Top 20 Best Dropshipping Affiliate Programs to Promote

It’s not easy to juggle sales management, digital marketing, and analyzing data. Add another load of responsibility—ensuring that your products or items arrive on time and safely to your customer’s receiving address—and it becomes downright overwhelming. 

The worst part is that all of that is just the tip of the iceberg. Several matters need to be taken into account beforehand such as where you can manufacture your products, where to place them for safekeeping, and where to acquire the supplies for presentable packaging. 

Sounds exhausting? Save time, energy, and provide yourself with the most practical option—dropshipping! In this article, we will delve into the details of dropshipping and what makes it a popular choice for local and international shipping concerns, what you need to take note of whenever you ship to the US from Canada, and the 20 affiliate programs we promote and suggest for your online business.

What is Dropshipping?

Experts define dropshipping as a retail fulfillment method in which a business or company no longer has to keep the products that they sell in the form of stocks. Through a dropshipping option, the company can sell its products by purchasing them from a third party—may it be a wholesaler or manufacturer—that sends the items directly to the customer. 

With this fulfillment order agreement, the business owner does not have to problematize the package handling, production, and delivery. Compared to a standard retail model, dropshipping largely differs due to the absence of stock or inventory. Dropshipping is preferred by e-commerce businesses because it is straightforward, viable, and economical.

The process is simple 

  1. A customer visits your online store, adds your products to their cart, and pays for it.
  2. Your store automatically sends your customer’s order to the dropshipping supplier.
  3. The dropshipping supplier packages and prepares the shipment of your customer.
  4. Your customer’s package gets shipped and delivered straight to their doorstep.

Beyond seeking affordable and exceptional quality of services in dropshipping, it is also important to keep the following in mind when you plan to ship a package from Canada to the United States and vice versa:

  • Allowed, restricted, and prohibited items
  • Shipping delivery time and security
  • Customs tax and duty rate computation

For more information on where to find, how to identify, and what to expect from cheap and premium-quality shipping services, you may take a look at our shipping guide. Given the convenience of dropshipping for online stores with a limited physical storage capacity, let us tie these perks with the relevance of affiliate marketing. What exactly do we get whenever we engage in these strategies?

Affiliate Marketing

The target of most businesses is to achieve passive income where you are earning even while you are asleep. With this enticing imagery, businesses often get started with affiliate marketing or the promotion of other people’s products via an affiliate network. What you earn within this system is a commission whenever people buy the product because of your advertisement. From a business owner’s point of view, revenue sharing is the basis of this setup. Here are the 2 main reasons why:

  • If you have the intention to make your products sell more, just offer a financial incentive to your promoters.
  • If you don’t have a product but still want to earn some money, concentrate on promoting different business’ products that are valuable and possess a huge potential to be marketed using the affiliate channel.

Another way to look at affiliate marketing is to perceive it with Pat Flynn’s lens of a smart passive income: it is a process of acquiring commission by promoting other brands or company’s goods, products, or services. Just select a product that you find marketable or fascinating, publicize the item in a good light, and obtain some profit each time a sale is made.

Combining what we have learned about dropshipping and affiliate marketing, how effective would these be to your endeavors in the business world? To make your life easier, there are numerous kinds of “dropshipping affiliate programs” where you can earn according to your markup or commission.

Best Dropshipping Affiliate Programs

Silos continue to be a major issue in the digital marketing landscape since it sets a limitation on the marketer’s ability to grasp the scope and journey of their target consumers. As a way to break free from this dilemma, companies have decided to invest in omnichannel marketing techniques to enhance their marketing channels overall performance and obtain insights.

In addition, affiliate marketing can set itself apart from other marketing strategies since sellers refer customers to a partner website or e-commerce site where they can receive a commission each time they view a product or service. People continue to choose affiliate marketing because it is one of the best ways to make money.

However, affiliate marketing can be difficult on certain occasions because you need to perfect its execution as early as possible. In this regard, there are available programs to alleviate your dropshipping and affiliate marketing concerns.

Recurring affiliate software operates by paying your decent product reviews through recurring sums. While it seems simple, the complication enters when you need to drive more revenue from your website. Getting started with recurring affiliate programs may involve receiving an “affiliate reward” or a fixed portion of the income which you only get once. 

For this program to be successful, a purchase must be made using your affiliate link. The steps you need to employ for this includes the 5 Ps:

  • Pitching a referral program
  • Partnering up with an online business
  • Promoting the brand’s products
  • Preparing and waiting for the purchase to happen
  • Primarily getting paid every month or so

In terms of SEO affiliate software, you need to know that affiliate marketing is an effective and highly valued method to improve search engine optimization (SEO) and pay-per-click (PPC) tactics. If you intend to upgrade your application of SEO on your website or business blog, what you need to do is to incorporate quality knowledge from SEO affiliate programs into your business.

For these reasons, it is relevant that you check out our top 20 suggestions with key features below to get the job done. Still not sure of what to expect from these services? We specifically highlighted SEO affiliate programs and recurring affiliate programs in the list for your reference.

  1. SEMrush BeRush Affiliate Program
  • You get 10 years of assured cookie life
  • Commissions are given twice a month
  • Fast signup procedure and promotional rights
  1. Link-able Affiliate Program
  • Every purchase grants a $300 commission
  • Links are customizable and have a great deal of support
  • There will be cookie-based tracking for 90 days
  1. KWFinder Affiliate Program
  • Obtain a 30% lifetime commission for every referred user
  • Availability of robust software and accurate tracking
  • Provision of customized coupon codes and discounts for clients
  1. NinjaOutReach Affiliate Program
  • Flat and instant 50% commission for every referred user
  • Receive detailed guides and effective promo materials
  • Speedy payout setup via PayPal
  1. SpyFu Affiliate Program
  • Focuses on effective techniques to increase website traffic
  • Collects advice for using Adwords in campaigns
  • Remarkable backlink filtering services
  1. LinksManagement Affiliate Program
  • Achieves excellent earning opportunities for you and your clients
  • There are manual link placements for top-notch sites
  • Sends a $50 amount of credits to users referring to your affiliate link
  1. SEO Reseller Affiliate Program
  • Has professional reports which you can show to your clients
  • Benefits niche sites using an increased concentration on agents
  • A 6% commission and a lifetime assurance of cookie features
  1. SEOprofiler Affiliate Program
  • 30-day money-back guarantee during the free trial period
  • Chances to make a 20% commission for a customer’s advanced pay
  • First sale grants a 50% commission to your affiliate income
  1. WebCEO Affiliate Program
  • Figures out your sales and target while getting a flat commission
  • Converts numerous shoppers by employing cookies for a year
  • Gives access to a content submission tool to garner attention for content
  1. Rank Pay Affiliate Program
  • Let customers choose your keywords and gain monthly rates
  • Presence of performance-based SEO campaigns
  • Ability to contemplate on core competencies and enjoy packages
  1.  Benefit Box Affiliate Program
  • Creates a box for your to-do list or things that need to be accomplished
  • Redirects visitors using sports, food, veganism, and health or lifestyle themes
  • Possesses an interesting and convincing user interface
  1. SpyFu
  • Offers 3 types of plans with a 40% commission: Basic, Professional, and Team
  • The most lucrative program with a relatively low competition
  • A lot of affiliate commissions for its affordable membership fee
  1. TubeBuddy
  • Excellent aid in bulk processing, SEO, and video promotions
  • Inclusive of SEO tools and various maximum benefits
  • The most popular channel management tool and stream optimization
  1. SEMrush
  • Reliable when it comes to competitor analysis and keyword research
  • Has the biggest and most versatile database for an SEO tool 
  • Conducive to internet marketing plans like social media and video advertising
  1. Elegant Themes
  • Empowers your sites with inviting and meaningful content and themes
  • Contains the largest library of WordPress themes and clientele
  • Owns highly marketed plug-ins and immensely searched themes for blogs
  1. ConvertKit
  • Exclusively made for content creators and digital marketers
  • An outstanding e-mail marketing application for search impressions 
  • Ability to earn a recurring commission amounting to 30% for each client payment
  1. RoseHosting
  • An ever-booming business for server or website hostings
  • Collaborate with RoseHostings; have more payouts, renewals, and earnings
  • A couple of providers pay 80% for commission on the first year
  1. pCloud
  • Owns a huge consumer base and high conversion rates
  • Offers attractive commissions for as much as 20% on every payment
  • Large customer base and a bounty for cracking their encryption
  1. Shopify
  • Has one of the highest commissions for the e-commerce industry
  • On average, you gain $50 per signup with a 20% recurring commission
  • Established a “Partners Program” and powers 1 million online businesses
  1. Binance
  • A billion-dollar industry that pays you in the form of cryptocurrencies 
  • Each cryptocurrency purchase gives you a 40% commission
  • Payouts are not limited to cryptocurrency referrals; earn through trading too

Now that you can see why many online sellers love dropshipping for their local and international shipping concerns, and the affiliate programs that might work for your business, you can now say that juggling sales management, digital marketing, and data analysis won’t be as difficult as it was before.

Was this article helpful for you? Let us know what you think about dropshipping or affiliate programs by sharing your thoughts in the comments below!

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