20 Best SEO Podcasts Every Marketer Should Listen

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is one of the best practices used by marketers and business professionals these days to gain quantity and quality of traffic to their website. The technique helps brand generate leads through increasing awareness and driving more traffic from organic search engine results. With search engines like Yahoo, Bing and Google constantly changing their search engine algorithms, it becomes essential for brands to be updated with the latest SEO trends. 

We have already seen the  ‘Top 20 Digital Marketing Podcasts That Every Marketer Must Listen To’, now to optimize on a niche, one must strive to enhance the SEO ranks of their brands. It is critical to be informed about every update and be in alignment with the continuously changing process for SEO. For leveraging the full potential of this technique, timing is really important to stay ahead of the competition. Hence, to gain knowledge about this technical strategy, SEO podcasts are the newly popular and growing way to consume content. They are excellent learning tools, as it is easy-to-consume content in that form. It can help save reading and studying time. As a listener, it requires minimal effort from your side and yet helps gain knowledge and learn. 

Niche authorities, industry leaders and experts use podcasts as mediums to share their tips, latest practices and updates. You can listen to podcasts while travelling or while having lunch and it gives you skills quickly and efficiently. In a dynamic industry, listening to podcasts is the best alternative for people who want to learn how to improve their SEO without spending too much time on it. In this article, we talk about some great SEO podcasts that every digital marketer and SEO professional should listen to.  

Why Are SEO Podcasts Important?

In a rapidly changing world, to stay ahead and in the front line, being updated and having continuous improvement is crucial for acing the SEO of your website. The podcasts are conducted by professionals and well-known experts who can give you insights and tricks to ranking, keywords, and more SEO specific stuff. Many podcasts also have case-studies and detailed data from real-life scenarios that might help you frame further strategies. Podcasts are considered as one of the best ways to learn SEO methods, if you are an expert in the field, you might consider to start your own podcast.

SEO is not just a one-time thing, it is a continuous process that the brands need to keep a tab on a regular basis. Adapting the new trends quickly helps in gaining a competitive advantage and getting better rankings in SERPs. Considering all this, you want to make the most out of these podcasts, and here’s how you can do that:

  • Capture information – When listening to information, you want to ensure to note down all the relevant points. Keep a pen and paper handy or use notes on your device to list down all the ideas that spark when you are listening to the podcast.
  • Save Episodes – Podcast episodes might have really useful information that you may not need at the moment or would wish to refer in the future. Save those important ones before they get lost in the shuffle. 
  • Share with your team – You can collaborate and get keep some really cool insights from these podcasts when shared with your other team members. It can expose you to more perspectives and enrich the discussion.
  • Focus on valuable content – Not every podcast or the sections in the podcast will be relevant for you. Don’t waste your time on uninteresting or repetitive content. Skip episodes or sections that are irrelevant and not adding value to you. 
  • Check the playback speed – A lot of podcast platforms allow you to change the speed of the podcast. Consume the content at the speed of your understanding. Speed it up for consuming quicker or slow it down to take notes, remember the aim of listening to the podcast is to consume content and gain insights.
  • Leverage show notes – Many podcasts provide notes including links and details about the hosts for reference to the listeners. Taking a look further into these will allow you to know more about the topics that fascinate you.

With so many podcasts available online, it becomes difficult to select the best ones. While we are going to present the best SEO podcasts present on the web, this is the general criteria that one should keep in mind when selecting a podcast to listen to:

  • SEO related – Podcasts cover vast topics, from digital to content marketing. Look for specific episodes that largely focus on SEO related content to get more specific information that you as an SEO professional might find helpful. 
  • Regularly updated – SEO is a continuous process and therefore look for podcasts that are in sync with the current trends and recent information. Ignore podcasts that are dated way back to avoid outdated content. 
  • Reviewed by the SEO community – Look for podcasts that are recommended by other SEO professionals or group community members as they might have more authentic and credible content to rely on.

The Best Seo Podcasts

If you are someone who is fascinated by all-things SEO, consider subscribing to these podcasts featured in the list below.

  1. SEO 101

One of the best podcasts on Search Engine Optimization, it provides information to beginners from the basics without getting too technical. Hosted by Ross Dunn and John Carcutt, the podcasts give you detailed information on SEO, link building, and overallonline marketing with making you feel too overwhelmed. One of its merit is that it is regularly updated, hence ensures that you can in line with the current trends.

  1. Edge Of The Web

An award winning weekly SEO podcast, it is hosted by an SEO expert, Erin Sparks and features various other top industry names as guest speakers. In this interview style format, new guests every week highlight a range of informative topics to the listener. The podcast covers latest news and trends in the digital marketing field including SEO, social media, content and more. 

  1. Authority Hacker Podcast

The Authority Hacker Podcast, hosted by Gael Breton and Mark Webster focuses mainly on topics like SEO and marketing. The content presented is simple and in an easy to understand format for the audience. In an informal chat they dicuss various technical topics, along with answering challenging questions from their listeners. An insightful podcast as the hosts share their first-hand experience of building authority website and valuable insights of running an online business. 

  1. Search Engine Journal Show

Hosted by Brent Csutoras, Danny Goodwin, and Loren Baker, the Search Engine Journal Show focuses on various topics like SEO, PPC, social media, content marketing, and digital marketing. The hosts interview various experts and industry leaders on techniques and discuss in-depth details on the mentioned subjects. They follow a journalistic interview format, largely focusing on content from the guests, however, the hosts also give their inputs from their experiences and opinions.

  1. SEO Podcast: The Unknown Secrets of Internet Marketing

Known as the longest running and the most authoritative podcast in the field, it has all the topics related to internet marketing including SEO, PPC, Email Automation, and social media marketing. It addresses a range of audience from beginners to experts who are looking to leveraging SEO for growth of their brand. It includes tips and tricks to increase the SERPs of your website. The podcast is known to be informative as well as entertaining. 

  1. Search On Tap

The name ‘Search on Tap’ refers to the format in which the podcast is presented, a round-table discussion while having beers. It is hosted by Ralph Durso, Pat Reinhart, and Stephan Bajaio who invite various thought leaders for a casual yet informative discussion. They cover a range of topics including SEO, Content, and Digital Marketing and give valuable insights from their experiences and relevant examples from the field.

  1. SEObits

SEObits targets small business owners by presenting small changes that can help them to rank better on Google. Host Rebecca Gill shares insigths and examples from her 15 years of real-world experience and at times invites guests over to share their viewpoints. An ongoing relatively new series of weekly podcasts, she has bite-size content on topics in form of 15 minutes long episodes.

  1. Search Talk Live

SEO experts and hosts Robert O’Haver and Matt Weber share their first-hand and years of experience in the field of SEO and digital marketing in general. They offer unique industry insights to the users and answer the questions raised by them. They advice you and give information on everything related to digital marketing mainly on SEO, social media, and Paid Advertising.

  1. Experts on the Wire

SEO consultant, Dan Shure hosts this monthly SEO podcast where he invites guests and talks in detail about everything SEO, technical challenges, growth stories, mobile SEO, eCommerce, crawling, content marketing, etc. Latest industry topics covering SEO and other digital marketing areas are discussed in an interactive manner by answering questions and running contests to engage the audience.

  1. TechSEO Podcast

Hosted by Dan Taylor and Adam Gent, Technical SEO podcast is named as the one of the best podcasts to master SEO by Ahrefs. While most cover a wide variety of topics, this podcast is specific to SEO and focuses on technical SEO and link-building tactics. They invite guests who are SEO experts in each episode to provide actionable insights.

  1. The Recipe for SEO Success

As the name suggests, the show focuses on SEO technicals to optimize your online presence and gain success. The host, Kate Toon educates the audience about the best SEO tactics and focuses on other digital marketing topics too. In a few episodes she invites and interviews various industry experts. Specially recommended for SEO beginners, as the podcast covers the basics of SEO and is presented in a simple and easy to understand manner.

  1. MozPod

As their tag line says ‘Learn best practices from real SEOs’, this podcast is hosted by Brian Childs whose aim was to create easy to consume content in this world overloaded with information. It is an interview-style podcast where he invites SEO and marketing professionals to throw some light and share valuable insights on the topics. It is an informative podcast that has evergreen content and caters to the SEO beginners too.

  1. The In Search SEO Podcast

The In Search SEO Podcast by Rank Ranger is a weekly podcast hosted by Mordy Oberstein. The podcast focuses on latest industry trends and questions, and is said to be informative yet humorous and lively. The information presented helps you with framing winning SEO strategies and get a better understanding of Google’s algorithm. They discuss about news and other interesting topics that always leaves the reader with valuable to learn.

  1. SEO is Dead and Other Lies

Hosted by Paul Warren and Ryan Klein, this podcast gives easy-to-use tips and tricks on SEO and link building. A weekly podcast, the hosts present you with some useful SEO strategies on SEO subjects like local SEO and other digital marketing areas. A good podcast to follow, as they discuss and keep you updated with latest digital marketing trends that you should optimize on.

  1. The SEO Life Podcast

The SEO life podcast has 40 minute to one hour long episodes that are dedicated to help you get better SEO results by presenting actionable advice that will enable you to optimize your SEO and improve the visibility of your website. Host Nathan Gotch interviews some of the industry experts  to get their views and tips related to SEO. A few examples of their episodes are “How to spend less time doing SEO”, “High Impact vs. Low Impact SEO actions” and “Why overthinking kills your SEO results”. Listen keenly to all their episodes to get huge SEO results.

  1. Voices of Search

Largely focusing on SEO and Content marketing, the Voices of Search podcast is hosted by Benjamin Shapiro. The content of the podcast surrounds around having actionable strategies and presents insights on learning new ways to grow your online business through leveraging your data. A good podcast to follow if your aim is to be in line with the dynamic changing world of SEO and content, along with knowing the details and technicals of SEO, as the host keeps you updated about the current trends.

  1. Frugal SEO

Targeting small businesses and bloggers, this podcast mainly focuses on SEO but spills details on everything that helps drive traffic to your website, generate more quality leads and grow your business organically. Host Nicolás Forero invites experts as guests to teach the audience about SEO techniques specific to various platforms like Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn and YouTube SEO.

  1. Local SEO Tactics 

To help service businesses get ahead of their competitors and increase their search engine visibility for driving more traffic, hosts Jesse Dolan and Bob Brennan share their digital marketing strategies and local SEO tactics with the listeners. They give you insights on the whole process from getting website ranked to identifying ideal customers to converting those leads into customers. Each episode highlights proven methods and actionable ideas that the small businesses can use to grow and get new customers. 

  1. Building Online Empires

The podcast is hosted by Dom Wells, the HumanProofDesigns founder, who acknowledges and spreads awareness about some of the common SEO issues that a majority of people have trouble with. The main topics covered this podcast are SEO and affiliate marketing. The aim of the podcast is to educate people about building business models that can be used to monetize their websites. Various people from SEO community are invited to share tips, methods, stories, and values with the audience. The host addresses questions of the audience and also features case studies in certain episodes. 

  1. Webcolog

Two web-marketers, Jim Hedger and Dave Davies conduct this podcast in an interview style format with various high-profile guests or panels. The podcast focuses on various segments of the web marketing world work including search engine optimization. They have been hosting this show for last 10 years in a weekly series. They present tips and tricks in a details, fun and genuine manner.

Consider your level of expertise and knowledge before you start listening to and subscribing to these podcasts. Regularly listening to all of these podcasts might be impossible, hence, make a right choice and select a show that might genuinely add value and present you with actionable content. 

When is comes to SEO keeping yourself updated about the ever-changing shifting dynamics is really crucial. Something that worked 2 months ago, but not give you the same results today, hence every marketer should play a podcast now and be updated about the latest trends to get the most optimum results. We hope you add some of the recommended SEO podcasts above to your collection. Happy Listening!

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