Top 20 Social Media Marketing Gurus That You Must Follow

Are you looking out to learn more about social media marketing? What better way to learn it from social media marketing gurus themselves. There are respected social media marketing experts out there, sharing their wisdom and experiences with the public.

In this huge world of social media influencers, finding the right expert is a tough job.

Following is a highly collected list of 20 social media marketing gurus worth your time.

Why is it essential to follow Social Media Marketers?

For any brand or online business, social media marketing is an integral part of their marketing goals. To keep your social media marketing layouts fresh and very high quality, you must surely check out these social media marketing experts and follow them. Their understanding of the subject can play an essential part in your social media marketing plans.

If you are someone with a small business trying to grow your startup to a successful one, advice is beneficial. Following up on social media marketing gurus is the fastest and yet the most effective way to get the information you need. Still, it is not an easy job to know who to follow.

We all know there are many social media sites like Facebook that are fast and are never the same the other day. Even though you are a seasoned pro on social media or you are a newbie, it is always smart to keep an eye on what the experts are doing.

Top 20 Social Media Marketing Gurus

  1. Mari Smith 

If Facebook is the temple, then Mari is the priest. From the very beginning, Smith has been fantastic in this niche. She has been helping everyone, from beginners to seasoned digital marketers, with her cheerful smile. Smith is also Forbes Top Social Media Power Influencer, often called out by the name of “Queen of Facebook.” IBM also recognized her as the top seven women shaping the digital marketing world. She is a go-expert for Facebook because even Facebook asks for her help. Mari has also written the book “The New Relationship Marketing,” where Mari shows how to get your customers not just like you, but love you! She also wrote the book “Facebook Marketing: An Hour A Day.” Smith provides many free as well as paid training opportunities.

Why You Should Follow Her

Her social media feed and blog is a gold mine of advice related to social media marketing. It is excellent to follow Mari to learn about what is happening on Facebook. She shares many growth hacks and the best practices to follow on Facebook. She is one of the best social media marketing gurus to follow if you want to grow your business on Facebook

  1. Rand Fishkin

Rand runs Moz, an SEO software company. Rand has helped thousands of businesses get over their competition with Moz. Moz proves out to be the most popular company among social media marketers. Fishkin has helped many newbies learn the social media marketing game.

Fishkin is an expert in SEO and has helped many websites gain exposure on the web. He writes many blogs on different platforms.

Why You Should Follow Him

Following him up on his social media handles can help you gather the benefits of SEO. Even though he is an expert to watch out for SEO, he also talks a lot about shortcuts and misconceptions we have related to social media marketing. His social media can give you a pretty useful understanding of the use of social data. He regularly posts on his social media and is an avid editor. Rand had answered the questions even before them getting raised many times. He is one of the best social media marketing gurus to watch out for.

  1. Neil Patel

Neil Patel comes in as one of the most respected social media marketers. If you are making a list of top marketing influencers, he should be on that list. Patel co-founded Crazy Egg, Kissmetriics, and Hello Bar. Patel has helped the most respected firms, such as HP, Amazon, NBC, etc. in their digital marketing drives and helped them grow. He marked his start when he made his first website at the age of 16. After an argument with his marketing firm, he understood his true potential in marketing. Patel has helped so many influencers from newbie to even the pros in their drive for getting social media recognition.

Why You Should Follow Him

His social media and blogs are full of golden hacks on social media marketing, content marketing, and SEO. Following Neil can fetch you expert advice on dominating Google, mitigating your traffic via content creation and backlinking. Patel gives out helpful information even on the most complicated niches. He is one of the social media marketing gurus you should look out for.

  1. Madalyn Sklar

Sklar comes in with 23 years of digital marketing experience with more than 14 years of experience on Twitter. Huffington Post marks her as one of 50 women entrepreneurs to follow. Madalyn is #1 Social Media Power Influencer in Houston, Texas.

Why You Should Follow Her

If Twitter is your field of business, then Madalyn Sklar is the one to follow. Twitter can be a puzzle for most. However, Madalyn makes it an easy thing to do with her incredibly valuable and informative ways of doing things. HerPpodcast and blogs teach business owners how to use Twitter for business-related purposes. Make sure you follow her if you want terrific visibility on Twitter.

  1. Neal Schaffer

Neal is one of the best social media marketing gurus. He ranks in the Top 5 Social Sales Influencers list by Forbes and is also the founder of the Maximizesocialbusiness.

Why You Should Follow Him

His writings focus on expanding your business influence using social media. Neal is in this game for a long time with his career starting in 2010. He has an intense amount of knowledge when it comes to social selling and social media marketing goals. Neal shares his expertise on social media in many keynotes. He has effectively helped thousands grow up on social media and get the most out of the power of social media for businesses. If you want to dip into the world of social media, Neal is essential for you. He is one of the well-known social media marketing gurus to help grow your business.

  1. Michael Stelzner

Stelzner is the founder of Social Media Examiner. He started his company around 2009, yes, during the Great Recession! He quickly voiced the dislikes of people and eventually became what he is today.

Why You Should Follow Him

Michael aids businesses in getting to know how to put into use the best ways to make the most out of the power of social media. He helps in making strategies to get increased traffic, sales, and engagement. Micheal regularly posts lessons on Twitter and his website to help businesses. Among digital marketers, his opinions are respectable. You can never go wrong with his piece of information in the field. He is a must-follow for businesses looking to start to grow their brand online.

  1. Gary Vaynerchuk

Gary is a social media celeb, a marketing expert, an influencer, and what not. His writings have already bagged him 4 best-seller awards. Gary grew his family’s wine business from $4 million to a whopping $60 million using his knowledge of social media marketing. He owns a digital marketing business by the name of VaynerMedia. Gary has successfully helped many firms and startups such as Uber, Tumblr, and was also an investor in their early days.

Why You Should Follow Him

Gary regularly blogs, does Podcasts, host keynotes and is pretty active on social media. He is a truly respected expert when it comes to social media marketing. His posts include a wide range of useful topics like social media trends to finding the right investors for business and creating unique marketing plans. He has a fantastic ability to spot trends on social media. All this makes him a must-follow on our list of social media marketing gurus.

  1. Pam Moore

Guess who shares the Founder tag for Social Profit Factor and Marketing Nutz ? She is none other than Pam Moore, the woman behind some successful social media marketing firms. Pam is talented enough that she even sold her first social media marketing firm in less than two years. Pam is one of the most demanded speakers out there when it comes to social media marketing. She has spoken on social media marketing for many brands such as IBM, Adobe, Sony, etc.

Why You Should Follow Her

If you are in search of some excellent social media strategies to grow your business, she is the one who should look out for. Her podcast Social Zoom Factor is so famous that it gathers thousands of downloads every month. Moore often shares useful and informative snippets from Inc. Magazine and Forbes. Pam covers crucial topics like understanding social selling, starting a conversation around social media topics, and how to use a variety of social media platforms to your benefit. She ought to be one of the most important Social Media Marketing Gurus in your to-follow bucket list.

  1. Mike Alton

Mike Alton is the founder of Social Media Hat. It is a firm focused on providing business owners and bloggers with guides and articles based on social media marketing. He is also a brand evangelist for Agorapulse. 

Why You Should Follow Him

Mike regularly shares his piece of knowledge for businesses so they can become more and more socially capable. Mike’s knowledge of the topic has already helped many companies. Alton shares fantastic tips about social media marketing on his social media platforms. He is a must-follow to include in this list.

  1. Jay Baer

Jay is a best-selling writer and social media expert widely known for his book, Hug Your Haters. He has already worked with more than 700 companies as big as Nike, Caterpillar, etc. He has even helped in chalking out the social media marketing plans for The United Nations. Baer has spoken many times on different occasions about the power of social media marketing and shared his wisdom. He has also founded the firm Convince & Convert. This firm focuses on people getting B2B marketers. Customer service given by this firm is a breeze available 24/7. The firm can help you in making the most out of the power of social media marketing.

Why You Should Follow Him

Baer updates his followers with his projects and seminars on his website as well as twitter. He posts some of the best articles focusing on content marketing social media to knock out competition.

If B2B marketing over social media is your focus, Jay is the one for you.

  1. Casey Neistat 

If Youtube is your game, Casey Neistat is the name. He came into popularity by his vlog-style channel, sharing day to day experiences. This eventually made him famous on Youtube. Casey expanded the realm of marketing and now works with top brands on their advertising campaigns. He also teaches his 10 million subscribers about social media marketing.

Why Should You Follow Him

Neistat teaches the masses to use the Youtube platform for marketing effectively. He makes sure you know that consistency is the key with his constant uploads of content every day.

If you want to grow your business through youtube, Casey is the Social Media Marketing Guru to follow.

  1. Ian Cleary

Ian Cleary is the founder of RazorSocial and as the CEO of Outreach Plus. He is a professional Digital Marketer and a well-versed speaker. His blogs have won many awards. Ian has worked for so many respectable companies and is continuing to do so. With over 15 years of experience, Ian’s RazorSocial has helped many businesses improve their digital marketing strategies. He has done so by producing and creating content that is valuable to the customers.

Why You Should Follow Him

He surely is a blogger to keep your eyes on if you are looking for new and useful ways to market your audience.

  1. Jeff Bullas 

Jeff Bullas is one more influencer from the Top 50 Social Media Influencer listed by Forbes. He is one of the most active social media influencers on Twitter and founded the website He is a blogger, author, master planner, and speaker working with companies to help them plan their social media marketing goals. Bullas is constantly the #1 in many lists for social media marketing experts. His blogs reach more than 5 million visits per month. Jeff has tremendous knowledge of starting up from scratch and started his career from only 10$ in his pocket.

Why You Should Follow Him

Jeff can change the way you look at social media and use it. His writings focus on harnessing the power of social media for business campaigns. He is pretty honest about his experiences and is the one to follow on social media.

  1. Liz Strauss

Liz Strauss holds the crown of the most influential blogger on the Internet by EatonWeb. She is continuously on top of numerous Top social media influencers lists. Strauss is CEO and founder of GeniusShared. GeniusShared is an exclusive community of people committed to helping each other build business while maintaining their own.  

Why You Should Follow Her

Strauss merges her knowledge of publishing, business to teach others how to get the most from the power of social media. What makes her different is that she also discusses customer relationship issues. Her guidance can make your business gather loyal customer bases and gather more and more customers based on those relations. Liz is a must to follow for getting a loyal customer base. She also helps in learning everything about human relations over social media marketing.

  1. Ann Smarty 

Ann Smarty is the founder of startups like MyBlogU and ViralContentBee. She has over 10 years of marketing experience in social media marketing consultancy. Ann runs impressive courses such as Google advanced search and viral content buzz course. 

Why You Should Follow Her

Ann has excellent knowledge about how to make engaging content. If content is your weakness, Ann can be of great help. Her SEOchat community is a forum where you can share experiences and ideas. Smarty also posts different lessons and detailed posts on blogging and Internet marketing. If you want positively engaging content for your business and want to focus on SEO, then Ann is the one.

  1. Ekaterina Walter

Ekaterina Walter comes in as a Global Evangelist at Sprinklr. Sprinklr is a social media management platform from New York. Forbes has listed her numerous times in their list of Top Social Media Influencers. She is already one of the most socially influential people from around the globe. Walter was the reason behind Intel adopting social media for marketing.

Why You Should Follow Her

Ekaterina has numerous writings and blogs about how to grow on social media. Her tips on branding and how industry works are priceless and informative.

  1. Melonie Dodaro 

Melonie is CEO of Top Dog social media. This company focuses on B2B sales and helps teams find success through LinkedIn.

Why You Should Follow Her

If you want to increase your visibility on LinkedIn, then Melonie is the person. Her no-nonsense attitude and to the point writings make her one of the best out there. She has helped thousands to get their profiles visible to others with her free LinkedIn checklist. She has also written about personal branding many times.

If you want to improve your game at LinkedIn, Melonie is one of the best social media marketing gurus you should follow.

  1. Amy Jo Martin

Amy Jo Martin is the CEO of Digital Royalty. This company works as a social media and education company that helps businesses, celebs, content-writers. It helps them to get visibility by the masses and monetize their digital handles. She already has a massive list of clientele.  

Why You Should Follow Her

Amy generally blogs and speaks about the most recent trends on social media. She also has helped thousands to create the image and shape effective marketing strategies for many, making her one of the best social media marketing gurus.

  1. Ann Handley

Ann Handley made her name due to her company ClickZ. Shortly after that, she became the driving force at MarketingProfs, a marketing training company with thousands of subscribers. She is widely accepted as one of the greatest when it comes to digital marketing. Handley mainly focuses on the content and improving it. Ann is the founder of helping businesses grow in the social media marketing domain. Her blogs and articles are followed by many. She created the first digital marketing platform back in 2000.

Why You Should Follow Her

She is one of the must-follow Social Media Marketing Gurus, if you want to grow your business from content and zeal. Her tips can ensure more growth and traffic to your blog.

  1. Brian Clark 

Brian Clark is the CEO of Copyblogger Media. In 2014 Brian was quoted as one of the World’s Top 40 Social Marketing Talent and Top 10 Online Marketing Experts by Forbes. He has also launched an email newsletter called ‘Further.’ It provides science-backed tips for living your best life. Clark is a writer and social media influencer and has been in the social media game for a long time. He has made appearances many times on different lists marking top bloggers and influencers.

Why You Should Follow Him

If you are looking for advice on content and SEO, then Brian’s blog is one of the best places to get it.

I hope that you’ve discovered someone from this list who comes in under your field of work and inspires you and helps you in becoming a better social media marketer. Good luck, and let’s look forward to seeing your name coming in this list of top social media marketing gurus. 

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