Top 10 PPC Services Delhi NCR, PPC Management Company India

Top 10 PPC Services Delhi NCR, PPC Management Company India

Digital marketing is not only the need but also the focus of the new India. Pay Per Click advertising is one of the domains of digital marketing and advertising that offers instant results. In comparison to methods such as Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Social Media Marketing (SMM) and Content Marketing, PPC offers an immediate solution to your digital marketing requirements.

That being said, PPC is a resource-intensive way of promoting your product or brand. You pay for clicks, impressions and type of ads you invest in. From the looks of it PPC advertising might seem simple but the nuisances of how an effective campaign works to target the most relevant audience giving you the highest ROI can be a nightmare. Your best bet is to hire a PPC company that can handle your marketing requirements, create an appropriate campaign that suits your budget and save you from making the wrong decisions. We have picked the top 10 PPC companies in Delhi for you that have proven their value as the reliable digital marketing partners for brands, businesses and bloggers.

1. Tech Magnate

One of the leading digital marketing companies in India, Techmagnate offers a complete suite of website design & development and digital marketing solutions. Over the years the company had helped hundreds of clients meet their PPC needs with high-performance services enabled by an innovative mindset. The brand is a complete 306degree PPC agency that helps you set up an entire digital marketing strategy customized according to your budget. Their team of experts provides unmatched services to offer maximized results. Whether you are an established brand or a startup working on a product that needs to be promoted to the target audience, you can count on Techmagnate’s PPC services to provide you with the much needed digital advertising services.  

2. AdGlobal360 

Another reliable name for pay per click services in Delhi is AdGlobal360 which is a company making headlines for its optimally priced PPC services. With a team with unmatched talented to handle your digital advertising requirements, the company can help hundreds of its customers to make the best revenue out of their PPC spending.

If you are struggling with promoting or expanding your business, AdGlobal360 can help you tap on the vast potential of PPC marketing and increase sales and conversions for your business in the shortest period possible. One of the top one-stop digital marketing solution provider, the company has been regularly generating maximum returns for its customers via Google Adwords, Bing ads and Display ads. The secret of the success of their PPC services lies in the highly expert team that audits every PPC campaign thoroughly and improvise them to match customer’s goals.

3. Page Traffic

One of the mammoths of the Indian digital marketing diaspora, Page Traffic was founded in 2002, a time with digital marketing was an alien domain in the country. Ever since the company has been able to implement innovative ideas to provide the best suited digital marketing solutions for brands and companies. Because of their highly trained experts and the ability to provide unmatched PPC returns to the clients, Page Traffic is regarded as one of the top PPC companies in Delhi as well as India. The company provides services on a global level and goes beyond Google Adwords and Bing Ads.

By continuously upgrading their portfolio the company can keep ahead of the competition. The PPC team here is known to best understand the requirements of the clients and create PPC campaigns that best match the goals and needs of the customers. Along with PPC services, Page Traffic offers other digital marketing solutions as well.

4. SeoEaze

SeoEaze is in the domain of digital marketing for over a decade now. Over the years the brand has established itself as one of the best PPC company in Delhi NCR with its portfolio of complete digital marketing services that go beyond paid advertising and include content marketing, social media marketing, SEO services, Website design and development and more. Recipient of awards like Silicon India Award for best Inbound Marketing company and one of the Digit’s Top 30 Digital Marketing Companies in India, SeoEaze has been able to evolve as per the changing demands of the digital realm creating PPC solutions that are unmatched.

Their team of expert digital marketers help you get the best ROI on your PPC investment by optimizing the click-through rate and conversions. Furthermore, the company customizes its PPC solutions as per your individual needs so you can count on SeoEaze to offer you the best PPC advertising services within your budget.


YNG Media is a company that has worked with some of the honchos of Indian industries like the Zee Network, Ferns N Petals, H2O+, Lotto, Satya Paul and the list is a lot longer.

The accredited client base is enough to understand how deeply rooted the company is in the domain of digital marketing. Continuously challenging and beating the competition in pay per click advertising domain, YNG media can sell itself as one of the best PPC companies in India. The focus on the company is not only on elitist brands but also on small-scale companies and startups who are struggling to find reliable PPC services that fit their budget. If you want bang for your PPC bucks, YNG Media is a brand that you can trust to provide you support throughout the digital advertising campaigns and help you understand how you can make the most money out of your investments.

6. Brand Hype

In India, digital marketing companies are in abundance but the challenge is to narrow down on the brands that can fulfil your advertising requirements with minimum hit & trial. Brandhype is one of the top PPC companies in Delhi that is able to provide its customers with the much needed PPC advertising boost without blowing off their money.

Backed with years of experience and success that boosted sales and leads for hundreds of clients, the company bets big on its skilled professionals who help clients realize their business goals. Not only for PPC campaigns but the brand has solutions for SMO, SEO, content marketing and display platforms.

7. Webdhoom 

Webdhoom plays the game in the industry to reach the level of the top-most PPC company in Delhi by taking businesses to the next level. With decades of experience and a staff with the skillset to compete with the best digital advertising companies in the country, Webdhoom is continuously growing year-on-year becoming one of the best most successful pay per click service provider in Delhi NCR.

Whatever might be your digital advertising needs-creating brand awareness, generating more sales, garnering leads or appealing to the youth, the company makes best of the PPC campaigns to reduce the gap between the success your dream. In our review, we found Webdhoom has consistently delivered optimal PPC solutions to a wide range of global clients.

8. PPC Champ

Not just a catchy name, but a reliable brand too, PPC Champ are a group of expert PPC marketers rather than just another digital marketing company. Having served over 4000 clients in India and across the globe, the company has established itself as one of the most eligible PPC management brands for small-scale businesses as well as enterprises.

Struggling with your PPC campaign management is futile when you have the option to hire the budget-friendly PPC Champ pay per click services. The team is highly skilled in creating PPC campaigns that are structured incredibly well to help client’s reach the maximum potential within limited time and without getting over budget.

9. Problab Technologies Pvt. Ltd

A digital marketing company that has its base in Chandigarh but still is one of the top PPC companies in Delhi NCR is Problab Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

Offering the whole suite of online marketing services, the company focuses on PPC advertising for clients who want to achieve their goals within a limited time span and create instant brand awareness, recognition, qualified leads and overall success within the industry. As a fast-evolving advertising agency, the company is able to help clients broaden their reach and get maximum ROI on their PPC investments through data-driven digital marketing approach.

10. EZ Rankings 

EZ Ranking is serving clients in India and globally for more than a decade. The company specializes in offering quality PPC services that include local PPC, nation and international PPC and also responsive lead-generation web products. Through their expert digital marketing solutions, the company has been able to help many clients reach their goals. Also, the company has unmatched ability to generate and improve organic traffic for the clients through PPC advertising, SEO and SMO.

If you want a PPC company that offers PPC solutions that surpass your expectations and you outperform your competitors, EZ Rankings is the brand you can trust.


PPC advertising and management is complicated. With changes brought every day, you need the assistance of experts to reach your goals by implementing the best PPC practices. These are the top 10 PPC companies in Delhi that can help you make most of your PPC spending.

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