Top 10 Chatbot Affiliate Programs

A few years ago, no one ever imagined that we would be using a tool that can converse with us just like a human. But boom !! here we are using chatbots for the same. The hype about chatbots has got a boost in the last 5 years, people are using NLP based chatbots in marketing and getting a good benefit out of it.

As the use of chatbots has increased, the manufacturers of it have also increased. And it has resulted in a lot of competition among chatbot developers and provider companies. However, it has been helping other businesses and users also to earn from the opportunity with their Chatbot Affiliate Programs.

Many companies offer an affiliate program for their chatbot. Anyone who brings them sales can get a lifetime benefit from it. However, the benefit differs from company to company based on their product pricing and offers.

So, here is a list of Top 10 Chatbot Affiliate Programs

1. Hellotars

Benefit: 30% of Annual / Monthly billing(s)

Hellotars being one of the most successful chatbot manufacturing firms, and it provides the highest benefit to their affiliates. Anyone can join their affiliate program, and it is for free. Moreover, they offer a dedicated dashboard that can help affiliates to monitor traffic that is redirected to tars through their affiliate link.

The reason why one can benefit the most with Tars even after getting a 30% share in total billing, just like most brands, is that their chatbot is among the costliest chatbot in the industry. Therefore, the amount that one can gain by affiliating tars is a lot higher than others.

Means, if you have the traffic of premium users who can invest pretty good in their marketing, then you should participate in Tars affiliation rather than any other.

2. Collect.Chat

Benefit: 30% of Annual / Monthly billing(s) + Additional $50 on Every 10th Customer

Alike tars, also offers a 30% commission in its affiliates program. The affiliate program is free for everyone. However, the charges and plans of their chatbot are less than half of the hellotars, so do the benefits that affiliates can earn from the commission.

Apart from the commission in the billing, also allows their affiliates to earn $50 bonus of every 10th customer that they close. So, if you have traffic or leads of start-ups or small businesses that can invest a bit in their marketing, then being an affiliate of can be a good option.

3. Pure-chat

Benefit: 35% of Annual / Monthly billing(s)

Although gives 35% commission to their affiliates; still, it doesn’t benefit as much as tars or That is because the prices of their chatbot are lesser than both. Also, doesn’t have as many features as other chatbots have.

However, can be said as the best choice who wants to buy simple and cheap chatbots for their marketing. Depending on the kind of traffic you get, this affiliate can help earn a lot.

4. MobileMonkey

Benefit: 20% of Annual / Monthly billing(s)

MobileMonkey is a subsidiary company of Mail Chimp, it offers an affiliate program for free on almost all of their product. It provides basic and pro plans at a very reasonable rate, so one can’t get much earning from it. 

However, it’s team plan pricing a lot higher than other plans. So, if you can get the sale on their team plan, then it can help you earn a very good commission.

5. Engati

Benefit: Sell on under your brand name

It is always believed that creativity in marketing plans is the key to a successful business. Engati must have considered this belief while creating their affiliate program. 

Just like other companies, Engati doesn’t offer a commission on the billing of such benefits in its affiliate program. In their affiliate program, you can sell their chatbot under your brand name by paying a basic license fee at whatever price you want. And to the company, you just have to pay the original price of their chatbot after the sale.

Engati’s affiliate program can’t just help you in earning money but can also help in branding you website.

6. Drift

Benefit: Drift exclusive prizes for every referral

Drift, being of the oldest in the field of conversational marketing, offers pretty attractive prizes in their affiliate marketing program. Based on the number of referrals you bring to them, the quality and type of prize improve consequently.

Also, after 10 referrals, there is no prize for referring drift products. The referral program is helpful mostly in the digital branding of your brand or website. It can help in getting your brand featured on the drift. However, the referral program is limited to a few countries, but they are expanding it to more countries.

7. Virtualspirits

Benefit: Not disclosed, contact them to know more about the benefits.

Virtualspirits offers chatbot at all price ranges from as low as $10 a month to $240 a month. It is among the most successful chatbot manufacturing firm and has worked with many huge enterprises also. They have an affiliate program, and to sign-up for the same, you will have to meet with their eligibility criteria.

Also, they have not revealed how they reward affiliates on successful sales. You may need to contact them for how they would be paying commission or affiliation charges.

8. Zoconvert

Benefit: Not disclosed, contact them to know more about the benefits.

Zoconvert is not as successful and popular chatbot manufacturer as others, but its features are quite amazing, especially for the e-commerce industry. Also, they offer an affiliate program. However, the benefits of the same are not disclosed.

You can contact them regarding knowing more about their affiliate program commission and benefits. Overall, if your website or brand has more of e-commerce entrepreneurs traffic, then using the Zoconvert affiliate program can be the most beneficial.  

9. Botpenguin

Benefit: Not disclosed, contact them to know more about the benefits.

Botpenguin being new still one of the fastest-growing chatbot manufacturing company in India. They provide services at very reasonable pricing and offer an affiliate program to allow others to earn through selling botpenguin chatbot through referrals.

However, the benefit of the referral program is now disclosed; you will have to contact them regarding the same to know more.


Benefit: Not disclosed, contact them to know more about the benefits.

Even after founded just two years ago, the company has achieved a lot of success. They provide chatbot with many attractive features, that too at a very reasonable price. The company’s pricing structure is a bit different than others in the industry. Also, they don’t offer a monthly plan option for businesses.

They do have partner and affiliate program, but its benefits and perks aren’t given, you will have to contact them regarding knowing more about it.


There are even more chatbot manufacturing industries that offer affiliate programs. You can choose one for your agency or website based on what kind of traffic you receive. These programs can surely benefit you a lot, as the benefits are for a lifetime by most of the company. 

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