Top 10 Best Translation Apps for Language Learners

If you want to learn different languages, then you have multiple options. But a translation app is the most effective one. It can translate one language to other languages within some fraction of a second. 

There are many free translating apps also available for both Android and IOS. A translation app can help you to notice distinct structural differences present between languages. Let’s discuss the top 10 best translation app:

Let us try to understand on the detailed reports which will enhance the best use of application on translation services. These are a kind of tools which will make the translations and other related services into an ease.

1. Translator with Speech

Translator with speech is quite an exciting and fun making app. When you start using this, gradually, you will start enjoying this because it has various recreational resources. 

Also, this is a user-friendly translation app, and you can become any language learner with the help of this entertaining app.  

You can translate both spoken and typed words. There is a more interesting feature also present in this app. It stores all previous translation history so that one can easily access those translation results. 

Also, for accessing these previous translation results, you do not need any internet connection. And there are seven such languages that are entirely supported by offline translations.

2. Translate Now

Translate Now is a fantastic app that covers enormous language. In this app, all features are not available for all languages. But still, there are more features present in each language, which is another reason to select this translation app for learners. 

It operates with both voice and text translation, so either you can write or speak to get your translation result. Also, it will give you your translated result within a fraction of time. While translating, it also reads back the translation, which makes things easier.  

3. Google Translator

Almost all are familiar with Google. It is just an easy app to translate as it only requires to search according to requirement. This is why more language learners like to use this app, as it is entirely a confusion-free app. 

Also, learners can instantly get a result by using this translation app. It has another fantastic feature, which permits a person to take photos of signs. 

Google Translators is an available in both application and web page. The process is very fast as within a fraction of second, the translation work finishes.

Even, the design can detect any language and translate to the desired language. It can obviously help you to translate 1000+ languages.

4. iTranslate

iTranslate is another fantastic app for language learners that works with over 90 different languages. This is also a free translation app. You can simply speak and get your required answers without taping the screen.

It can also slow down audio playback, which can help to reduce all pronunciation errors. And this app is relatively easy to use. This app can also translate any dictation, which is another excellent point. 

5. SayHi

SayHi is quite a popular app that is available only for iPad and iPhone users. Also, it is absolutely free to use. 

It provides translation facilities to 100 languages, also offering dialect support facility for many of those languages. Suppose you want to use this for conversation, then the speed of translated speech can also be slow down for better understanding.  

You can also use the “edit translation” feature, which will allow you to change your translation queries.  

6. Language Translator and Voice

Language Translator and Voice is an efficient app for language learners, tourists, and students. This app can translate text or voice from one language to other languages quickly, and effortlessly helps to make communication between people. 

If you like to travel, then this app can be your best bet. It will help you to eliminate all language barriers, and anyone can travel to any place without having any hesitation for communication. 

It covers nearly 100 languages. Suppose you are not sure that which language is being spoken, then this can easily detect that one and makes things simpler for you.

As, many search engine provides voice search as an important parameter as ranking parameter. This tool will help in translation of voice and language, which can identify the voice and helps in translate to desired language.

7. Naver Papago Translate

You can download this Free translator on both Android and iOS devices. And, you can get this app with a phrasebook and translation. It can also perform image translations. 

Users can operate this app in different modes such as offline, automatic currency conversion, conversation, etc. Also, it supports speech and text translations for 13 different languages.

8. Travel Phrasebook

The Travel Phrasebook app is a suitable app for all travelers. Most of the time, travelers are in a hurry, so they need an instant translation app like Travel Phrasebook. 

It helps travelers with all real words and phrases, which travelers can access at any time. One more interesting fact of this app is that all basics are very clearly mentioned. Moreover, this is a user-friendly app to use for all travelers. Also, for language learners, this app reduces all pronunciation issues.

9. Microsoft Translator

This Free language translation app is available for both iPhone and Android devices. It also supports image and camera translation. Along with that, it supports text translations for 64 different languages and allows speech translation for 21 languages. 

It will provide you with pronunciation guides and a phrasebook. If you want to enable offline use, then you need to download different language packs. 

10. Linguee

This app supports text translations for ten languages. You can enjoy its predictive translation search, which can help you to get a quick result. It also has an offline mode for all its ten languages. 

Along with that, it comes with an audio pronunciation guide, which is recorded by best professionals. It is one of the reliable and fast, free language translator app. So many language learners prefer to use this app.


These apps, as mentioned earlier, can help you with different language translations so that you can quickly learn different languages. As Translation services has a huge impact in modern world the knowledge on this application will be more helpful.

This can also help a learner to know how different languages are conveying messages in different styles. 

Also, it will help you to gain broader knowledge and information about languages. Learning different languages is quite essential for empathetic and effective communication between separate cultures. 

Therefore, a good translation app can help you to gain a more practical idea in this field. You can also use these apps at any place on the globe.

Since this is a crucial thing to learn, so a language translation app is necessary. This will also improve your translation skill and create cultural awareness.

There are different apps available for iPhone and Android. At the time of downloading, you can go through these things.

These applications are available in both free and paid version. Be optimistic in checking the process of app and the services you will be requiring in terms of translate.

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