101+ Essential Travel Blog Post Title Ideas & Tips for Blogging Success

Today I’m sharing some travel blog post ideas for all my travel bloggers out there!

The first blogs I ever read were travel blogs and they remain one of my favorite blog “genres” to read. As someone who loves traveling and reading about travel, it wasn’t hard for me to come up with these ideas.

If you’re a travel blogger, I hope you’ll find these useful in creating content for your blog. Let me know in the comments if you plan to use any of these ideas on your blog – I’d love to check it out!

Blog Post Ideas for Travel Bloggers

Travel Planning

  1. How To Book The Cheapest Flights is a great idea for a blog post. Plus, it’s a great way to get readers engaged, share affiliate links, and learn a tip or two from your readers.
  2. How Far in Advance to Book Domestic/International Flights makes for a great blog post. In addition to sharing your booking knowledge, share a recent buy and for how much!
  3. Travel Resources Used To Plan Trips is always a goodie. We all have different methods of planning our trips. Some of us use Trip Advisor. Some rely on travel agents, bloggers, and loved ones. Whatever the case, share it with your readers.
  4. How to Plan a Trip with a Big Group can be difficult. So if you have done it, why not share you experience. Was it positive? What worked? What would you have changed? And most importantly, would you do it again?
  5. How to Prepare for a (x amount of time) Abroad…Whether you’re studying abroad, taking an extending holiday (good for you!) or buying a one-way ticket, share your planning experience with your readers. It may help inspire them to follow suit. Or just inspire some major wanderlust and envy, but in a good way!

Packing, Fashion & Beauty

  1. How to Fit Everything in a Carry On is something that I always do because I fear having my luggage lost. So why not share how much you pack and how you fit it all in your carry on?
  2. How to Pack for a Fall/Winter/Spring/Summer Destination…Four blog posts with the same concept. Include downloadable packing lists, tips, or making some $$$ if you’re apart of affiliate links such as Amazon or Shopstyle!
  3. Beauty Must-Haves for Traveling are perfect for your readers who are girlie girls. Low maintenance? This post can still apply. Share your skincare routine, fave sunscreen, dry shampoo…whatever applies to you!
  4. How to Arrive Not Looking Jetlagged…will always remain a mystery to me. But if you’ve got the secret potion (or some simple hints), hook your readers up with your beauty knowledge.
  5. What to Always Pack and Why…Do you always bring pants even though your heading to the tropics? An umbrella to the driest place on Earth? Whatever it is, I’m sure there is good reason. Write up a list post of 10 things and why!
  6. What to Pack to Fit in Abroad makes for a great post, especially if you’re going somewhere religious, conservative, or not as progressive as the Western world. Share what to pack, whether it be long pants/top or a scarf for coverage.
  7. Mix & Match 20 Pieces of Clothing or if you’re really good, try 10 articles of clothing. These are always fun because it gives ideas for cute, fashionable outfits without packing the whole closet. Bonus? Link back to your post of “How to Fit Everything Into a Carry On!”

Medical & Health

  1. Vaccinations. Write a post on your experience, whether they are needed, how much they are, where to find out info, etc. Vaccinations are no joke in some parts of the world, and if you have that first hand experience, share it!
  2. What OTC Medications to Bring Abroad Do you bring Tylenol every time you go over seas? Pack extra tampons because you can’t stand the thought of anything other than Tampax? Whatever it is, share with your readers. I’m sure we all have things we don’t leave home without!
  3. Should I Get Medical Insurance and which one? Whether you deem it necessary or not, share your stance. Have you needed to use your Medical Insurance and have a positive/negative experience? Share it as well.
  4. How to Stay Healthy on the Road makes for a great discussion on your blog. Wash your hands before every meal or take vitamins? Whatever it is, write about it.
  5. How to Stay Fit on the Road can be shared across several platforms (ie. fitness, health, travel) and is important since fitness should never be ignored. Do you do a quick circuit in your hotel room? Yoga? Check out the city by running through it or drop in for a local yoga class?
  6. What to Eat to Stay Healthy while on the road can be very difficult. Share some easy tips on how to make breakfast/lunch/dinner/snacks healthier while traveling.
  7. What Happens if You Get Sick Abroad. Knock on wood I’ve never been extremely ill abroad, but it happens! If it’s happen to you, share it with your readers. Without the comforts of home (and mom) close by, it can be an extremely time. Knowing a little beforehand may help travelers prepare.


  1. Share Your Five Star Experience…Whether it was a fabulous $1000/night resort, all-inclusive or you received an insane upgrade, share it. Give that hotel/resort some much needed recognition for making you feel like a rock star.
  2. Hostel vs. Hotel Debate…discuss which one you prefer and why.
  3. Got Paid to Write a Hotel Review and is it worth it?
  4. Hotel Hacks are always fun to share. Do they have late checkout? Free toiletries such as razors, slippers and extra robes…
  5. Tips on How to Make the Most Out of Your Hotel Experience are some of my favorite posts. Did you know that some hotels have private lounges that host free cocktail hours? Does your hotel offer your favorite newspaper to be delivered to your room every morning? What about turndown service with little chocolates?

Money & Finances

  1. How to Understand Currency makes for a great post for the novice traveler. Share finance apps, tips, stories, whatever to help new travelers understand their budget and foreign currency.
  2. How to Afford a Five Star Vacation for Nothing make for a fun read. Recently travel to Thailand and stay at luxury resort with a private plunge pool for under $100/night?
  3. Best Budget Destinations is an overplayed post but there is a reason why this oldie is a goodie. We all enjoy the idea of having our money work for us, especially when we travel. So why not compile a list of your favorite budget destinations and why. Destination ideas: Thailand, Mexico, China, Morocco, Portugal…
  4. Creative Ways to Save for Travel…sure, savings, using credit card points and frequent flier miles are great ways to save on travel. But are they creative?
  5. How to Save Money While Abroad…Once you’ve planned the trip and flew all that ways, how do you save while you’re abroad? Stay at an AirB&B and cook at home? Walk everywhere?

Incredible Experiences

  1. Volunteering Abroad…Share your experience, what you did, where you went and if/why you’d do it again.
  2. Why Everyone Should Study Abroad and why makes for a very interesting, yet relatable, blog post. BONUS: share how to afford it and how to budget while abroad. All those cervezas can add up!
  3. Share why you’ve Traveled Solo. It’s not for everyone, so share your experience, how you made friends, what you did, and if you will do it again…
  4. Bought the One-Way Ticket and Became an Expat? Go ahead and make us green with envy by sharing your experience. BONUS: share how you did it, got your visa, budget tips, and made it feel like home.
  5. Hitched Hiked and Couchsurfed…While I am not brave enough for it, I love hearing about traveler’s experiences with both hitch hiking around the globe and sleeping on friendly strangers couches. If you’ve been there done that, share your experience.

Travel Inspiration

  1. Who Inspired You to Travel? Was it a family member? A blogger? A movie? Plain boredom? Whatever it may be, it’s a deeply personal story that will help your readers connect with you on a deeper level.
  2. Favorite Travel Books to Inspire Travel…Did you feel inspired after Eat, Pray, Love? Ya, I think we all did.
  3. Favorite Travel Quotes to spark some wanderlust.
  4. Share Why You Started Traveling…was it to leave your small hometown? Was college not for you? Did you seek self discovery through travel?
  5. Ultimate Bucket List…we can all dream, right?

Social & Love

  1. Share How You Fell in Love Abroad because we all love a good love story…
  2. How to Make Friends Anywhere is great for those traveling solo and a little shy.
  3. Why Every Couple Should Travel Before Marriage is a fun post for all our married & coupled up bloggers. Share how it brought you together, saw each other in a different light, lifelong experiences…
  4. Trips To Take With a Big Group of Friends…Vegas? Yacht Week? Renting a Cabin in Aspen? Sure it’s a list post, but whatever, it’s fun! And go the extra step by actually doing some of them…
  5. Write a Honeymoon Post…share where you went, how long, and how you planned for it while planning for a wedding. Leave out all the TMI and personal details though…

Pets, Kids & Family

  1. How to Travel with Pets…makes for a great post, especially since our furry friends are our family. Why not bring them along?
  2. Share the Pro’s & Con’s of Traveling with Pets... share the ups and downs of traveling with your pet.
  3. How to Travel with Your In-Laws… and not hate your life. I’m lucky I have fun in-laws, but for those of us who aren’t so lucky, share your tips on how to keep your sanity.
  4. How to Travel with a Baby…makes for a great post, for new and expectant families alike. Share how to keep stress levels down, make it fun and easier.
  5. Create a List Post for Best Places to Travel for Families. Tired of Orlando? Come up with a creative list to keep kids engaged and parents sane. A win-win all around!

How-To’s, Guides & Top 10/20/30(Etc) Posts

  1. Write a clever How-To Post… Ideas:How to push yourself with traveling, travel off the beaten path, travel for nearly free, travel without technology. Whatever it is, just make sure your How-To guide is interesting. We all know How to Book a Flight…
  2. Write Travel Guides to obscure & unique destinations. Have you been to Iran? Mongolia? Some remote island off the coast of Africa? Share it!
  3. Write a Top # Post  because they’re fun and easy. Blogging should also be fun sometimes and not taken too seriously.

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