Top 10 Best Sleep Blogs to Follow

Quality sleep impacts a lot of aspects of your health. If you have been tossing and turning around for minutes, or sometimes hours, having help from these blogs can help you get that shut-eye in an instant. Get advice from these sleep blogs that you should follow to help you have a restful night.

1. The Sleep Lady

The first spot is for the sleep guru, Kim West. She found The Sleep Lady and has more than 17 years of experience as an expert on child and baby sleep. She has customized sleep solutions for everyone in the family and has gained international attention with her step-by-step method through The Sleep Lady Shuffle.

She gives the best advice based on the age of the child with different courses for parents. She has also written numerous books that have gained her more clients to this day. Her blog has a way of connecting to her readers, as is it backed up by studies but still has a gentle approach for everyone with sleep problems and inquiries.

2. Dr. Steven Park

Dr. Steven Park is worth following with his passion for helping people live better by sleeping better. He sheds light on matters you didn’t know could affect the sleep quality you usually have. He is a nose, ear, and throat surgeon specializing in letting people have better airflow in their sleep. He anchors his foundation of sleep advice by breathing better.

His philosophy also includes treating patients as a whole to provide quality sleep. He also has one of the most trusted and popular apnea blogs that many patients and sleepers are grateful for.

3. Precious Little Sleep

Alexis Dubief has the gift of letting kids sleep better with over 15 years of experience in the same industry. Her blog is a big help to struggling moms and dads in keeping their babies sound asleep. She covers many sleep topics from short naps, bedtime sleep battles, cry it out techniques, sleep regression, and night weaning, among others.

She has a specific sleep guide for every month of your baby, sleep training, and other sleep medical problems. She also has a podcast and a book that can help parents in various ways.

4. The Sleep Doctor

Founded by Michael Breus, there is no reason to shy away from following The Sleep Doctor as he is a psychologist who is both a diplomate and a fellow of sleep medicine. He has garnered awards and has been cited in numerous sites to contribute to various sites and blogs. He has the right advice, tools, and the latest news for people dealing with multiple sleep disorders.

5. Sleep Junkies

If you are looking for a research-based blog, you are in for a treat with Sleep Junkies. This blog is devoted to compiling relevant articles in the pursuit of having a better sleep. They provide interviews, the latest news, and even gadgets that can aid hard sleepers in having a better night in.

If you are getting along with technology, they also have an updated podcast discussing trendy topics about sleep. They are also updated with the current sleep technology and research to give readers the right information to aid in a restful shut-eye.

6. Sleep Review Magazine

With over 200,000 readers on board, it is hard not to keep track of the latest news with the treatments and developments of various sleep disorders. They have an array of treatments that are well-designed for specific sleep disorders.

Aside from that, they also help readers with the sleep diagnostics and health parameters that assess them individually. As a magazine, they issue case reports, the latest journals, and innovative research findings to help readers have a better sleep.

7. The Baby Sleep Site

Bask in the vast array of information and resources from The Baby Sleep Site. This vault of advice is meant to be a helping hand for sleep-deprived parents. They are also passionate about keeping toddlers, and babies get the best sleep they can.

This blog is led by Nicole Johnson and her team of consultants with the same vision of making parents and babies have the best sleep help.

8. MindSpa

This blog is a specialized site for health and wellness in the name of science and research. They have articles and tips that have improved the lives of readers and customers. They also hold the promise of reducing insomnia and stress and enhancing attention and focus. Following the pioneers of brainwave entrainment and phototherapy will never be an incorrect decision.

9. Restonic

Sleep is a necessity. Besides the mental and psychological tips you can usually get from blogs, following Restonic can also help you assess if you are getting the proper sleep with your mattress.

From a reputable mattress producer, this blog has been providing the highest quality of sleep products and accessories. They have received multiple awards, and they share new and developing information relating to the latest discoveries in the bedding industry. Their blog dedicated to their consumers and loyal customers provides tips, common queries, and other sleep bits of useful advice.

10.  TheSleepMatters

Follow this sleep blog for useful information and comparison of mattresses that will help you achieve a great night sleep and achieve wellness.  Sleep enthusiasts created this blog to share what they know about mattresses suitable for every person’s needs.

They review the best mattresses and highlight the things that consumers need to know in buying a specific kind or brand of mattress. Check out The Sleep Matters and follow for useful information surrounding mattresses.

Many authors and bloggers have been around in this elite list for more than a year; that goes to show how much their clients have improved with their help and support. Whether you are a struggling mom or dad, a confused teen, an anxious college student, or just a tired person, these blogs will help you get the proper sleep. May the experiences and knowledge of these authors lend you a helping hand in getting the best sleep you’ll ever have.

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