100+ YouTube Video Ideas To Try To Skyrocket Your Views

YouTube is the second most popular search engine in the world, and it’s not just because of cats. YouTube has become an integral part of our culture, with people using it for everything from entertainment to education. If you’re looking to start your own YouTube channel but don’t know what type of videos to make, this blog post will give you 50+ ideas for different types of channels that can help skyrocket your views!

Easy ideas for beginners

1) Vlogging

Vlogging is one of the most popular types of videos on YouTube because it’s raw and authentic. These are real people, with real opinions, having real conversations about anything they want to talk about! 

2) Introduce yourself

Sometimes people want to get to know you as a person, not just the content that you create. Talk about your life and what inspires you- maybe even include footage of yourself? This way they can connect better with who is behind the camera! 

3) Comedy skit

Comedy is probably the most popular type of video on YouTube because everybody loves laughing! Just make sure that if you are doing comedy videos, it’s not offensive or over-the-top; nobody wants to see somebody else get hurt (especially themselves). 

4) Create videos about things you love

Who cares if others don’t find the same interest in those topics? Make videos about whatever it is that YOU feel passionate or excited about and enjoy sharing with others.

5) Video game playthrough

Are you a video game nerd? Whether it’s playing new/upcoming games, or going through older ones that aren’t as popular anymore – this type of content has lots of different opportunities available.

6) Beauty routine

Being beautiful is a massive industry that has only grown over time. Channelize your ideas on how to look better, younger, etc., by creating video tutorials on makeup techniques or healthy eating habits to keep yourself looking amazing 24/365.

7) “A day in the life” vlog 

If you want something that feels more personal, why not create a YouTube channel where people can see what your daily routine is like? 

8) Q&A vlog

Some people also like hearing about common problems that tend to pop up when it comes down to certain topics so instead of writing about these, why not create a YouTube channel where people can ask you questions and see what kind of answers they get from your experiences? 

9) Share your opinion on current topics

Everyone has an opinion on something in life so why not start sharing yours? Being opinionated sets you up as someone who isn’t afraid of voicing their views which makes people want to listen to what you have to say.

10) Challenge video

Create videos where you attempt different challenges or stunts. Ideas include eating the hottest chili peppers, sticking your tongue on a pole in the middle of winter, etc.. Think outside the box with this one!

11) House tour video

If you love to decorate your home or just simply show off the different rooms that makeup one’s house then why not create videos on these kinds of ideas?

12) Show your city

Show people around your city, or even other cities and countries if you like. 

13) Street food video

Show off your city’s best native street food while also giving viewers ideas about where they can eat it while traveling to your city!

14) Family games 

Playing games is a very popular pastime for both young and old, male or female. Create your own let’s play videos with your family or friends!

15) Supercuts 

Gather all your funniest moments into one short montage that will be good enough for people to watch again and again! 

16) Show off your collection

Most people have collections of all kinds so why not share yours with others? If you are a collector, be it shoes or stamps for example, then show us what you’ve got! 

17) Introduce your pet

If you have an interesting animal that is unlike any other out there then this would make for some great entertainment. 

18) Walk down memory lane

These kinds of videos are great for reminiscing about old memories/stories from the past. It’s also a good idea to include photos since it adds another element to them!

Review videos

19) Product review

Do reviews on different products for everyday life. This requires some knowledge about what you’re reviewing because viewers will expect authenticity from your opinion. Just remember not to get too carried away when describing how great something is; nobody likes a product pusher!

20) Food review 

If you’re really into food or know a lot of good restaurants to try out, why not create some kind of video where people can see your taste buds in action?  

21) Game review

If you love playing certain games then another great YouTube channel idea could be sharing your own opinions on them. It doesn’t have to be a super popular game either! 

22) Tech review

Many people like to see what’s new in the world of technology and gadgets. Create review videos by showing off different devices, software or apps that are out on the market today!

23) Toy review 

If you have children of your own, this could be an interesting YouTube channel idea to try out. Showcasing new toys that are released or just reviewing some of the popular ones would definitely interest a lot of people!

24) Movie review

People love talking about their favorite movies which is why they’d definitely enjoy watching YouTube channel ideas like this that talks more in depth on different topics related to pop culture.

25) TV series review

Create content that discusses the latest episodes or recap past ones – this is great for anyone who loves watching movies and series!

26) ​​Music album review

Create video content about how good a recently released album is and whether or not you think the public should listen to it.

27) Book review 

Popular books are often turned into movies, so why not read them first and create your own book review videos for others to enjoy. 

28) Makeup review

Create a review of your own by using different makeup looks to showcase how these products work, and what they can do for you!

29) Comparison product review

Compare different products with each other to see which one is better and worth buying for your audience.

30) Clothing review

Create a review about different clothing styles/brands and share guides on how to wear them for different events.

Tutorials / Hacks / Tips and tricks

31) How-to or Instructional

If you love to share tips and tricks with others, then this could be one great YouTube channel idea! 

32) Cooking or baking tutorial

If you’re really good at cooking or baking, why not create some kind of video so everyone can see what’s possible? 

33) Workout tutorial

Everyone wants to look good but not everyone knows how exactly they should go about doing it, which is where these kinds of videos would come in useful. Create step by step tutorials with demonstrations on how to perform exercises.

34) Makeup tutorial

Makeup tutorials are always popular because people love seeing new looks they could potentially recreate themselves.

35) Product tutorial 

People love seeing what products are out there so create tutorials on how to use them!

36) Create a vegan food guide vlog

Make tutorial videos comparing meals from meat-eaters and those who don’t eat meat to help people learn more about this lifestyle.

37) DIY project tutorial

If you love creating things with your hands, another good YouTube channel idea could be to create videos on different kinds of DIY projects. It’ll give others the chance to see what’s possible and maybe inspire some other ideas too! 

38) Animation tutorial

These kinds of videos teach viewers all about the process behind making animations which many find interesting and informative. 

39) Photography tutorial

Make helpful tutorial videos that show viewers different tips and tricks when it comes to capturing the perfect moments by using various apps/editing tools available today.

40) Knitting tutorial

Everyone loves clothing and there are numerous ways of making garments. Whether that means learning new techniques or just sharing what you know already – these kinds of videos can prove very beneficial for viewers and help them save money too! 

41) Makeup transformation tutorial

if you’re confident enough then do one on yourself or ask others to participate with you! These make for some great entertainment while simultaneously promoting products/brands.

42) How to play an instrument vlog

Create tutorials for those looking to learn instruments by showing them step by step instructions from beginning all the way up until they’re ready to perform! 

43) Parkour tutorial 

Some people might find this interesting even though it isn’t something everyone enjoys doing. These types of videos are suitably short so there’s no need to worry about creating too much content.

44) Self-defense tutorial 

Everyone has a right to defend themselves regardless of their gender, age etc.. You can show people how to do things like throw kicks, punches and much more! 

45) How to wear a scarf fashionably  

If you’re good at this art form, why not create videos on how other people can replicate them? 

46) Video game walkthroughs

Showing others how to complete tough levels in video games is a great idea for anyone with experience. 

47) Productivity hacks 

These kinds of videos are popular because it gives each viewer something new that can help save time in one way or another depending on what kind of hacks people prefer! 

48) Beauty hacks

Everyone loves a good tip when it comes down to beauty so this would definitely be another good Youtube idea.

49) Fashion hacks  

These kinds of videos are great for inspiring people to be creative with how they dress too. 

50) Food hacks

Most people love to eat and share their favorite recipes, hacks or tips with others. You could inspire them even more by creating your own unique take on the subject! 

51) Skincare hacks

Everyone wants beautiful skin so give them some tips on how they can achieve that goal. These kinds of videos don’t have to be just about face care, anything goes!

52) Home cleaning hacks

Do you have some cleaning hacks to share with others? Everyone has to clean their homes at some point so why not give them ideas on how they can make it less of a chore?

53) Travel hacks 

One of the best ways to save money when it comes to travelling is by knowing all about discounts and tricks that others don’t know – so why not share this information with viewers?

54) Decoration tips and tricks

Everyone wants their home to look nice so why not give them ideas on how they can do it themselves.

55) Hair care tips and tricks

People are always looking for the best ways to take care of their hair so why not create videos about them?

56) Pet care tips

Everyone loves animals so if you are good at taking care of pets then sharing your knowledge could prove very beneficial for viewers. 

57) Bento box ideas

Learn how to make unique, cute and delicious looking meals in a minimalistic way! This is great if you want to show off your cooking skills without the hassle of making full-sized dishes.

58) Handmade gift ideas

Find out what sort of things people would appreciate receiving and provide them with suggestions on where to get these items from. It is a great way to promote brands without being too ‘in your face’.

59) Gift wrapping ideas

These kinds of videos are great for the holidays but they could be done anytime of year. If you enjoy wrapping gifts then it would make sense to show others how this is done!

60) Scrapbook ideas 

If you enjoy scrapbooking then it would be a great idea to share your skills with others!

Educational video ideas

61) “Let’s learn together” video

Learning the basics of something new is an appealing idea for many viewers regardless of whether they want to take up that particular skill themselves or not. 

62) Parenting talk / children’s activities vlogs 

Parents are always looking for resources about how to take care of their kids whether it be advice or even fun-filled educational games you could play with your child. Make tutorial videos that show others the best way to parent their own kids while also capturing precious moments between them!

63) Create a vlog about being an entrepreneur 

People love hearing stories of individuals who are able to successfully turn their passion into something profitable which means if there’s anything that makes you or your lifestyle unique then show it through video.

64) Create a motivational video 

People love following the lives of others that inspire them to do better or be better in general. Inspirational YouTube video ideas like these usually consist of videos about how you manage your success and happiness without coming across as a braggart so it’s essential to stick with what you know best!

65) Make tutorials on how-to make money 

There are many ways one can make extra cash these days and if you have some sort of expertise when it comes down to making money online then this kind of channel would definitely give others ideas about how to make money too!

66) Make tutorials on how-to save money

Everyone loves money-saving tips so if you are good at this kind of thing then sharing your knowledge could prove very beneficial for viewers. 

67) Random facts videos

Who doesn’t want to learn something new everyday?  This would definitely be another good idea to try out especially if you’d love making people laugh or think with these amazing facts! 

68) Local history 

Local history might not be the most popular subject on YouTube but it’s very informative! You can offer a different point of view on what people think they know about history.

69) Science experiment 

There’s a lot of people who are really into science and the different kinds of facts that come with it, so why not create some kind of video which can help them learn more? 

70) Teach your native language to others

If you are good at your native language then why not share this information with people who want to learn themselves? 

Entertainment video ideas

71) Post cover songs 

Showcase your singing skills or even those of other talented artists by creating cover videos for popular songs that everyone knows!

72) Instrumental cover videos

If you’re great at playing different instruments, why not make some kind of video like this? 

73) Dance cover videos

If you’re into dancing and have a great sense of rhythm then why not share your talents with everyone by creating some kind of video cover for certain dance pieces too? It could attract many people who’d want to learn from you! 

74) Travel videos

If certain places inspire you then it’d attract others to see these beautiful sights too which is why making videos on different destinations and tourist spots could also become an amazing YouTube channel idea! You can record highlights of your travel using your smartphone and edit them using a video editor for added production value. 

75) Baby videos

If you have a cute baby, find out how to make them even cuter! Even just by laughing, these babies can make their audience go “aaaawwww”.

76) Pet videos

Millions of videos are watched every day about animals, especially cute cats and dogs! Why not create content around your pet(s). Maybe you can show them doing funny tricks or playing with their toys. People love to watch animal videos so it might be the right choice for you.

77) ASMR

If you are into creating videos that give people tingles then this is the perfect idea for your channel.

78) Bag raid videos 

Show off what’s inside of people’s bags, whether it be makeup or anything else!

79) Reaction videos 

People love watching other people’s reactions whether it be to a sad movie scene, a heartwarming moment, or just something that has them amused. Creating reaction videos is an easy way for you to get views as long as whatever video content you choose gets the best out of your viewers!

80) Celebrity gossip vlogs / social media updates

This is another great YouTube channel idea because what person doesn’t like hearing about other people’s lives especially if they’re celebrities living in Hollywood. It’ll give others something else interesting to watch too! 

81) Prank videos

Pull some funny pranks on family members, friends, co-workers, etc., and post their reactions online! 

82) Unboxing videos

Everyone loves receiving gifts but not everyone gets the chance to record themselves opening them. Sharing your reactions to new products with others gives people a good laugh and makes for great content!

83) Parody videos

Recreate some of the biggest youtube hits in real life, or even create original content inspired by them! Be creative with it and have fun filming yourself trying out new things to see what happens.

84) Haul vlogs

If you love shopping for new clothes, accessories, or other things then why not show others what your latest haul was like? This would allow people to see different items they might be interested in trying too. 

85) Documentary videos

If you’re into creating documentaries, this is another popular YouTube channel idea to try out where people can learn more about what’s going on in the world today.

86) Home organization videos 

Everyone has their own unique ways of organizing things whether it be work, home or even beauty products. Create tutorials on the most efficient way to store certain items around your house so that others can benefit from what you know too!  

87) Craft/hobby videos

People are always looking for new ways to express their creativity which is where these kinds of channels come in. Make instructional videos that show others how they can recreate certain things with materials around the house or at least help them save money by showing them cheaper alternatives!

88) Fashion videos

Fashion is always changing so showcase new trends in fashion each month for those who want to keep up with what’s popular among celebrities right now

89) Sewing crafts

If you are good at sewing or know enough to make your own clothes then why not share it with others? 

90) Social experiment

This kind of video is very different and unique because you get to find out how people react in a particular situation. Some can be funny or interesting but others might just shock the audience!

91) Do’s and dont’s videos 

This is popular with viewers because they are able to learn about things that could be potentially dangerous in real life.

Other ideas

92) Create your own original songs

Many popular musicians have started out on youtube so why not give it a try yourself? There are millions of viewers looking to listen to new music, so get creative about what type of song you want to produce. 

93) Show your talent

On a video platform where people come to watch others’ talents, it will be great if you can show your own! And not just anything. How about showing them what makes you unique?

94) Behind the scenes 

Create exciting content that immerses viewers into a world where they get to see what goes on during filming. 

95) Myth sleuthing

Solve the mysteries of urban legends, unsolved crimes and other conspiracy theories through video content.

96) Talk shows 

If there’s anything you enjoy talking about then why not share those interests with others? This might also lead them down their own rabbit holes so it could spark an interest in other things as well! 

97) Interview other vloggers/Youtubers

Having some famous faces on your youtube channel draws more views as people love checking out what other Youtubers are doing and how they got to where they are today. Interviewing other Youtubers gives your audience a glimpse into what it’s like working as one too which is always interesting for people!

98) Create stop motion animations

This might be difficult but it will definitely set you apart from other channels if done properly.

99) Carpool karaoke 

Create your own version of carpool karaoke and connect with your audience in another fun, entertaining way.

100) Nail art 

These kinds of videos are fun to create since they require a bit more creativity than most other types. And you have to admit, this is so satisfying to watch!

101) Halloween costumes for dogs and cats

Who wouldn’t find this hilarious? No one.. 

If you’re looking for a YouTube channel idea and want to be successful, your videos must be interesting or funny enough so people will keep coming back. The 100+ suggestions we’ve provided should give you some good ideas on how to create content. Whether you decide to go with one of our ideas or come up with something new entirely is completely up to you as the creator! We hope this article has helped inspire your next video project and we wish you the best of luck in all your endeavors.

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