Top 10 Social Media Exchange Sites to Get Unlimited Likes & Traffic

We remain in the continuous struggle to rank the content organically. We devise strategies invest hundred of bucks to have the website on top of the search engines. Social exchange websites are imperative in giving a website quality links, although with the advanced algorithm and strict policies of these social exchange sites, getting social signals have become more complicated than ever before.

The best aspect of these social exchange is that you won’t be spending any of your hard earned money.

Each social signal will not equally impact the ranking and experts say that we should rely more on the Pinterest and G1+ – best sites for the Search engine optimization!

Possible Ways To get social signals

You may have realized how important these social exchanges sites are for the organic ranking like they will be getting the referral traffic and more backlinks. I know you want to get it started right away.

Few methods to get these social signals.  

  • Social media paid promotion where you run paid promotions to reach the target audience like twitter and twitter sponsored posts. Sometimes you may have to invest on social platforms like Instagram where we buy Instagram followers to get the desired results. While all these are paid and require a lot of money.
  • The other method is through free social exchange sites which is certainly cheaper and more reliable. The best part of this method is you will be getting the social signals similar to the paid promotion but without spending any of your hard earned money in it.

We have dedicated the article in providing the complete coverage about the second method i.e. the top free social exchange sites that keep you ahead from the competitors.

Top 10 Free and safe Social exchange sites

You are just close to knowing those top social exchange sites that are free to join and help you in producing lasting impressions. Just simply go to the site, and complete the registration process to get it started.

1. Addmefast

Addmefast is a platform that allows you to grow the social presence. You will be allowed to choose the audience that can like subscribe or follow you. The site allows you to have free Facebook likes, shares, and followers and also free twitter follower, retweets, and likes and same for the Instagram and other big social sites.

2. SocialAdr

Another website to increase SEO reputation steadily yet excellently- it enables you to build a strong SEO game and quality backlinks. The results will be more satisfying than the other competing websites and therefore it is recommended by the majority of the SEO experts.

3. Followlike

Followlike is an excellent social site that enables you to promote your website, video, music, and business with backlinks – the best part is you can get it free without spending a single penny on it. By simply registering, you can get facebook twitter LinkedIn and other social networks likes and followers that will boost the SEO and SMO ranking.

4. YouLikeHits

This is one of the best and simplest website to get free social signals. The process is very straightforward, all you need is to register yourself into YouLikeHit and start following the other people and getting the free likes and shares on social accounts like Pinterest, facebook, google+, StumbleUpon and more.

5. Traffup

Traffup is a reliable and straightforward social exchange site to smoothly generate the traffic to your blogs or increase social media signals. You can start witnessing the improvement right after some hours of registering yourself!

6. LinkCollider

LinkCollider is another remarkable SEO tool to rank your business website or blog. The process is simple all you need is to start pairing up with the business owners who also want to increase the traffic, support each other and get the SMO optimized.

7. Like4Like

One of the most extensive and trustworthy social exchange network that can make your followers from zero to thousands within some days or week. It has often been admired by every marketer for free likes, shares, and comments for Facebook and Instagram and other social networking sites.

8. LikeASAP

LikeASAP is new to this game yet getting progressive fame among digital enthusiasts due to the best results on the shortest time possible. The website is free to boost the ranking and get the desired results from various social networks. Moreover, you can also earn money.

9. Follow4Follow

Follow4follow is another website that even enables you to choose who to pick for follow, comment or view the profile. The website is easy and can easily give you the desired result regarding a strong social media presence and better SEO ranking.

10. LikesPlanet

LikesPlanet genuinely and effectively advertise the social media pages. You can easily get Facebook likes, share, and comments and same for the other social networking sites including StumbleUpon, Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram and more.

Social media is unstoppable and growing faster than ever before. To build a strong foundation of SEO, the utilization of backlinks is inevitable. The social exchange sites offer marketers an economical yet effective way to get the social links without burning a hole in the pocket. To foster the business, register yourself on the above mentioned top social exchange sites.  

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