100+ Creative App Ideas for Startups to Launch

In recent years, mobile apps’ usage has effectively hiked and has become an elemental part of people’s life. Innovative mobile applications help us in many of our daily chores like booking doctor’s appointment, buying groceries, alarms, shopping and many more with just a single click. In 2021 the mobile app development has evolved to take up new challenges like AR (Augmented Reality), VR (Virtual Reality), AI (Artificial Intelligence and machine learning. 

Creative app ideas that can cater to people needs have an immense change of accomplishing. Below mentioned are some best app ideas for startups that could turn out to be effective and help in generating revenue; if you have some competent mobile app ideas feel free to share them with us.

  • Scan to Shop Apps 

In the past few years, scan to shop app ideas has played a considerable role in ecommerce. These simple app ideas help people search for items that they feel attractive, and search places where they can find them either on online shops or closest in-store where they can go and buy instantly. These app ideas help visitors effortlessly communicate and interact with products, catalogues, print advertising, and other in-store signage, providing compelling content and engaging user-experiences.

  • Restaurant Booking Apps 

Booking reservations with mobile apps at restaurants for dining out or family get together can be a massive help in busy lives and routine hustle at restaurants. It becomes easy for guest to make reservations or confirm a table in advance with these innovative app ideas at a specific period. Mobile app development company integrate filter feature in such mobile apps so that visitors can quickly check on restaurants by filtering their cuisine choices, locations, rating, pricing, and more, for example, Zomato. 

  • Health Check-Up and Food Planner Apps

These health checkups and food planner apps have regular checkups on your health and advise you with filling but healthy meals that you can consume and stay healthy. It also serves you with delicious healthy recipes that are recommended by professional chef-bloggers. You can also set your requirements in the app to get content based on your health situation. Like if you are a heart patient, you’ll be recommended dishes that will take care of your heart problem. You can collaborate with groceries and other vegetable vendors so that customers can order directly from the same app after looking into recipes. 

  • Mall Navigation Apps

It consumes a lot of time to roam into each store, one after the other, to look for things. Several malls are coming up with entire entertainment package, restaurants, shopping, cafes and many more. Hence, the digital mall navigation app’s creative app ideas will have entire shopping malls maps and can help users navigate and locate specific mall and brand. These simple app ideas are highly regarded by shoppers who wish to save time.

  • On-Demand Apps 

After the pandemic, the demand for creative mobile app ideas has transformed how businesses offer their products and services. On-demand mobile applications connect people with several service providers. These android app ideas target customers who require access to goods and services instantly and conveniently, developing a proper environment of quality, ease and trust.

  • Apps for Crime Alert

The crime alert apps educate and provide necessary alerts to the community near the customers with a crime indicator. The Crime notification mobile application provides its users with clear warnings related to the incident. It even offers users to share information related to the incident through commentary and live video. 

  • Apps for Exam Preparation 

In this new tech-savvy world, everything is just a click away. Anyone can learn and study without facing hurdles. Adding on some smart strategies, along with dedication, can enhance exam preparations. Innovative mobile applications are one of the accessible ways to streamline and enhance the exam preparation process. The exam preparation app is among the 100+ best app ideas that can help both teachers and students.  

  • Apps for Supermarkets 

The COVID-19 pandemic had an unimagined impact on every business. As per Google, the search related to supermarket delivery stores has increased undoubtedly. These mobile apps will help you check on the products you want to purchase and then make payment accordingly. 

  • Navigation App for Parking Space

In large areas like cities, malls, theme parks, shopping complexes, these creative app ideas help. Parking often becomes a huge problem in crowded areas; in those situations, these navigation apps will use GPS, location, webcam and other parking information required in real-time to search for the best space for the user. 

  • Apps for Interior Design

While purchasing furniture and other decoration pieces for your home, people’s major issue is that the furniture will fit your room or suit the colour. These creative app ideas guide you at every stage of your interior decoration process. Starting from shopping to colour selections to measuring and arranging. 

  • Apps for Personal Financing 

The personal finance apps can monitor your savings, investment and expenditure. It will also track your bill payments and keep you up to date with the credit score changes. A personal finance app is a tablet or mobile app installed to help users navigate through their finances.

  • Apps for Language Translation

While travelling to a foreign country, it is challenging for visitors to connect with residents as they are unaware of their language. A language translation app will help users with basic translation, including the ability to have a two-way conversation in real-time, which can be a blessing for travellers. It is one’s personal decision to choose an appropriate app, and it also depends majorly on whose features are more relevant, what languages are available. At last, the app needs to be user-friendly. 

  • Productivity App

A productivity tracking app makes it effortless and efficient for you to complete your work and personal tasks. Productivity apps have various categories, like business and office apps, individual productivity app, and other collaboration apps. In direct or indirect ways, we all use apps to track our productivity, and executing these creative app ideas with your mobile app development company is a great thought. 

  • To-Do List Apps 

The to-do list mobile applications help streamline your day’s work and save time on a larger scale. It comes as one of the most profitable and innovative app ideas in current times. 

  • Apps Delivering News 

The news apps help people to keep themselves updated with what’s going around them, with the latest news in a single click. These news apps can be accessed from anywhere at any time, and it stays updated with the latest news. Just choose the preferable language and category, and the app will deliver to you the latest news. Launching a news app is one of the innovative app ideas.  

  • Apps for Learning Sports

These mobile apps are specially developed for sports lovers and athletes, as these apps will motivate students who have immense interest in sports. Users can use this app to watch video clips related to their favourite sports, update results, and connect with the actual game.

  • Apps for Meditation 

An app for meditation will teach one basic and advanced techniques of meditation. These kinds of meditation apps are precisely designed for meditation lovers; a study states that these apps help you boost your attention span. You can also ask your mobile app development company to integrate meditation music and trial sessions. It will help users concentrate, and they don’t have to switch apps for music. It comes under the most profitable mobile app ideas acknowledging the recent scenarios. 

  • (MAP) Minimum Awesome Product Mobile App

The MAP mobile application is another best app idea for startups in recent times. Minimum Awesome Product mobile application is to be built with minimal features capable of providing an engaging user experience. You can initiate to develop a MAP mobile application if you are planning to introduce a product from your existing category with various unique alternatives that can help enhance user experience. 

  • (MVP) Minimum Viable Product Mobile App

If you plan to own a startup or launch a new product in the market but have a limited budget, then MVP mobile app is an innovative app idea. It is to be built with minimal functions, and further, it is to be tested among a preferred group of users, intending to introduce the final product in the market. It is an approach that helps you to analyze user experiences and achieve customer take about the company’s vital features. You can get immediate feedback on products after MVP mobile app is launched in the market. And MVP has no risk factor. 

  • Safety & Help Alert App 

A safety or help alert app should be developed to be used by girls, women, or anyone else who needs immediate help. These apps will send quick alerts to members in respective areas to approach the person for help. 

  • App to Monitor Health 

The health monitoring apps monitors and keeps a regular track of your health; it will also remind you to make appointments for your everyday health checkups. And this way, users will get an immediate update, and they can make their appointment according to their convenience.

Here is a list of some other creative 100+ app ideas: 

  1. Interior designing app 
  2. Personal financing app 
  3. Language translation app 
  4. Productivity app 
  5. To-do list app
  6. News app 
  7. Learning sports app 
  8. Meditation app 
  9. Safety and help alert app 
  10. Health monitoring app 
  11. Navigation app 
  12. Apps for a food recommendation 
  13. Cryptocurrency app 
  14. Taxi booking app 
  15. Dating and chatting app 
  16. Auto answer app 
  17. Credit card management app 
  18. Subscription management app 
  19. Magazine app 
  20. News app
  21. Sports learning app 
  22. Travel Suggestion app 
  23. Meditation app 
  24. Food ordering app 
  25. Inventory tracking app 
  26. Donation app 
  27. COVID-19 pandemic app 
  28. Transportation app 
  29. Shipment tracker app 
  30. GST Return app 
  31. Note-taking app 
  32. Conferencing app 
  33. Vedio live tutorial app 
  34. Measurement app 
  35. 3D printing app 
  36. Dating app 
  37. Goal tracking app 
  38. 3D scanning app 
  39. Text messaging app
  40. Video calling app 
  41. Movie review app 
  42. Advertisement app 
  43. Writing app 
  44. Cleaning service app 
  45. Selling second-hand goods app 
  46. Book exchange app 
  47. Book reading apps 
  48. Contact management apps 
  49. Email app 
  50. Loan approval app 
  51. Loan application status app 
  52. Banking app 
  53. Credit sending app 
  54. Photo filter app 
  55. Graphic designing app 
  56. Video filter editor app 
  57. Selfie app 
  58. Grocery delivery app 
  59. Suicide prevention help app 
  60. Party planning app 
  61. Fashion design app 
  62. Jewellery design app 
  63. Work from home jobs app 
  64. Freelancer job apps 
  65. Business apps 
  66. Connect with friends app 
  67. Public transport booking app 
  68. Wifi finder app 
  69. Food review app 
  70. Random chatting app 
  71. Song identify app 
  72. Adding to the wishlist app 
  73. Alarm app 
  74. AI-based Food Freshness Checker App
  75. Video hosting app 
  76. Location-based app 
  77. Investment app 
  78. Doctor appointment booking app 
  79. Car servicing app 
  80. Karaoke app 
  81. Language learning app 
  82. Music app
  83. Social networking app 
  84. Short video making app
  85. Reminder app 
  86. Mensuration cycle tracker app 
  87. Pregnancy helper app 
  88. Real-time transaction app 
  89. Money lending app 
  90. Handyman app 
  91. Warehouse management app 
  92. Hotel booking app 
  93. Beauty salon app 
  94. Baby’s daily need app
  95. Trip planning and budgeting app 
  96. Barter trade app 
  97. Finding a remote job app 
  98. Emergency alert app 
  99. Influencer marketing app 
  100. On-demand car wash app 
  101. Stress relaxation app 
  102. Mental health app 
  103. Health and nutrition app 
  104. Steps tracker app 
  105. Fitness app 


Innovative mobile applications provide you with productive ways to work on your business consent. In an evolving era where mobile app development is associated with every aspect of our lives, it allows you to develop a creative ideas app for android to establish your business. 

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