Top 10 Influencer Marketing Agencies & Platforms for Your Campaigns

What Is Influencer Marketing and What Is Influencer Marketing Platform?

Influencer marketing is one of the most prevalent tools of digital marketing as of date. On social media, influencers act as the marketing centers that communicate a marketing message to their followers. Influencer marketing used to be a fairly simple and personal process at the beginning where brands would simply approach people with abundant followers to spread the message across. But the marketing tool flourished quickly and is now one of the most effective marketing tools employed by companies.   

Influencer marketing is to use influencers to communicate and spread awareness about a brand to convert consumers into customers and increase sales. Influencer marketing allows companies to reach out to a particular target audience. It is fairly easy to determine the correlation between the composition of an influencer’s follower base and the target audience that a brand is aiming to communicate to. This direct reach to the target audience is one of the key factors that make influencer marketing so effective in many ways. 

Influencer marketing, as we already mentioned, has flourished so much that it has now become a full-fledged industry. Influencer marketing is now an official category of marketing with specialized agencies recommending and facilitating the most effective way to conduct it. These are called influencer marketing platforms. 

Why Influencer Marketing Platforms Are Important? 

Influencer marketing platforms are becoming more and more important and practical with time. It can seem like influencer marketing is a fairly simple process but as far as companies are concerned, it is a fairly complex process and needs professional assistance. It is possible to personally contact these influencers and carry out your influencer marketing campaign. But it is not as simple as that.

For an influencer marketing campaign to be successful, the most important factor is to select the right influencer. Selecting the right influencer is not simply about going for someone with a lot of reach. 

It means to go for someone with adequate reach. This selection of suitable influencers is all about the demographics. There are thousands of influencers available and companies can’t sort these demographics on their own.

This is why influencer marketing platforms are important. They make relevant data available to the companies and also give suggestions of adequate influencers who are suitable for the campaign. 

Not just the composition and demographics of the follower base, but it is also important to analyze the image and personality of an influencer and determine whether or not it resonates with the brand image and the nature of the product. 

Apart from these, data related to any influencer fraud committed by the influencers is also important. This means the unethical practices carried out by influencers to reflect a higher number of followers. Like buying followers or accumulating followers from fake accounts etc. 

Investing in influencer marketing with these relevant data can hinder your efforts. 

So talking about influencer marketing, here is a list of top influencer marketing agencies that you should check out : 


Confluencr is based out of Mumbai & is a burgeoning influencer marketing agency making it big in the digital space. They work as an intermediary between brands & influencers to help brands get the best out of influencer marketing campaigns.

At Confluencr, you will find proficient influencer marketers who can help any & every brand scale using the best influencer marketing tactics. 

They work keenly on every step of the process to ensure everything is done perfectly. They help brands adapt healthier strategies that can help them scale on social media. Besides that, they curate innovative influencer marketing campaigns & get the best influencers in the niche to work with their brands. They make sure that every piece of content posted about the brand is up to par & will add value to the brand’s image online. 

They ensure the smooth execution of every campaign to bring their clients the best results. If you are looking for the best influencer marketing agency, your search ends at Confluencr.


Walnut folks is a result-oriented digital media agency based in India. This is a one-stop solution for all your brand-related solutions. They have expertise in all things related to brand endorsement and have an excellent network of domestic influencers that will suit your brand. Not only that they help you in making the right influencer choice, but also track your marketing efforts and marketing content. 


Heepsy is an extremely useful and efficient influencer marketing platform that allows you to access the database of over 7 million influencers. 

These databases include all the demographics of the influencer’s follower-base that is required to plan a marketing strategy. 

Not only that but it also gives you information about the brand collaborations that the influencer has done in the past and is doing at the moment. 

This platform also lets you communicate to the influencers and let you use a free trial to get accustomed to the features after which you can upgrade to the paid version. 


This is also an extremely innovative platform that is specially designed for small businesses to get the job done at a lower cost. 

The platform provides a database of over 750k influencers and also advanced filters to filter the appropriate influencer to suit your campaign. 

This is ideal for solo businessmen and start-ups. 


This one is particularly meant for bigger businesses. This platform allows you to reach out to influencers who are also looking for work and want to collaborate with you. This is a little more sophisticated than most other platforms. This platform allows you to find influencers through keyword searches and has an elaborate database of influencers. 


This is a multi-purpose platform that allows you to interact with and find suitable influencers, affiliates, and employees to work with and endorse your products.

The key factor of this platform is that it lets you keep track of each influencer and their performance from the dashboard. It also lets you find out which influencer is getting you the best results. This platform also provides a free demo. 


Onalytica helps your company to discover influencers and create great marketing content. It is best suitable for medium and large businesses and has a database easily available for over 700k influencers. It might be a little hard to set-up, but there is a free version available for trial before you can make up your mind. 


This platform is known for being able to select the perfect influencer for your brand after analyzing the brand image and an influencer whose personality and values resonate with your brand. Hence, the recommendations are extremely relevant. This is best suited for large businesses. This platform is extremely easy to use and manage influencers. 


Tidal lab automates your influencer workflow and helps you connect with, regulate, and manage your influencer network. It has an extremely functional AI-powered feature to discover influencers. It allows you to rate the content created by influencers and also to review and rate them. It is suitable for big businesses and enterprises. Although it has extremely great features, it is said to be a little more expensive than most other platforms. 


Cision is one of the most elaborate influencer platforms available. It allows you to access the database of over 1.4 million influencers from around the world. It is most suited for large businesses and enterprises. It shows the demographics of the influencers and their follower-base on Twitter. This covers a wide variety of influencers including journalists. 

  1. CAPTIV8

This is influencer marketing that allows you to find exactly the right influencers for your marketing objectives and suit your product or services. It has an extremely large database available regarding the influencers and also allows you to handle and regulate all marketing activities and aspects of your marketing campaign from the platform. It is mostly suitable for large businesses. 

  1. FOHR

The most attractive feature of this platform is how simple it has been made to find the influencers. It has an extremely advanced searching system that can filter influencers based on several factors including their reach, their follower-base, their location, etc. This is mostly suitable for large businesses. It provides the database for over 100k influencers. 

This everything that you need to know about influencer marketing platforms, including the top picks for the same. 

Top 10 Influencer Marketing Platform

Like we already discussed, the success of an influencer marketing campaign vastly depends on the platform on which it is done. Platforms determine the audience’s engagement with your content. Here are the top-10 platforms for influencer marketing – 


Instagram has become the marketing-hub of all social media. Instagram has the best youth engagement when compared to any other platform. Instagram has features that are specially designed to support all marketing activities. Instagram is as much a market as much as it is an entertainment platform.


Youtube also has an extremely functional and evolved network of influencer marketing. With there is a wide scope of consistent marketing, one influencer associates with a brand and promotes it with its content regularly. 


Twitter has an interesting format for influencer marketing. As the platform is less visual and more vocal/verbal, the platform has opinion leaders more than influencers. Even then it is one of the best places for influencer marketing.


Facebook at one point was the best spot for influencer marketing. It went significantly lower on the list after the emergence of other social media platforms like Instagram. But even now it has a very high number of users and has an extremely active network of influencers


Snap is especially famous for influencer marketing. This is because Snapchat was probably the first application to make everyday celebrity interactions so easy with stories and snap features. Celebrities like Kylie Jenner have used Snapchat widely before other platforms were available. 


LINKEDIN has an extremely interesting zone of marketing and especially influencer marketing. LinkedIn is not an entertainment platform but a platform for professional profiling and official interactions. But much like other platforms, the influencers and active users here are also engaging widely in promotional activities. 

  1. TIK-TOK

TIK-TOK is no longer available in India after its ban due to the tensions between India and its parent country China. Tik-Tok had a crowd of influencers and had an extremely active network of influencer marketing. Tik-Tik rose to quick fame and faith among the marketers due to its tendency to become viral and due to very high audience- engagement. 


 Pinterest is a social media platform dedicate to sharing pictures of all kinds. Pictures and images are the forms of communication of Pinterest. This has made it an extremely interesting platform for marketing and influencer marketing content. Pinterest has a very reliable and consistent number of users. 

  1. BLOGS

Although not strictly a certain platform, blogs are still one of the most active forms of influencer marketing. To tap into a niche audience, between the age of 25- 49, blogs are excellent. Blogs from professionals or famous influencers in their area of expertise open up a huge space for brands to collaborate and pitch their products from the category. 


Twitch might not be very famous in pop culture but it is a subsidiary of It is a video streaming channel and has its share of influencer marketing networks especially when it comes to promoting products available through e-commerce. 

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