Top 10 Digital Marketing Company in Chandigarh (Tricity)

Chandigarh, known for its beauty and technology, is also advancing in digital marketing. Many firms there assist businesses in boosting their online presence. Choosing the right digital marketing company might be tough due to the options, but it’s crucial for businesses looking for online success.

Benefits of Hiring a Digital Marketing Agency:

  1. Expert Skills at Your Fingertips: Get a team of skilled marketers without hiring full-time staff. They handle everything, even if you’re not an expert.
  2. Save Time, Focus on Core: Let experts handle marketing, so you focus on your main business. Digital marketing can be time-consuming, but with pros, you don’t worry.
  3. All-in-One Solution: A digital marketing agency covers SEO, PPC, and more. They create and manage different campaigns all in one place.
  4. Boost Online Presence: Online marketing is key. Agency helps build strong online presence, reaching and targeting your audience effectively.
  5. Gain Fresh Insights: Agency adds skills, offers new perspectives, and unbiased advice. They can help with decisions and keep you well-informed.

Top 10 Digital marketing services in Chandigarh

1. Webomaze

Webomaze is considered as one of the leading digital marketing services in Chandigarh. They are first certified partner of Google in Chandigarh. Having various branches in several places like Accra, Lagos Nairobi this company known as one of the best internet-marketing firm. Their services include, Media Services, Brand management, Content creation, PPC Advertising Social Media Marketing, Digital Marketing, Internet Marketing, Mobile Marketing, Inventive Development, Web analysis , Customer Insights and SEO. They worked with some top brands like Unilever, Vodacom, Knorr, and Diamond – Your Bank.

2. Digital Series

Digital Series mainly focus on product development but they also provide digital marketing agency in Chandigarh. Having professional expert team, this company made its position in top digital marketing firms in Chandigarh.  They are offering various services such as UX Design + Technology, Media Planning and Buying, Digital Strategy and Digital Marketing, Content Creation and Marketing, Social Media Marketing, ORM + Strategic Communications. They have served many brands like Access, Coca Cola, P&G, Cussons, British Council, United Bank for Africa, First Bank, Etisalat, GT Bank, Adidas, glo, Interswitch, MTN, Airtel, Bournvita, Diamond, Emirates Holidays, Master Card, and House on the Rock.

3. Curvearro

What makes Curvearro different from others is their unique African instincts and way of working. Street Toolz established in 2011 and well known for their working nature as they merely focuses user experience, engagement, and not only advertising. With its inception in the year 2011, Street Toolz focuses on user experience & engagement and not merely advertising. Thay believe and efforts to make valuable user base for client and make brands that long lasting. The main services they provide are digital marketing and content creation. They had worked with top brands like World Bank Group, Property Mart, British Council, Grand Cereals, Grenadines Homes, and much more.


CIDM recognized as an inventor of digital marketing field in Chandigarh. Having keen expertise in the world of digital marketing Giga Lagos worked with so many top brands. They are always updated about current marketing strategies and serve them at best prices to client. Be it content marketing, branding, Search Engine Optimization, social media marketing, Digital PR, web development, digital marketing, and campaigning Giga lagos has everything in their marketing bundle. They have number of top brands in their clients list namely

5. Ownly Digital

Ownly Digital is a digital agency specialized in SEO, SEM (online advertising), social networks, email marketing, and web design, Product Innovation & Development, ORM and Data Analytics. It has mostly recognized company in Chandigarh and have growing clients with their dedicate work. Finally, an agency has the Google Partners certificate


Vishyat online marketing agency in Chandigarh, is reputed to be one of the most creative and daring of the scene. It is well known, due to its extent and its involvement with the client, since it is focused on improving the reputation of brands as part of its catalog of services and its commitment to the customer. They served top class services to brands like First City Monument Bank, Dynamo Delay, Next Vitamins and Top Natural Healthcare.

7. Webi Solution

Webi Solution digital marketing firm was establish in 2009 and awarded as a best digital agency in the year of 2015. They are a great choice for the advice and training of new entrepreneurs, as well as for more developed companies, so that in this way client can predict and plan the strategy to follow with his business. They deal with services like Search Engine Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Content Creation, Mobile Marketing, Strategy & Planning etc. They have top brands in their client list such as Philips, Pampers, Amstel, Star Shine On, Legend, Heineken, and Goldberg.

8. The Marketer

The Marketer agency offers comprehensive online marketing services of the highest quality. They stand out above all, their creative marketing and web design, through which they offer personalized solutions of great quality to each client with which to achieve a correct organic ranking. They provide ample of digital marketing services from Email marketing, social media marketing, Search Engine Marketing, Web Development, Mobile Marketing, content marketing, online advertising, and ORM.

9. Purusartha Works

Purusartha Works is a marketing agency in Chandigarh, which specialized mainly in the branding services. They are very dedicated in the management of social networks and in the creation of graphics and quality content for these, although they also touch other services like web designing and development, logo designing, corporate identity etc. Heritage Place, My ads, Speed Space, Lush Flamingo and Posh by Asabi are a few names to say from their big clientele list.

10. Easy Web Plans

Easy Web Plans Social Media Agency of Chandigarh has as one of its main missions the digitization of brands in the online world. To do this, they offer comprehensive Digital marketing solutions to their clients, including web ranking strategies, online marketing, and creative marketing on social networks. They mostly had known to provide performance driven web design and development. Ruff ‘n’ Tumble, FCMB, Oasis Group, Ephesians, 923 are few Clients to say and a lot more.

So, above are some top 10 digital marketing services we recommended from Chandigarh. We hope it will surely help you whenever required and do let us know your opinions. Also  If you would like to add a company that you consider most appropriate in the ranking of Top SEO Companies in Chandigarh, Please suggest it click here

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