Top 100 Mehndi Hashtags for Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, Facebook & Tumblr

Mehndi art or henna art is mostly applied in various functions such as a Wedding, Karwachauth, Teej, Bhai Dooj, Diwali, etc by ladies. Especially, during a wedding, there is a separate function altogether of mehndi ceremony where mehndi or henna is applied on a bride’s hand and feet by a professional mehndi artist. In an Indian wedding or be it any other functions, applying mehndi is considered auspicious. It also beautifies your body and acts as an additional statement jewelery in itself.

Types of Mehndi Designs

Mehndi is an art and only an artist can paint the beautiful mehndi or henna designs on a women’s hand and feet. Ladies have so many mehndi design options to choose from such as Indian, Moroccan, Indo-Western, Arabic, etc. Let us introduce you to the popular mehndi designs. Each design has been discussed in detail. Have a look at them:

  1. Indian Mehndi Design: Indian Mehndi Design is also popularly known as Bridal mehndi design because this design is mostly preferred by brides during their wedding. The bridal mehndi consists of palkis, dholkis, mandap, and various other things signifying the marriage. However, the non-bridal aspect of mehndi consists of simple bel or trail design, light artwork, and full hand mehndi artwork. Every element in Indian mehndi design holds a special significance. Non-bridal mehndi designs are often used during festivals such as Diwali, Bhai Dooj, Teej, etc. The Indian mehndi designs are elaborate yet reduced at the same time. 
  1. Pakistani Mehndi Design: Pakistani Mehndi Design is very much similar to Indian Mehndi Design. However, instead of the traditional elements such as, bride, groom, mandap, kalash, etc, the Pakistani designs include doors of mosques, domes, leaf and flower patterns. This design also consists of mandala patterns, just like Indian designs. In this style, you get to see bolder outlines and intricate patterns. The mehndi style is highly inspired by Arabic designs and patterns. 
  1. Indo-Western Mehndi Design: The Indo-Western Mehndi Design is a fusion of two worlds i.e. east and west. This style is often worn as a style statement and does not look like traditional mehndi designs. In this, you will see a mix of simple designs along with traditional mehndi patterns. In Indo-Western mehndi design, a lot of quirky designs are added and you can also write some short messages with henna. This design is spaced out and modern patterns can be seen. 
  1. Moroccan Mehndi Design: The Moroccan Mehndi Design is inspired by the Middle East. A lot of tribal patterns and symbols are used in this design. It looks identical to a western tribal tattoo because of geometric patterns, quirky aesthetics, and zig-zag lines. This design is far from the traditional mehndi design. This is a simple henna art with extremely beautiful patterns. They are not too elaborate or detailed. Girls who do not like much detailed designs and patterns with flowers and leaves prefer this style with simple patterns. More geometric patterns such as diamonds are seen in this type of mehndi or henna art. 
  1. Arabic Mehndi Design: As the name suggests, this design has originated in the Arab world. This design is entirely different from the Indian mehndi design and does not have any resemblance to it. The Arabic mehndi style is preferred by young women. It looks more elegant and gives a feeling of royalty. The Arabic designs consist of bold lines and empty spaces. This particular mehndi style is all about minimalism, unlike Indian mehndi design which is more on heavy patterns and detailing. This is considered as the topmost mehndi or henna style preferred by ladies all over the world. Also, applying the Arabic mehndi design will take much lesser time than the other designs.  
  1. Western Mehndi Design: Western Mehndi Design is also known as Contemporary Design. This is observed more as a henna tattoo rather than a mehndi design. Western countries have also adapted this trend of henna tattoo. It has nothing to do with cultural significance or anything. This style is applied more as a fashion statement. It gives you the feeling of a temporary tattoo. This design most consists of geometric and quirky patterns, modern designs, and swirls. Mostly, this is design is applied so that it looks like a hand-worn ornament. 

Promoting Mehndi Art on Social Media

Nowadays, social media has become so popular that everything is promoted online. From small businesses to big businesses, everyone is approaching online platforms to market and promote their products or services. There are various social media platform where one can market their services or sell their products. Some of the popular platforms are Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr, Tik Tok, and Twitter. You need to be aware of the strategies that can be used to lure customers towards you. Making your audience aware of what you do and how you do is very important. They should be able to trust you without thinking twice and for that, businesses or artists have to build trust. 

Similarly, mehndi artists can promote their services through these social media platforms. In today’s era, you will find most of your customers online. This is the way to showcase your creativity and attract customer’s attention to your services. Also, you need to come up with a creative marketing strategy to promote your services. 

As henna is often applied during festivals or weddings, women are always on the lookout for a professional mehndi artist. So, showing your work on social media platforms can work in your favor if you are really good in your field. The social media platforms are best to find customers who are looking for mehndi artists for functions. Customers can easily look at your work through photos and videos that you will be posting on your profiles. Put your customer’s reviews and the work done by you in different events. In this way, customers can have a look at your work and can decide to approach you in case they require a mehndi artist. 

Marketing Strategy to Promote Mehndi Art on Social Media Platforms

Social media is ruling the world right now. With millions of people active on these platforms, marketing and promoting products and services have become quite efficient. All you have to have is a good marketing strategy so that you can reach the target audience. We will provide you with some efficient marketing tips that you can apply on your social media platforms:

  • Know your audience: Before starting any venture, you must know your target audience. Once you have decided your audience, you will be able to deliver the content that your audience like. So, it helps in setting a specific goal for your social media.
  • Focus on trending social media platforms: You should know which social media platform is in trend at the moment so you could capture the target audience. Putting content everywhere is not important. Instead, you must focus on enhancing the platforms which most of the people are using. Suppose if people are mostly active on Instagram and Facebook, there that is where your main focus should be. 
  • Know when to post your content: If you want to reach your target audience, then you must know at what time to reach them. It is not like you can post your content anytime you want. There is a specific time when most of the people are active on a particular platform and that is when you should post your content so as to reach the maximum number of people. 
  • Check your analytics: Keeping track of your analytics will help you determine the better performing post of your, the type of audience you are getting and from where, the age group, etc. Checking your analytics has become a lot easier as it is already built-in on every social media platform. Every platform has its individual analytics tool which lets you track your performance. 

Mehndi Hashtags for Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, Facebook & Tumblr

One of the best and finest way to promote your content on social media is to use hashtags in your caption. Hashtags are basically a phrase or keyword preceded by a hash symbol. These are normally used so that people who are interested in your topic are able to find your post if they type a particular keyword while searching. There are few things to keep in mind while including hashtags in your post:

  • Do not include too many keywords. Instead, you should include effective keywords that will have a high impact.
  • Try to keep it short and simple and not a long word in one tag.
  • Using specific keywords is much more beneficial than a general one.

Some of the most popular mehndi hashtags used on social media platforms are:

#mehndi #henna #hennaart #hennaartist #hennatattoo #mehndiartist #mehndiart #mehndidesign #hennadesign #bridalmehndi #hennalove #bridalhenna #indianwedding #mehndibride #naturalhenna #mehndilovers #indianmehndidesign #arabicmehndidesign #pakistanimehndidesign #mehndidesigns #hennadesigns #mehndipattern #mehndidesigner #mehndipro #hennalookbook #hennainspiration #hennainspo #bridalmehndiartist #mehndidesigns #latestmehndidesigns #latesthennadesigns #indianhenna #weddinghenna #simplemehndidesigns #hennastain ##hennaforfeet #hennaforfingers #legmehndidesigns #hennabodyart 

With the help of these hashtags, you will be able to attract the target audience. Use it wisely and strategically. 

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