Top 30 Dubai Fashion Bloggers You Need to Follow

Love those high Life Dubai Vibes? Addicted to social media bloggers? 

Guess what, the UAE has no storage of travel, foodie, lifestyle, fitness, and fashion bloggers on Instagram.  

So wondering which ones you should follow and why?

Then don’t worry. We’ll guide you with the best bloggers that you can follow. 

These bloggers will guide you about the best places, foods, apparel, and much more. 

So without much delay, let’s check out these influencers of Dubai, United Arab Emirates. 

List of Top 30 Dubai Bloggers You Need to Follow

Here are some of the best bloggers in Dubai that you can follow right away. 

1. Laila Panni 

Instagram followers: 20.1k 

SC: Layla_syed 


Laila is a UAE blogger. She is known for her style and fashion. In her posts on Instagram, you can see her unique stylish fashion sense.

2. Tosakul Anucha 

Instagram followers: 11.3k 

SC: Aida_amenda2020

Tosakul is a fashion, beauty, travel blogger. She is an Asian female living in the United Arab Emirates. To see her bold style you can follow her on Instagram. Her beauty is awe-inspiring. Plus the way he carries herself is fantastic. Trust me, you’ll be amazed when you’ll her profile.

3. Katerina_sl 

Instagram followers: 46.1k 

Dubai based influencer

Founder of @kate_collection

Katerina is a fashion, lifestyle, travel influencer. She’s also sport dedicated person. You can see her high life in her Instagram post. Her fitness will make you fall in love with her. 

4. Manalmuffin 

Instagram followers: 700k 

Email: [email protected]

She is a verified blogger of Dubai. She is known for her beauty and fashion. She was also a part of @filmfareme and has won the award of a beauty queen. You can follow her and watch her make-up video too. 

5. Diana Patierno 

Instagram followers: 10.3k 

She is an actor, model, presenter, performer, and Emirates cabin crew. She has been to many countries. Her acting career started at an early age. You can even check her out on

6. Juliaa_aks

Instagram followers: 10.4k 

Flight attendant 

Russian- Based in Dubai, UAE 

Julia has visited 38 countries in their life till yet. She even has 25k followers on Tiktok. You can be a part of her incredible journey by following her on Instagram.

7. Fatimaalhenyami 

Instagram followers: 83.5k 

She is Zayed’s daughter. She loves to play karate and is a black belt too. Plus, she is a blue belt in jiu-jitsu. She has also been to a number of countries in her life. Being the daughter of Zayed, she is still a down-to-earth person. All her posts on Instagram are motivating and eye-attracting. 

8. Noor Star

Instagram followers: 11.4 M

Email: [email protected]

Noor is a verified influencer on Instagram. She even runs her YouTube channel. You can watch it here daily on YouTube. So if you haven’t followed her, then you must.

9. Elena.on.air 

Instagram Followers: 34k 

Elena is a fashion, jewelry, skincare blogger based in Dubai, UAE. You can even watch her videos on IG. You can explore Dubai with her through her post and videos.

10. Monicasedki

Instagram followers: 1.2M

Email: [email protected]

Dr, Monica is a health and lifestyle blogger living in Dubai, UAE. If you want any health-related advice you can email her on official email. She’ll respond to you eventually. 

11. Saraamrani_offical 

Instagram followers: 426k

SC: sara_model23

Sara is a professional model. Her Instagram post is all about fashion and style. Her uniqueness is what makes her so popular. So follow her and restyle your fashion sense. 

12. Karina Kapris Dubai 

Instagram Followers: 539K 

Founder and creative director @capris.official

Karina is a fashion, travel, lifestyle, model, and actress. She even loves psychology. She also lives in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. You can also see her travel journey on Instagram. So if you want to seek inspiration then Karina is the one that you can follow.

13. Noelle Tannous

Instagram followers: 51.6k 

SC: Noelle.Tannous

Private account: @noelletannous


Noelle is a beauty, fashion, and travel influencer based in Dubai. She is from Montreal –Beirut. So, if you want to know more about her you can follow her on Instagram.

14. Sandra Sahi 

Instagram followers: 637K 

Email: [email protected] 

She is also a verified Instagram blogger. She is also an artist based in Dubai. You can even watch her videos on YouTube. And if you want any advice, you can connect with her via email.

15. Donia Lisa Zora 

Instagram followers: 22.6k 


Donia is a traveler and model. She also loves art, chess, ballet, and video games. You can also find out more about her on 

16.  Khatibracha

Instagram followers: 183k 

News anchor: @asharqnews

Rasha is also a verified influencer on Instagram. She is also a media consultant and an ex news anchor, reporter at Future TV. Her Twitter account is @khatibrasha. Her personality is dynamic and inspiring. All her posts are also super encouraging. 

17.  Hiba.Haidari 

Instagram followers: 617k 

Email: [email protected]

Hiba is a TV presenter and a journalist of MBC Syrian media. Plus she is also the main news anchor. Besides, she is also a verified blogger on Instagram. So if you’re a person who is interested in politics, history, the latest happenings, journalism then Hiba is the person that you should follow right away. 

18. Pritika Arjun Kumar

Instagram Followers: Private account 


Email: [email protected]

She is an author and an influencer. She is an active advisor on Quora with 1.4 M views on her profile. She also has 5k followers on LinkedIn. She even runs her own blog by the name of “Justblogo”. She has written and published many articles. Plus, she has helped many businesses in their growth. 

19.  Nooralhudaofficial

Instagram followers: 242k


Noor is a communication coach and public speaker. She is from Canada based in Dubai. Her Instagram post reflects her lifestyle and fashion sense. 

20. Kelsey Johnson

Instagram followers: 83.1k 

Ex Emirates Cabin Crew

Founder of lipstickandlagguage

Kelsey is a Canadian base in Dubai. She was Miss Charm.TV Canada in 2021. She has visited 6 continents and 73 countries in their life and wishes to travel more. You can also read her travel experiences on her blog www.

21. Larisasotea

Instagram followers: 42.6k 

Larisa is a travel, lifestyle, fashion influencer bases in Dubai. She is also an Emirates Cabin crew. She has visited 4 continents and 32 cities through her crew journey. You can also get all the exclusive happening of crew life with Larisa. 

22. Kristine Sanchez 

Instagram followers: 4672

Email: [email protected]

Kristine is a food, fashion, and travel blogger. She’s a senior relationship manager @yield4finance. You can also follow her on Facebook (tineesanchez). 

23. Afreen

Instagram Followers: 68.3k 

Email: [email protected]

Afreen is a writer and fashion influencer. You can also watch her videos on YouTube. For any paid collaborations you can DM or email her on the official email mentioned above.

24. Arbaaz Bachne

Instagram Followers: 4471 

SC: arbaaz_b3


Arbaaz is a globetrotter living in Dubai from Mumbai. He is a fashion, food, and fitness influencer. His dressing sense is truly jaw-dropping. Plus you can even visit his website if you want to know more about his lifestyle.

25. Kriti.jaisani.bohra

Instagram followers: 22.2k 

Email: [email protected]

Kriti is a blogger based in Dubai. She is the mother of Saanvi. She is a lifestyle blogger. You can follow her on Instagram for the latest insights. She is an active blogger and regularly posts on Instagram. You can also find her daughter’s pics on her profile too.

26. Shrutzchavan 

Instagram followers: 2439

Shruti is a hotelier by profession. She is a food, travel, lifestyle influencer based in Dubai from India. She loves momos. You can be a part of her life via Instagram posts. 

27. Hina (dentistlifeinablink)

Instagram followers: 27.1k 

Digital Creator

Hina is a dentist living in Dubai. She is a lifestyle, traveler, skincare, parenting influencer. She has also been featured in @eatmynews and @zorinstv. In case if you have any tooth emergency you can get in touch with her for more advice. 

28. Kimberly (itskimbh)

Instagram followers: 6188

Kim is a lifestyle, fashion, food, and travel influencer based in Dubai. She is also a digital marketer and content creator. She is even a model and dancer. Though her followers may seem a bit low, she is truly an emerging blogger. So miss out on following her. 

29. Aggie (shadesbyaggie)

Instagram followers: 4720 

Aggie is a fashion blogger from Canada living in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. She loves to drink Chai and create content for her followers. She is also on Tiktok. 

30. AZ (iloveazbeauty) 

Instagram followers: 47.4k 

Miss international Dubai 2020

Az is a model and ballet dancer in Dubai. She is also a fashion model. If you want any bookings and collaborations you can DM or email her. 


However, these are not just all. There are many more influencers living in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. We tried our best to gather the best ones for you. So if you want to know more about their lifestyle you can easily find them on Instagram. 

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