Top 10 Fashion Bloggers in Pakistan

Ladies takes great delight to read and consume information about beauty tips, trending clothing designs and off course fashion and style. There is no shortage of fashion bloggers and influencers, mostly female oriented who bring about up-to-date perspectives on various fashion related avenues, such as trending fashion designs and styles, provide products reviews and fuel the fashion industry with their experience driven perspectives as well as provide online makeup shopping in Pakistan related tips to the cosmetic savvy ladies in Pakistan. 

In this blogpost, we are going explore the top 10 Pakistani fashion bloggers and influencers that are bent to bring daily fashion related insights. 

List of Top 10 Pakistani Fashion Blogger 

  1. Anber Javed 

Anber Javed is well known Pakistani fashion blogger and recognized by the fashion industry of Pakistan for her work as an influencer and a blogger. She manages her blog called “A Wardrobe Affair”. 

Anber is a firm believer of why it is essential to look better and have your dressing that best suite one’s physic and body type.  She always watches out for coolest dressing layouts and various trendy things in fashion and style. She came into the industry at a very young age and found her place in the hearts of female and industry. 

  1. Aamna Haider Isani

Aamna Haider Isani is prominent name in Pakistan fashion industry. She is versatile journalist and a voracious lifestyle and fashion writer. Aamna has been in the industry since 1995 and she knows every bit of fashion world. 

Her devotion for life style and fashion avidly reflects in her blog as well as in her appearance. Aamna believes that television, social media and fashion related digital content platforms in Pakistan have become great sources that influence the younger generations to follow and adept to lasts fashion industry trends in Pakistan. She encourages and appreciates everyone who does every effort to look better. 

  1. Salima Feerasta 

Salima manages her blog that provides up-to-date information about lifestyle, fashion, shopping, events, entertainment and anything that make a trend in Karachi. Salima has earned the reputation as A-to-Z fashion guide and managed making her way up to the most influential fashion blogger in Pakistan. When it comes to lifestyle and fashion, she believes that Pakistan isn’t quite different than India. Both countries have a similar lifestyle and taste for trendy fashions. She showed interest at an event that if she has given a chance, she would like to style Sonam Kapoor with her all-time favorite fashion designer Misha Lakhani. 

  1. Alyzeh Rahim Shirazi

Speaking of Pakistani fashion blogger and influences, no one can deny the well renowned name of Alyzeh Rahim Shirazi.  With her OOTD blog, she facilitates people by covering everything from both Western and Eastern’s wears and apparels. She is a great influencer and carries a huge amount of online follower’s base. She is a passionate writer and editor, and indulges people with her posts on various fashion related avenues. She has her own fashion label called “Arsazi” and aspires to see her favorite celebrities in Bollywood wear it someday. 

For Alyzeh, looking good is everything. She admires and encourages every woman who tries to be the best version of them, and wear the best attires that befits their personalities.  

  1. Umair Mirza 

Umair Mirza says, “People are getting fashion and style conscious with every day passing by”. He believes that while the fashion industry is evolving online, the act of copying of designs are becoming an alarming threat. 

Mirza is one of well-known male fashion designer, blogger and keep indulging people with most trending fashion designs and industry related information. In an interview, Mirza put it the he would like to style his favorite personalities like Jacqueline, Kareena and Deepika with his best Shehla Chatoor fashion labels from Pakistan. 

  1. Shay Mirza 

Shay Mirza adores writing fashion related blogs and became one of the best fashion blogger in Pakistan. Apart from managing her personal fashion blog, she also handles PR for some world known recognized brands like Reebok and MTV. 

Shay enjoys experimenting with trendy and new fashion styles. She is rocking the fashion world and she reflects her experiences and provides eye-opening insight related to fashion industry in her blogs consistently. 

  1. Sadaf Zarrar 

As a reputed fashion blogger from Pakistan, Sadaf Zarrar is also a marketing communication professional. Initially, she started her personal blog just to pass the time. While on her maternity leave during her work in corporate, she said she badly missed the fashion and beauty world, and thus she planned to pursue blogging about fashion full time. 

  1. Ania Fawad

Ania Fawad is a Pakistani-American fashion blogger and a fashion practitioner. She nails every style with her style. She is also known as a trend setter. Apart from her blogging hubby, she has worked with lifestyle magazine as an editor and various other known brands such as Jacobs, Marc clothing. Every fashion dreamer women revert to her insightful blog for latest trends and layouts. 

  1. Mehreen Syed

Another well-established figure and Pakistani supper model, Mehreen is not a versatile fashion blogger but also has successful career on various fronts. She has been the CEO of the IFAP. Mehreen is known amongst her audience for her Desi Beauty Blog and has worked as a spokesperson for L’Oreal Paris. She is seasoned expert in fashion global fashion and lifestyle industry, a true trend setter and global beauty influencer. 

  1. Shehab Farrukh Niazi

Shehab Farrukh Niazi is somebody who loves and knows all in and out when it comes to the fashion world. A great fashion and beauty blogger who primarily started blogging in Pakistan in an attempt to make awareness among Pakistani people. She disseminates information and insights about the latest trends in the fashion and beauty world. 

Shehab is also the editor of Hello Magazine and a big fan of Bollywood superstar Deepika. She aspire to style in Pakistani top label— the Elan. 

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