Top 10 Best Email Marketing Affiliate Programs

Did you ever contemplate increasing your income by endorsing various products and services on your blog? Do you think just Instagram is possible? This is not true. From online training platforms to automation marketing services, there are several affiliate programmes to pay for your good word and new customers. Today, we are happy to share with you our affiliate programme.

Plus, we will also list additional practical email marketing software tools that can help you generate funds from your blog while doing good – individuals can discover a fantastic solution to your company’s difficulties using your advice.

How Do Affiliate Programs Work?

A simple language affiliate programme, where a company pays the affiliate the agreed fee for traffic/sales to the website, involves a transaction between a company and an editor, namely the company or two companies.

Here’s how in practice, things work out. First of all, you need to join up and wait a few days until the firm accepts your application. After you have been admitted as a member, you will receive the appropriate affiliate link. All you need to do now is link this on your website or blog and promote email marketing software-related consumers or companies to a tool or website.

Top 10 Best Email Marketing Affiliate Programs 

  1. Active Campaign  

Commission: 30%

Cookie: 90 Days

Active Campaign is a bundle of promotion, email marketing and sales services. The capabilities include communicating through Google Hangouts with respective target audiences, reaching potential customers via SMS messages, and tracking automatic activities using an automating map.

Customers may purchase by options, including delivering specific messages or tracking leads automatically. The email marketing aspect of this service has registration forms, interactive elements, and division testing capability.

More than 80,000 companies have assisted this firm thus far. The prices vary, depending on the package, from $9-229 per month.

The excellent choice of services and the diversity of options to pick from might persuade both owners and small businesses. The fee rate is also reasonable.

  1. ConvertKit

Commission: 33%

Cookie: 120  Days

ConvertKit offers software for email marketing to assist small company owners in increasing their target group. The services provide forms that allow visitors to choose from the internet sites on which they view email lists.

You can mark, segment, customize, and automate emails so you feel like talking to one person. The program is nicely integrated with companies like Zapier and Shopify.

The commission fee of 30 per cent is high. However, while making some adjustments to its affiliate program, ConvertKit has taken a temporary stand-in admitting new offer the benefits.

  1. ClickFunnels

Commission: 20%

Cookie: 30 Days

With a monthly recurring income, affiliates from ClickFunnels pay up to 40 -per cent of their affiliates, but they catch.

To qualify for the 40%, you must verify that, using your affiliate ID, you recruited at least 40 registered ClickFunnels users to paid members and have been customers for at least 30 days.

Without the evidence, you will not qualify for the repetitive compensation rate of 40 per cent a month.

As long as your referrals remain a ClickFunnels client, you will collect money at the Bank, and the affiliate program is set up in a reoccurring compensation plan.

Be aware that you must also apply to receive the 30% commission, similar to the 40% compensation category, by demonstrating your references.

  1. Constant Contact

Commission: $5 for all free trials

Cookie: 120 Days

Constant Contact’s affiliate marketing network gives RFID tags or smart labels even when customers subscribe to a free product.

If you convert a referral to a free trial, you get $5. And you will be paid an extra $105 fee if they become a paying Constant Contact Customer.

Like GetResponse, Constant Contact makes it easier for potential clients to promote their product by offering the materials used on your website.

These advertising and copying banners let you channel the message of Constant Contact on your page to fit your ideas.

You can also monitor how many visitors engage and how much you earn in compensation by utilizing a specialized dashboard for affiliate tracking.

  1. Gmail Sender Bot

Commission: Unknown 

Cookie: 30 Days

Gmail appears to be straightforward to use in retrospect. But many individuals struggle with how to do it and discover the missing part to enable their Gmail accounts to send emails using their Gmail bot sender difficultly. Here are the steps you need to do to utilize your Gmail account as an email transmitter for JotForm email notifications. These processes are broken into two stages, depending on if two-step verification is enabled or not.

  1. GetResponse

Commission: 33%

Cookie: 120 Days

GetResponse is an advertising and email system that supports features such as automatic marketing, landing sites, email and automation. The email campaigns are meant to provide a decent investment return so that small companies may develop.

With the most basic set, including email markets, infinite landing pages, and an entire sales funnel, prices start at $15 per month. Ultimately, such drugs cost company packages $1,199 per month. The Package Plus costs $49 per month, and the Packages Professionals expenses $99 every month.

Email marketing efforts are complemented by designing landing sites, organizing webinars, and establishing a sales funnel. Several tiny business people may draw this all-in-one solution. The fee rate for this program is one of the greatest I saw in this area for website owners.

  1. Aweber

Commission: 30%

Cookie: 365 Days

Aweber is an easy as well as a sophisticated online marketing platform. It offers to push, mailing, HTML templates, email, tagging, and a team member hub.

Aweber has a trial period of 30 days free of charge. Then the programme, with unlimited emails, costs roughly $20 per month for accounts with up to 500 members. Plans with additional features increase to 149 dollars a month for 10,0001-25,000 users, and a quotation option for corporations requiring more is available.

One good idea for website owners is that every time you shop, Aweber sends you an email.

Customers might be converted through a free trial period and a selection of options. The compensation rate is terrific for entrepreneurs, and the email purchase notification, are also excellent.

  1. Zoho Campaigns

Commission: 30%

Cookie: 120 Days

Zoho Partnership Program is the best way to support and reward Zoho for industry, business associations, educators, website owners, industry influencers, Zoho customers and other businesses that wish to promote Zoho. Get rewarded by just suggesting Zoho for generating sales. The commission you earn does not have an annual restriction, and there is no minimum sales restriction.

Marketers can quickly bring more leads and enhance their sales using a feature-rich platform like Zoho Campaigns to manage attractive email campaigns.

You can earn 15% of Zoho’s income from sales in the ensuing 12 months, assuming the reference stays with Zoho for at least 90 days for each qualified sale you make. You must not collect a fee for subsequent purchases of additional Zoho services provided by the customer.

After 90 days as a Zoho client, you will receive Commissions for each eligible sale. The commission is given to you according to the plan the customer has chosen.

When a qualifying consumer has signed a yearly subscription plan, you shall be entitled to a year-round commission.

  1. Sendinblue

Commission: 5€ free trials

Cookie: 90 Days

The affiliate marketing scheme of Sendinblue is generous since it compensates all customers that you send – even if you join up for their free account.

You will be given €5 for the Free Account, and €100 for the premium account, each member of the organization takes your affiliate marketing link to Sendinblue’s site to one of their tools.

Like so many other solutions on our list, Sendinblue tracks your links and graphics with every click to make sure that you are compensated when your client converts. Sendinblue utilizes Tapfiliate to detect precision clicks and to monitor fees in real-time.

You may also request the Agency Program of Sendinblue, where you may earn new clients and their regular expenditure charges. So your commission will increase when a consumer refers to Sendinblue upgrades its membership. Provision payments are also performed by PayPal or bank transfer every month.

  1. Moosend

Commission: 30%

Cookie: 60 Days

MoonMail is a stop shop communications provider with channels including WhatsApp, SMS, Voice and more, all-embracing email marketing. This firm promotes email marketing as cost-effective, easy to use it and outside spam folders.

The Lite Version costs around $21 a month, and the Starter Edition is about $149 a month. For Lite membership, there is a free 14-day trial and a 30-day return policy for those who are not satisfactory. Companies like Amazon, Nespresso and Warner Bros are using MoonMail.

Specific consumers might be converted by the ability to approach customers via email and other transmission media. The clients also have an excellent trial period and deferred payment.


Large and small companies are continuously seeking strategies to boost sales and improve their online impact. While content marketing is a terrific method to become noticed on the Web, email affiliates are also an excellent strategy for promoting your brand – and earning additional income without shouting about your products or services from the rooftops. It is a more subtle technique to entice them to click and buy. Email marketing is a terrific method to build a passive revenue stream while advertising your favourite companies.

The secret to choosing the ideal affiliate program for the email marketing industry is to know which program facilitates the promotion of your items and which structures are working for you.

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