Top 10 Best Financial Affiliate Programs

Affiliated programming is today’s most demanding opportunity. It is beneficial for brand sale and for finding a career. For the affiliate marketer, the most important thing is a platform. It is a platform only where one could run the affiliate programming campaign.

If it is about the financial affiliate program you need a secure platform. Today financial services are transparent and simple to use, thanks to the mobile financial system. For the financial companies, affiliated programming is like a boon for getting new customers, leads and sales.

Finance is something money management is done by the government and corporations. There are some organizations like Digital Fintech Solutions that offer thousands of financial products for the benefit of the user. This is available globally. However, at present these products are not possible without third party involvement. Here comes Affiliate programmer or affiliate marketer in the picture.

They recommend their products such as bank accounts, loans and credit cards. This creates brand awareness and the company gets profit. For this purpose, the company has to spend a lot of money. They have to offer a commission to the marketer person.

The benefit of choosing an affiliate programme:

  • Boost the reputation
  • Helps in expanding your audience
  • It is cost-effective
  • It rapidly scales the traffic

Top 10 Best Financial Affiliate Programs

1 BBVA Banks

This has been in business since 1964 and often changes their name many times. This financial service is providing savings accounts, business loans and a range of investment solutions. The Affiliate network of this bank is CJ Affiliate.

If you send enough traffic to their link you also get a negotiating commission separately. This provides extra income.

The duration of the cookies is TBC.

2 LifeLock:

Theft is a common problem in the financial era. Prevention of this crime is the only way to deal and for that LifeLock exists.

For unusual activities like change in credit file and address change, LifeLock monitors the account. Protecting people from cybercrime is also good enough and profitable.

They are providing various types of membership levels.

The commission rate is up to $110 per sale and the EPC is $310.08. The duration of the cookies is 30 days.

3 Barclays US Online saving:

This financial company is based in the UK which has been in operation since 1690. At present, it has 48 million customers in the world including the US. Due to advantage as mobile wallets boost financial inclusion, this program gains popularity.  

The EPC of this bank is high i.e. $906.78 and the commission rate is $2 per sale. The affiliate would need to refer hundreds of loan applicants.

Affiliates of Barcalys US online saving are making a lot of money. The cookies duration of this program is 45 days.

4 CIT bank:

CIT has been in operation since 1908. At the initial time, it works as a financier in St Louis, Missouri of local business.

There are numerous global conflicts and after that it gained strength.

To every qualified lead, CIT offers affiliates $100 which is plentiful as compared to other banks. If it takes you twice the effort, you will earn $10 commission.

One would never find such a high commission in any other banks. The commission rate is $100 per lead. The EPC is $579.87 which is high as compared to other platforms.

The cookie’s duration is about 30 days.

5 Peer Street:

It is a real estate investment company. In this affiliate programme, you can start your investment portfolio with just $1000.  

At this, the earning could be 3% per year and the money left in savings account. From the managed stock portfolio you can make 10% per year.

They make a bigger dent as compare to the people’s expectation. The EPC is $67.87 and the commission rate is $30 per lead.

The cookies duration of this program is 45 days.

6 Ally Invest:

There are so many financial products available at this platform. There is an investment program and online savings in which auto loans and home are included.

The main focus of their affiliate program is on the investment side.

It is a perfect platform because there is $900 including EPC and commission of $50 on every lead. This type of program requires access to those who are interested in day trading.

The commission rate of this affiliate program is $25 to $50 per lead. The EPC is $931.09 

which is enough. The cookie duration is 45 days.  

7 Lending Tree:

This site is featuring personal loans, home loans, insurance products and home loans. Though people can go to the lender then also they love this site.

The lending tree is adding value to your affiliate program portfolio. The commission rate of this platform is up to $70 per lead. The EPC value of this program is $336.67.

The cookie duration is 14 days.

8 USAA credit cards:

This platform caters to a specific niche. Additionally, with financial products like home insurance and auto loans, they offer health insurance, even retirements and investment plan.

Their few products are available as a part of a partnership with other providers. Under one roof, all the financial needs of a military family can get.

The affiliate can make $25 per lead as per the commission rate. The EPC is $60.72. The market is about 1.3 million active members and 21.8 million retired veterans.

The duration of the cookie is 30 days.

9 TurboTax

It is giant in the tax return industry, there are over 31 million users per year. One can earn up to 15% per successful referral. The commission rate is not huge here.

During tax season, most of the people are purchasing its services. The commission rate is a bit low as compare to other platforms. But they have to understand that they are marketing for intuit. In the finance sector, it is one of the programs to consider.

The cookie duration is about 7 days which is a little bit low but not bad.  

10 Discover Card:

It comes in the list of best credit card companies. They offer the card to students and people who are just starting to build credit. Their popular cards are Discover It and Discover Student which makes their affiliate programming profitable.

When someone you refer gets approved for a card, they offer a good commission.

If the reputable brand name is considered, Discover card is the best financial program. The commission rate is $20 per approved students card account and $40 per approved consumer account.

The cookie duration is not available. The customer has to use the provided link.

How to justify which financial affiliate program is best for you?

There are so many affiliate programs but to choose the right one is important. You have to choose that program which offers revenue to your business and value to your readers. Whichever you choose it should be worthy and bring out revenue.

Choosing the best financial affiliate program is mainly depending on your audience needs. Select that program which could bring out quality brands to your audience.


There are many financial affiliate programs available. There is an agency banking solution available for making the banking process simple. Due to this reason, the affiliated programming gains good popularity. The commission of every platform is different and as per the companies norms.  

We have shared the best financial affiliate programs platforms. Still, there is no limit and there are abundant platforms. Last but not least, you have to choose on your own.

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