Top 20 Delhi Fashion Bloggers You Should Follow for Style Tips

Delhi is a dream place for fashion enthusiasts. And Delhi has some amazing market and thrift stores where you can buy dozens of flamboyant clothing without burning a hole in your pocket. And when it comes to styling them some of us feel shambolic about which clothing piece will go with which accessories or you have got tired of your wardrobe and need some serious styling tips, then ladies you have landed in the right place. Yes! We are here with the personally arranged list of fashion bloggers from Delhi you should follow for styling tips. Now, you must be wondering why we chose bloggers only from Delhi; because Delhi bloggers know how to curate a bomb outfit by mixing and matching the same clothing pieces. For instance, we love how Delhi bloggers style the basic pieces of clothes bought from the affordable markets like Sarojani Nagar and make it look like you have spent a lot on your outfits. And Delhi has such amazing talented fashion bloggers that too in huge numbers, some are budding while some are already established in this field. So, let’s just take a look over some extremely talented fashion bloggers from Delhi that would help you revamp your wardrobe without spending much.

Top 20 Delhi Fashion Bloggers you should follow for style tips:

  1. Kritika Khurana

Kristina Khurana aka thatbohogirl is one of the most popular fashion bloggers in India. Bohemian fashion and the fashion trend that is practical in nature interests Kritika and that is what she shares on her Youtube channel and on her Instagram handle. Her videos generally perform well and often come in the trending list of Youtube. From bohemian accessories to jutti, to the choice of clothes she makes is every bit of dapper.

2. Sakshi Sindhwani

This fashion blogger is a great body advocate and a model who creates awesome styling videos that are full of energy and good vibes. She has recently started a series on her Instagram handle in which she styles two different body types with the same kind of clothes. The best part you would find in her videos is her confidence that adds the cherry to the cake.

3. Sejal Kumar  

This SRCC graduate is equally good at making fashion videos. She has made a tough decision to pursue her YouTube career full time leaving behind the placement of one of the prestigious colleges in India. And we are quite grateful for the decision she made! She produces awesome fashion content which you find very comfortable yet very cute and chic.

4. Prerna Chhabra

Prerna Chhabra is one of my favorite fashion bloggers because the type of content she makes is very practical and relatable. She picks basic pieces and makes stunning outfits out of them. Her fashion videos ate all about styling a clothing piece in multiple ways hence you would be able to achieve a complete diva look even on a tight budget. Her honest reviews on clothing brands or an e-commerce website would let you know all-about of it and hence you can decide whether that brand is worth your money or not.

5. Komal Pandey 

This bold fashion blogger knows it all about styling a garment in every possible way. She is someone we can call “fashion-forward” and her styling tips are multi-utilitarian in nature and she is also the one who has the credit for making fashion makeshift videos on Instagram which she has named #fashiontherapy. And that series is a huge hit where she makes episodes of styling a particular piece of garment or accessory in an unusual way you cannot even imagine.

6. Shraddha Gurung 

Shraddha has started her journey by working as a beauty content creator for a digital community for women and later on she realized she doesn’t want to fit in a box so she started her own YouTube channel and blog where she shares awesome content that is all about fashion, beauty, and body positivity. The type of content she produces is so practical that every girl next door can style it in the same manner. 

7. Roshni Bhatia

Roshni Bhatia is one such bold and voguish fashion blogger that you want to follow right now. Her fashion styling game is always on point. She is a huge advocate of recycling, reusing, and repeating clothes in no. of ways. Her sense of fashion stands out as she mixes and matches unusual color patterns in the most amazing way possible.

8. Aditi Shrestha 

Inspired by some of the fashion bloggers, she mustered up the courage and started her own Youtube channel and started sharing her views, experiences, styling tips with the world. She is one of the most hard-working bloggers you would see on the digital platform. As her channel name suggests thatquirkymiss, her content is all bubbly, affordable, and quirky. Her hauls and honest reviews of each item is what is keeping her in the fashion race. She prefers Hinglish to chat in her videos to connect really well with her followers.

9. Sana Grover 

Sana Grover is still in college and able to manage a pretty good job at producing impressive fashion content on her YouTube channel as well as on her Instagram handle. She has recently started a series of minimalistic fashion videos on her handle and I think that’s a whole new level of relatability as they are very practical in nature yet so stylish. If you are someone looking for style on a budget then you have to follow her right now.

10. Komal Narang 

Like Instagram handle name my happiness, she spreads happiness through her bubbly and cheerful fashion blog. Komal Narang is one such blogger that is jam-packed with talent and gives off major fashion goals that you want to adapt asap.

11. Akansha Redhu 

Akansha Redhu started her blog in order to record whatever is passionate about and share it with the world. On her blog, you would find a huge variety of fashion, lifestyle, travel, beauty, etc. She believes in making genuine and quality content for her followers. She had even had her own clothing line. You can get your fashion dose from her that would be totally effective for your fashion health.

12. Megha Bahuguna

Megha Bahuguna started her YouTube channel by quitting her high paying technical job as she wanted to pursue her passion and that’s how the perkymegs was born. She is the go-to fashion blogger for every shy girl as she styles the dresses keeping the practicality factor in mind and most of her dresses are ethnic or indo-western in nature. 

13. Trishala Sikka 

If you scroll Trishala Sikka’s blog you would find colorful and roguish fashion items are nothing less than a dream. The co-founder of ‘Love and other bugs’ got hitched all the town went crazyy after her selection of outfits she wore at different occasions and I’m not surprised because they are high on fashion. Derive you fashion inspiration from her you won’t regret a bit.

14. Niki Mehra 

Whether it is styling your old lehenga or sweater best or even thigh-high boots, Niki Mehra’s blog has it all to help you out in your what-to-wear days. She has a number of varieties in terms of serving high fashion styling tips. She has very creatively used the basic garments in different reusable forms and that’s what we exactly want.

15. Surbhi Sethi 

Surbhi Sethi’s blog is filled with outfit ideas that have a comfortable yet fashionable essence in them. She even has her own online shop where you can shop and look Uber stylish in them. I had scrolled through her Instagram handle and what I had observed was some supremely oriented outfits and most of them were indo-western or ethnic. But every outfit looks so comfortable that you want to slip into them as soon as you see them.

16. Karishma Yadav 

Karishma Yadav is one of the most terrific talents in the fashion field. Being herself who pursued fashion that too from London School of fashion and working for a prestigious fashion magazine, Cosmopolitan, she knows fashion and its tips and tricks. Belonging from such a background, she makes sure she provides the best content provider point in terms of fashion. 

17. Nishtha Gandhi

“Your styling hacks pitstop” that’s what her blog says about her and I affirm that. She believes in fashion that is vibrant, random, and impulsive. Rather she advocates following what suits your body type not what is in the fashion or blindly following the trends. 

18. Ankita Rai Tiwari

If you are someone who is highly interested in western fashion then this is the fashion blogger that would help you look just like that. Ankita’s content is mostly all about fashion, beauty, lifestyle, and motherhood. 

19. Sonia Garg

This cute and bubbly fashion blogger is a big-time believer in an affordable fashion. And that’s what you would find on her blog, affordable hauls that are Uber chic and stylish. She mostly curates street-style outfits and for that sake, she is even featured in cosmopolitan, India’s blog. Take some cues from her and you are good to rock the fashion game.

20. Cherry Jain

 If you are familiar with the digital fashion world in India then must know her. I still remember binging on her and Komal Pandey’s pop xo videos. Besides she has her own blog and on her Instagram handle she shares her experiences and knowledge about fashion. Upgrade your styling game by following this diva right here who will give you absolutely wonderful tips and tricks to look chic and classy.

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