100 Travel Blog Post Ideas For Travel Bloggers

Attention travel bloggers, this post is for you! I have brainstormed 100 travel related blog ideas (thank me later), this list should surely get you on the right track for creating your own amazing travel content calendar for your blog in no time!

Some of these blog post ideas are for short articles and others are for posts which may take you a while to put together, but all of them will offer value to your travel blog if written from the heart with useful advice, entertaining stories and beautiful imagery:

100 Travel Blog Post Ideas to help when you have writers block:

  1. Why [location] is my all-time favourite travel destination
  2. How to spend 48 hours in [location]
  3. A budget travellers guide to [location]
  4. Where to find the most inst-worthy photos spots in [location]
  5. Our top to places to visit in Europe
  6. 20 places you have to see in [location]
  7. My top 10 restaurants in [location]
  8. The best place to find good coffee in [location]
  9. How to visit [location] on a backpacker budget
  10. How to live live king and queens in [location]
  11. How to save money whilst you are travelling
  12. Why spending a week in [location] was one of the best things I have done
  13. 20 of the best places to surf in [location]
  14. The ultimate guide to travelling around [location]
  15. How to spot a fellow-backpacker
  16. How to say “hello” in 10 different languages
  17. How to make new friends when you are travelling
  18. How to have sex in hostels (I’d love to read this one haha)
  19. How to travel [location] with kids
  20. What I have packed for 10 days in [location]
  21. Things that you think you need to pack for [location], but you don’t
  22. The nitty-gritty lowdown on Travel Insurance
  23. Why you should never travel without insurance
  24. What to do if your [Australian] passport gets stolen in a foreign country
  25. What to do if your luggage gets stolen overseas
  26. The best festivals in [location]
  27. The best bars in [location
  28. The best place to get a massage in [location]
  29. Where to find the best wine in [location]
  30. The beer-lovers guide to [location]
  31. The food-lovers guide to [location
  32. 20 things you didn’t know about [location]
  33. 10 surprising facts about [location]
  34. How to find the cheapest international airfares
  35. Tips on securing the best seat on a plane
  36. An interview with [person], a travel blogger from [location]
  37. What you didn’t know about travel agents
  38. Why [tour] was one of the best tours I ever went on
  39. What to wear on long-haul flights
  40. What to pack in your carry on for long haul flights
  41. How to travel with a carry-on bag only
  42. How to plan tour first solo trip overseas
  43. Where to even begin planning a solo Europe trip
  44. Why [location] is perfect for solo travellers
  45. How to work overseas and save more money for your travels
  46. Top tips on studying abroad
  47. Our top 20 destinations for an epic summer holiday
  48. Our top 20 destinations for a cosy winter getaway
  49. How to stay healthy while travelling
  50. Easy healthy travel recipes
  51. What to cook when you are travelling long-term and staying in hostels
  52. How not to waste food when you are travelling overseas
  53. Our favourite apps that will help you when travelling
  54. How to start a travel blog
  55. How to take epic travel photos for your blog
  56. How I edit my instagram photos for my travel account
  57. Why the [hotel] was the best I’ve stayed at in [location]
  58. A hotel review of [hotel]
  59. Fun weekend getaway ideas
  60. A jam-packed itinerary for [location]
  61. Why learning the culture of a new country you visit is important
  62. These photos will make you want to visit [location]
  63. 5 foods you must try in [location]
  64. 10 things you must do in [location]
  65. How to start a bucket list and stick to it
  66. How to plan a family holiday on a budget
  67. Why you should book a holiday with your besties
  68. Beauty must-haves for travelling
  69. What’s your travel beauty routine?
  70. How to stay fit while travelling
  71. Easy exercises when you don’t have a gym
  72. How to get your head around the currency in [location]
  73. My top 10 budget holiday recommendations
  74. My top 10 luxury holiday recommendations
  75. 20 books to get you excited about your next holiday
  76. 10 of the best travel books I have ever read
  77. How to plan the perfect honeymoon in [location]
  78. The best places to travel with a baby
  79. The best places to travel with small children
  80. How to get through a long haul flight with a baby on board
  81. How to make sure you don’t spend all your money in [location]
  82. More time in less places or less places with more time?
  83. Why [location] has stolen my heart
  84. A list of 20 foods that you MUST try in [location]
  85. Where to find the best pubs in [location]
  86. Is it better to travel in summer or winter?
  87. How to pass the time when your flight is delayed
  88. Free things to do in [location]
  89. Everything you need to know about overseas sim cards
  90. Top places to party in [location]
  91. Visa requirements for [location]
  92. How do I know if I need a visa?
  93. Top 20 romantic holiday destinations for your honeymoon
  94. Where is home for you?
  95. An honest look into what it’s like to couch surf
  96. Where to find the best street art in [location]
  97. An interview with a local from [location]
  98. Create a travel budget template
  99. How to road trip [location] in 7 days
  100. Top travel bloggers to follow (you can include me in this list if you like 🙂 )

Hopefully you can take some inspiration from this post and put together your own travel blog post calendar (let me know how you go!).

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