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The moment you hear of videos or online streaming, the first name to pop in your mind is surely YouTube. It is the home to all sorts of videos, ranging worldwide and connecting people with the best solutions by the tap of fingers. It has been successfully catering to all our needs since its inception and is now one of the most used online platforms by individuals of all age groups.

If you are still wondering which YouTube personalities to follow and whose channels you should subscribe to for social media services, look no further. We have got it covered for you. For informative purposes, we always want to forward to someone who will provide consistently good quality content as well as deliver it in a simple and uncomplicated manner. There is something you must remember while following a YouTuber for educational purposes, popularity is not synonymous to good content and quality content is not quantified by the number of followers on the channel.

Let us take a look at some of the leading YouTube channels you can follow this year for the constructive and credible social media marketing solutions.

You cannot escape this name when searching for online marketing professionals and experts. Neil Patel started his YouTube channel in August, 2011 which now has over 630 videos with 775k subscribers. He is already recognized as a bestselling author by New York Times and a leading digital influencer by The Wall Street Journal. He co-founded Neil Patel Digital which provides services such as content marketing, social media marketing and programmatic advertising among others.

It quite a known tidbit about him that he is a self-taught guru on digital marketing and he showcases this masterfully through his YouTube channel. He also works as an advertising consultant for top-ranking companies such as Amazon, Viacom, NBC, HP, et cetera. If you are into marketing or need to know how to hire a social media marketing expert, you must watch his videos and subscribe to his channel.

For all Search Engine Optimization (SEO) related problems and information, Backlinko is the channel you must subscribe to. This channel is handled by Brian Dean, who a US-based entrepreneur and SEO knowledge hoarder. Backlinko made its grand entrance to the online video streaming platform on January 14, 2014. Brian has uploaded 38 videos till date and has over 385k subscribers who learn tricks on how to create more traffic on their site through him.

Brian uses extremely relatable real-life examples to make us understand the most actionable SEO practices. He shares case studies that will help you in growing your own business. Subscribe to his YouTube channel to learn link building, holding higher rankings, useful content marketing strategies and so on.

This channel provides with the most actionable SEO tips and tutorials. Ahrefs was joined YouTube on August 9, 2015 and now have nearly 179k subscribers on their channel. They have shared 184 videos till date and each video will help you immensely in how to rank higher on Google search. Ahrefs TV also specializes in explaining the mechanics behind increasing the organic search traffic. If you are a beginner using SEO, you will find loads of help in this channel as they bust myths, teach how to increase domain rating, link building and promotional strategies.

Ahrefs TV will also guide you on how keep a close eye on your competitors and find out what kind of keywords they are using. This YouTube channel will point out all the likely mistakes you have been doing and how to rectify them easily. If you want to know all about SEO from the beginner’s level, this is your channel to subscribe to.

Do you think twice before tapping on Google whenever you need to use a web browser? Neither do we! It is, undoubtedly, one of the most popular and widely used web browsers in the world. The Google Webmasters made their entrance into the online video streaming platform on January 10, 2009. They have uploaded 1,4806 videos till now and have approximately 395k subscribers too. The developers of Google have some of the best tricks up their sleeve and you must head over to their channel to increase your knowledge.

They will give you tips on how to use certain tools to improve websites on Google Search. Along with that, they also help you understand how to remove content from Google. They have videos in many regional languages like German and Japanese, among others. 

Starting your own online business or social media marketing agency? This YouTube channel is your one-stop destination for all queries. Joined on January 13, 2017, Jordan Steen has over 52.9k subscribers on his channel. Since he provides all the latest information and tricks of the trade, Jordan has uploaded 469 videos till date. Whether you want to use the social media services to become an influencer or run a full-fledged business, the Cereal Entrepreneur has got it all covered for you.

His live Q & A sessions along with the mentorship giveaways have been a great help to many of his subscribers. His how-to videos have a wide array, ranging from reaching $20,000 each month, presenting a marketing audit to landing your first agency client and building an agency website that will help you get conversions. He rightfully claims himself to be a ‘social media guru’ and you will know why as soon as you start following his videos.

They joined YouTube on September 28, 2006 and have successfully uploaded over 1,016 videos till now. The creators hosted and produced Dotto Tech in Canada TV for nearly 15 years and started this channel with the primary focus on increasing productivity. With 318k subscribers, they have been proudly creating various how-to videos that will help you in increasing your personal productivity by using computer and other smart devices.

Dottotech makes videos that give out first-hand honest reviews of the new software and other solutions in the market. If you want to use certain social media services, you can definitely learn something from Dottotech.

This YouTube channel has been successfully running since May 21, 2006 and Lisa tells you the best things to know about affiliate marketing. For all individuals interested in social media marketing, this is your one-stop solution on how to monetize your valuable time online. Lisa Irby has made 257 videos thus far and has 120k loyal subscribers on her channel. She also tells us about print on demand and digital marketing tricks.

This channel will help you out with various strategies on a variety of topics, like, how to sell more T-shirts onMerch by Amazon, improving RedBubble rankings and so on. If you are a newbie in the world of print on demand and social media services, you must subscribe to her channel on YouTube for the most useful information.

Jordan is a digital marketing personality based in the UK and he created his channel on YouTube on March 9, 2013. His central area of focus is social media marketing and mentoring all aspiring entrepreneurs around the globe. With 125k subscribers and over 156 videos on his channel, Jordan has been keeping his audience engaged with extremely applicable and efficient tips.

If you are looking for a social media expert for hire, you do not have to look any further because subscribing to Jordan’s channel will render all your doubts nullified. Whether it is about learning how to create Facebook Ads or how start your own social media marketing agency (SMMA). His videos are entertaining because he uses live action to make us understand faster. Be it client outreach through Instagram DMs or Snapchat advertisement, he has got it covered for you.

If you are a small business owner figuring out your marketing strategies, you must visit this channel on YouTube. Marketing 360 is operated by a digital marketing professional and there have been 390 videos made since their inception on December 23, 2014. This channel has almost 70.6k subscribers who gain a lot of information about improving their digital and social media marketing tactics regularly.

In addition to a number of how-to videos that explain scheduling social media posts, YouTube videos ideas, getting more referrals and creating raving fans, Marketing 360 also provides new businesses with tons of tips. Email marketing tips, sales tips, social media marketing tips and so much more! You will surely learn a lot about customer relationship management (CRM) if you follow this channel regularly.

For the most beneficial and effective digital and social media marketing strategies, subscribe to the channel of Adam Erhart. If you want to know how to grow your business on the online platform, Adam has the answers for you. Being a marketing strategist, content creator and an entrepreneur himself, Adam has been successfully running quite a few online companies. He started his YouTube channel on August 28, 2015 and has 53.1k subscribers who have learnt greatly from his 323 videos till date.

 He will teach you how to be a successful entrepreneur and social media marketing personality in the most effective manner. He gives out tips on how to advertise your business, the skills you must master in social media services, profitable business ideas and how to create a full-proof social media marketing plan.

These are only some of the best YouTube channels to follow for all your digital marketing needs. By following these YouTubers, you will surely learn a lot about eCommerce, entrepreneurship, handling an online business and also become a personal branding expert in no time.

While there are a ton of other great channels that you can subscribe to for updates on social media services but we could only bring you the top 10 options.There is only so much a list can possibly cover, explore new possibilities in the social media marketing world and you could be on one such list someday.

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