram, and promoting their brand.

As we know that Instagram has a more audience then Snapchat so because of this Instagram surpassed snapchat view count with 20 million views a day. At the same rate the half of the Instagram users starts using this feature at the end of 2018.

This means that brands are trying to connect with their customer by Instagram.

The stories are very helpful and we can use filters , tags, text. And one of the best feature of Instagram stories is that, the stories are reachable. It means that if peoples are not following you. Then also they can see your stories

In addition when do post on Instagram then we can use hashtags so because of these hashtags the posts are easily reachable to the right audience and brands are getting to audience for engaging with their sevices.

Now the best and best feature is that if the user have a 10,000 or more than that followers can add links in their stories. But no one can add links in post. But, if we have 10,000+ followers than we can add links, like Facebook page link, youtube video link etc. so that your Page audience can reach easily.

2. Social Media Influencers & Micro-Influencers

The fastest and the easiest way to grow your business more fastly is to hiring a celebrity for promoting your brands or product. But this fastest and easiest way of growing business is very costly because we have to pay much amount to celebrities.

The Micro-Influencers have a incredible amount of reach, usually they have the followers in the number of hundreds of thousands or millions. Brands are shifting towards the Influencers for promoting their specific product.  The reason is that they promote their specific product because they deliver 11 times the ROI compared to traditional digital marketing. And the much interesting point is that 49% of the peoples suggest that they depends on the influencers for their purchase decision.

This is not only the trend but many of the emerging industries using this plan only for growing their business. We can take, Rayan Toys Reviews for example. Rayan is a 6-years-old boy who have a YouTube channel where he plays with toys and deliver his opinion about these toys with the 10 million subscribers. He is estimated by Forbes that he have made $11 million this year through YouTube. He is leading the charge of social media influencers industry for 2018.

90% of the marketers believe that influencers market industry is successful.

3.More Live Streaming is Coming

As the Facebook has started it’s live video feature before some years. So, that now the brands are changing their way for promoting their products by Live Video.

In this year 2018 we will see that many brands are using this service for promoting their product. While they know that they will not get much popularity but they are just using the technology that we have.

4. Generation Z

This generation is grew up 100% online and their tech concept is unparalleled. So, according to the RetailDive, Generation Z is 4-5 times more influencer and believes on social media marketing agency in Singapore.

5. Online Hangouts Become the Norm

Hangouts is the harmony trend between the Generation Z and live streaming.  For example, you have a free app in which you can do a video chats with the multiple people at the same time. Last year this feature growth is very fast and is starting to turn heads.

Yes, I think you guessed it, right it is Facebook. Form too many years Facebook is trying to give this multiple Live video feature for their users also.

6. Twitter… is Still Here

And I don’t know why it is here?

For last year it is better to invest your time and money in Facebook and Instagram next year.

But Twitter is also struggling from last few years, and it will some big changes in this year 2018.

The Twitter is the very slowest social media marketing platform to grow your business in 2017. Despite the viral twit of President Trump. Many users starting leaving this platform  due to the unfair code of conduct enforcement b president.

So, now Twitter is switching things up and they now increased their character limit to 280 character and soon they will launch their subscription model for advertisers.

7. Augmented & Virtual Reality.

Augmented Reality is developed into a application and used in smartphones devices to blend digital components into the real world in such a that enaches other.

Augmented Reality is commimg soon into mainstram. It is used to display scores, text messages, email and many more things on the mobile devices.

Virtual reality is an artifical, computerof a real life environment or situation. Virtual reality immerses the user by making feel like that they are experience the reality, by their vision and hearing. Generally Virtual Reality is possible through a coding called VRML (Virtual Reality Modeling Language).

8. Stricter Conduct Policies.

As the same line as Twitter’s code conduct issue, many other solcial media platforms are rethinking how rhey govern their users.

After a series of many controversial issues during the last year 2016 presidential election, social media platform have seen more involved approach.

Facebook, recently turned over a tons of ads that seem to be connected to Russian hacking, and invested in new AI.

In the wake of several graphic live streaming, some results into death. So facebook also had to hire more staff for just monitoring.

As a marketer, you and we need to know anuines to ensure you don’t get penalized.

9. There are now almost 2.5 billion social media users.

As you can see that nowadays social media is growing very fast. Social Media is one of the best ways to reach audience directly. Because of it’s sheer size and the huge amount of data available.

According to the survey it is saw that the social media is being use by 2.46 billion user in the years 2017.

Here are the current user base of the six major social media platforms.

  • Facebook (2.07 billion monthly active users).
  • Instagram (800 million monthly active users).
  • Twitter (330 million monthly active users).
  • Snapchat (178 million daily active users).
  • LinkedIn (500 million members).
  • Pinterest (200 million monthly active users).

10. Social media is going mobile.

As you know nowaday smartphones is genrally seen in every persons hand.

We are becoming glued to our smartphones from recently.

Facebook have studied that the behavior of 100 people for survey that in that 100 people watching TV from them 94 people have their phone while watching the TV. And one of the top reason of looks away from Television is to see phone. More and More people arealso using social media on their smartphones. In fact, the majority of the smartphones users have a social media account and using the application via their smartphones.

Key Takeaways

So, these are the top Social Media Marketing trends of the year. This will complete at the end of this year. So, start focusing on your product and work on these social media platforms for engaging your audience.

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